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JULY 2013 - JULY 2015

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With Ramadan complete for another year it's time now to look to the future and set out some goals for the end of the year.
Whether it is Goals of becoming USKA's next champion or just to get back to fitness or losing weight there is no better time than now to put that plan into action alongside everyone else who will be in the same boat.
At USKA Fight Factory there is something for everyone and the USKA Family are on hand to help you realise those plans and turn them into reality.
I personally can't wait to get back in the mix next week and start working towards my next goal.
Come and join me hitting this thing hard! Osu!!

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A new Midland Champion was crowned on Sunday at the BLCC show in Burton at the BKA Kickboxing gym when USKA's Ahron Ali took on LSK's Joe Smith for the -35kg Midland Area title.

Both lad's fought with everything they had over the five rounds in a closely contested fight with both fighters having their success in the back and forth battle.
On the sound of the final bell the judges were split in their decision with one judge scoring the bout 48/47 to Smith and the other two judges scoring the bout 49/48 respectively to Ali leaving him as the well deserved new Champion and belt holder,
I'm sure these two will meet again somewhere down the line and with the hotbed of talent across the UK in the -35kg division we can expect some really excited match ups for Ali for bigger and better things in the near future. 
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Another great day for Team USKA following last weeks ICO British Championships success when they brought a team of 16 fighters to the BLCC Back in Brum III event at the Aero-Kick gym in Highgate, Birmingham.
The team took part in 19 separate bouts only conceding 1 solitary loss in a close fight.

The performances across the board are getting better and better and that can only attributed this to the hours and hours of hard training in the gym.
The wise know that for the most-part this is where fights are really won and lost and where Champions are made. 
USKA was also in action on the other side of the West Midlands at the Lordswood open where new signing Aryan Singh picked up to 1st place positions in Mat Light Continuous and Tag Team point fighting.
Congratulations to everyone who competed and keep up the good work guys and girls, whatever you are doing it is without doubt working.
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We would like to wish Ramadan Mubarak to all our members.

Ramadan begins on Thursday 18th June for a month.
Most classes will remain on during this time with the exception of the Wednesday night body shot boxing class between 9-10pm and the ladies kickboxing class on Sunday's between 11-12pm. These classes will resume after Ramadan.
If anyone is fasting and still wishes to train over this coming month exceptions will made in regard to coming in late, leaving early or working at a pace that is comfortable to them.
To tick over through the month is better than shutting down completely and going back to square one.
Strong minds, strong bodies... Osu!
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What a difference a day makes!
From not our finest hour at the USKA grading yesterday with disappointing results team USKA and it's team of 17 fighters turned things right around today at the British Open Championships turning out some career best performances to bring home 30 medals including 19 Gold medals (British titles), 7 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals.
USKA had the highest medal tally from any single club at the Championships and the icing on the cake was when USKA fighter Ra'ees Kiani was awarded the prestigious Best Boy fighter of the day following his three Gold medal wins in three separate divisions and USKA new signing Aryan Singh awarded overall best fighter of the day for his four Gold medals over three different disciplines proving himself to be a great all rounder. 
Everyone without exception performed excellently and did the club and themselves very proud.
Big respect and thank you to Qasim 'The Dream' Beg and Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power for the expert cornering and coaching aiding our fighters success.
We would also like to thank the ICO and World President Andrew Hennessy for a fantastic tournament and can't wait for the next one.


USKA Results from ICO British Championships 2015

Kian Beech - Boys Under 12, -25kg Mats - Gold
Charlie Stokes - Boys Under 12, -25kg Ring - Gold
Hamza Farooq - Boys Under 12, -30kg Mats - Gold
Ahron Ali, - Boys Under 12, -35kg Ring - Gold
Ra'ees Kiani - Boys Under 12, -40kg Ring - Gold
Ra'ees Kiani - Boys Under 12, -40kg Mats - Gold
Derelle McKenzie - Boys Under 12, +45kg Mats - Gold
Lucy Kingswheatley - Girls Under 12, +45kg Ring - Gold
Lucy Kingswheatley - Girls Under 12, +45kg Mats - Gold

Ra'ees Kiani - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, -40kg Ring - Gold
Aryan Singh - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, -45kg Mats - Gold
Aryan Singh - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, - 45kg Ring - Gold
Aryan Singh - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, -50kg Mats - Gold
Aryan Singh - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, -50kg Points - Gold
Keatan Mahi - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, -50kg Mats - Gold
Lauran Lang - Cadet Girls, -55kg Ring - Gold
Harun Khan - Mens, -85kg Mats - Gold
Amer Kayani - Mens Masters, -85kg Mats - Gold
Amer Kayani - Mens Masters, -85kg Ring - Gold
Kian Beech - Boys Under 12, -25kg Ring - Silver
Aman Kiani, - Boys Under 12, -35kg Mats - Silver
Lauran Lang - Ladies, -55kg Mats - Silver
Ameenah Ali - Ladies, -65kg Ring - Silver
Zak Rahman - Mens Full Contact, -65kg - Silver
Carlton CT Powell, Mens Vets, +80kg Ring - Silver
Mushtaq Khan - Mens Masters, -85kg Ring - Silver
Hamza Farooq - Boys Under 12, - 30kg Ring - Bronze
Derelle McKenzie - Boys Under 12, +45kg Ring - Bronze
Keatan Mahi - Junior Boys 13-15yrs, -50kg Ring - Bronze
Lauran Lang - Ladies, -55kg Ring - Bronze

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Not USKA's finest grading today by a long shot it has to be said.
Disappointing results with a few not managing to reach the prescribed standard to pass their belts this time around.
What is important now is that they make adjustments to their training or their focus or their training consistency and come again stronger and show what they are made of. 
We have never been a pay your money / get your belt kind of club and you can be assured that when you do pass a grade with us that you very much deserve it.
We will address what went wrong today, and we will make changes.
Congratulations to those that did get through successfully. No rest, straight back now and on to the next one. Osu!

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A little highlight reel following USKA Kickboxing's Keatan Mahi​ in his preparation for his ICO -50kg junior English Full Contact title fight on 6th June 2015 at the Fight Zone 10 Kickboxing gala at the Barnsley Metrodome.
It shows 13 year old Keatan doing some technical sparring two weeks before the fight, some behind the scenes footage of Keatan warming up backstage and then some highlights of his fight against Ryan Clark from the Marsden Kickboxing gym In Sheffield.
The very tough and talented Ryan stepped in at short notice to take the fight after Keatan's original opponent Jordan Darragh pulled out on fight week.
Keatan and Ryan put on a great show and were without doubt in for contention for junior fight of the night.
This was Keatan's first full contact fight following a successful ring light continuous career.

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Sunday 7th June seen yet another successful USKA Superman Competition take place at the USKA Fight Factory with everyone showing great effort and team spirit in the 3rd event of the 6 event 2015 league.
The event had over 35 competitors turn up in pursuit of points for the league and once again some fabulous cups that just seem to be getting better and better.
Well done to everyone on their efforts as we look forward to the next event on Sunday 23rd August.

The results and league table as it stands are as follows.....

4-6 year olds 
1st Place - Ehsaan Mahmood
2nd Place - Mia Stokes
3rd Place - Ismail Qasim

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7-8 year olds 
1st Place - Jemima Mahmood
2nd Place - Kian Beech
3rd Place - Sean O'Riordan

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9-10 year olds 
1st Place - Charlie Stokes

2nd Place - Laylaa Mahmood
3rd Place - Hafsah Iqbal

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11-13 year olds 
1st Place - Keatan Mahi
2nd Place - Ra'ees Kiani
3rd Place - Ahron Ali

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1st Place - Lucy Kingswheatley
2nd Place - Sabrena Gallagher
3rd Place - Sumayya Griffith

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The USKA Superman League Table after 3 events...

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On Saturday 6th June on the Fight Zone 10 Full Contact Kickboxing event at the Barnsley Metrodome USKA's Keatan Mahi made his full contact debut over 5 rounds challenging for the ICO English -50kg Junior Amateur Full Contact title against Sheffield's Ryan Clark.

Keatan's original opponent Jordan Darragh pulled out on fight week claiming to have a chest infection and Ryan Clark who has a fantastic record in both kickboxing and amateur boxing stepped up to the challenge seizing the opportunity with both hands.
A ripped Keatan weighed in at 49.2kg while Ryan tipped the scale slightly heavier but still within an allowed waver at 50.4kg.
Keatan got off to a great start in round 1 keeping the fight at range hitting Ryan with some excellent punch / kick combinations. Ryan was trying to pressure Keatan but was struggling to close the gap.
With the round drawing to a close Keatan landed a fantastic left hook off a right hand that sent the Sheffield fighter crashing to the canvas.
Clark did well to get to his feet after the heavy knockdown and fought to the bell but already had a lot of work to do after the 10-8 round against him.
Round Two seen more of the same from Keatan mixing some great boxing to the head and body alongside some really hard accurate body round kicks.
The Third round had Keatan target the body more and mix in sharp punching combinations to the head. Coming out of a clinch Keatan threw a close quarter kick that seemed to catch Ryan with the knee. Showing distress to the referee Ryan received yet another count adding to his troubles and leaving him needing a knockout in the fight after only two short rounds. 
Ryan came back strong in the third and showed great resilience shipping heavy shot bit still pressing forward in an attempt to put a dent into Keatan.
It wasn't to be though with Keatan always one step ahead showing real class over the remaining three rounds.
No doubt over the decision with Keatan being awarded a unanimous decision win with identical judges score cards of 50/43, 50/43, 50/43 and with that being crowned the new ICO -50kg English Champion to rave reviews and accolade from the crowd.
This win marks a new era for USKA Full Contact with Keatan being the youngest ever full contact fighter to represent the club under new ICO rules allowing younger fighters to compete in the rules set.
He has a very bright future ahead and will be looking to prove himself as one of the best fighters in the country at the weight.


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We have been asked for a long time now to introduce a grading system for the USKA little ninjas.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a six belt grading system in place with the first grading scheduled for 1st August 2015 at 1:00pm.

The grading will assess our little ninjas on what they have been practising on their classes and on successful completion of their grading assessment will be awarded a coloured belt that they can then wear on their little ninjas classes and also receive an USKA grading certificate for their efforts.

We feel that this will be a great stepping stone to the beginners classes and will encourage our ninjas to practice at home and put in an extra special effort on their classes to work towards their grading examination.

To be eligible to grade candidates must be members of USKA Kickboxing, have attended at least 8 little ninjas classes in between each grading and pay their £15 grading examination fee no later than Saturday 25th July.

Parents, friends and family are encouraged to come to the Little ninjas grading into the training area where they can spectate, enjoy and be part of our little ninjas success.

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On the 6th June on Fight Zone 10 at the Barnsley Metrodome two of the country's most talented junior fighters take to the ring to contest the ICO -50kg Full Contact Schoolboys title.

BLCC British Champion Keatan Mahi from the USKA Fight Factory in Birmingham faces Multiple belt holder Jordan Darragh from the Fight-Rite Kickboxing gym in Blackburn. 
Both junior have been dominating their weight class up and down the country on the Light Continuous circuit and they meet now under full contact rules over 5 rounds in a bout that has excitement written all over it with both fighters especially known for their phenomenal kicking ability.
This belt will top the bill on the junior section of Fight Zone 10 and will set the mood nicely for the senior section that follows on straight after.
Tickets for this event are still available from the USKA gym priced at £25 for adults and £15 for children.
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On Sunday 26th April Qasim 'The Dream' Beg, Sean 'The Mighty' Quinn and Neil Kelly attendied the
MAI (Martial Arts Illustrated) Hall of Fame Gold Awards in Burton On Trent.
These prestigious awards are reserved for some of the sports most distinguished names and looking around the room it was clear they were in the company of some martial arts greats.
ICO Superlightweight Professional World Champion Qasim 'The Dream' Beg was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievements as a fighter and both Sean 'The Mighty' Quinn and Neil Kelly were inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for their achievements as top coaches who have produced 3 Professional World Champions, Over 60 Amateur World Champions alongside countless European and British Champions over the USKA's 20 year existence. 
We would like to thank Master Bob Sykes the editor of Martial Arts Illustrated for the awards.


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A small contingent of USKA fighters consisting of Amer Kayani, Ra'ees Kiani and Keatan Mahi travelled to the WTKA European Championships in Sheffield on Sunday after deciding at short notice that they would compete.

The always fight fit trio performed excellently in tough divisions with Amer and Ra'ees lifting the Golds and European titles and Keatan being pipped to the post in a very close semi final leaving him have to settle for a Bronze on this occasion.

Congratulations to all three on your efforts and representing the USKA crew on the International stage.

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The second USKA Superman event of the 2015 season went without hitch on Sunday 19th April finishing in record time with some really strong and competitive showings from all the competitors.
The league table is shaping up nicely now and it looks like it's going to be really tight for the top spots this year.
The next event will be held on Sunday 7th June.

The top results are as follows

1st Place - Jazmine Ziebeck
2nd Place - Sean O'Riordan
3rd Place - Ehsaan Mahmood

7-8 YRS
1st Place - Jemimma Mahmood
2nd Place - Kian Beech
3rd Place - Jovan Basra

9-10 YRS
1st Place - Laylaa Mahmood
2nd Place - Charlie Stokes
3rd Place - Maria Mahmood

11-12 YRS
1st Place - Ahron Ali
2nd Place - Ra'ees Kiani
3rd PLace- Aman Kiani

1st Place - Lucy Kingswheatley
2nd Place - Ruqayya Griffith
3rd Place - Sabrena Gallagher

1st Place - Keatan Mahi
2nd Place - Ayaz Munir
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Check out the new advert video for our USKA Beginners Technical Kickboxing classes.

It was filmed last week on a busy Tuesday evenings beginners class and shows the group hard at work in preparation for their gradings.
The USKA Beginners Technical Kickboxing sessions work through a syllabus of Kickboxing techniques methodically learning the mechanics of each move preparing the student for a grading examination where they can progress through the belts to Black Belt standard.
The structured classes incorporate fitness and conditioning based warm up drills followed by a complete body stretch and finish with techniques performed in shadow boxing format then on to partner work and padwork to work on the techniques practical application.
These classes will also feature self defence technique for street defence making it a very effective and practical art for an ever increasing violent society. 
USKA Beginners Technical Kickboxing sessions are at the USKA Fight Factory, 9 Morcom Road, Greet, Birmingham, B11 2JE on a Tuesday and Thursday between 7:00pm - 8:00pm and a Saturday Morning between 10:00am - 11:00am.


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One of the most popular classes at the USKA Fight Factory is the Little Ninja's.
USKA Little Ninja classes are designed and aimed for children between 4-8yrs old and are the perfect introduction to their Martial Arts training and a great stepping stone to the technical beginners classes.
The classes run by our team of expert qualified instructors and coaches incorporate interactive and basic co-ordination skills with fitness, flexibility and concentration games along with basic kickboxing technique and discipline in a fun hour long workout.
Parents of our Little Ninja's have commented on how their children's behaviour at home and school and overall concentration have improved after only a few classes.
Bring your child along now to take part in the fastest growing and most effective
Little Ninja's sessions are at the USKA Fight Factory, 9 Morcom Road, Greet, Birmingham, B11 2JE on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6:00pm - 7:00pm.
This advert shows the little ninja's in action on one of the classes last week.
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The first USKA Superman competition of the 2015 league got off to a good start on Sunday 1st March at the USKA Fight Factory with over 40 competitors taking part and earning themselves valuable points on the overall league table.

Despite coach Kelly not being able to make it due to ill health the competition was held together by Coach Quinn, Qasim The dream and Alva along with a multitude of helpers.
Congratulations to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing you all on the next USKA Superman event which has been scheduled for Sunday 19th April.
The top three in each division were as follows...

6 Years and Under
1st Place - Ehsaan Mahmood
2nd Place - Jazmine Ziebeck
3rd Place - Mia Stokes

7-8 Years
1st Place - Lance Gallagher
2nd Place - Iklaas Sharif
3rd Place - Jemmima Mahmood

9-10 Years
1st Place - Laylaa Mahmood
2nd Place - Charlie Stokes
3rd Place - Maria Mahmood

11-12 Years
1st Place - Ra'ees Kiani
2nd Place - Ahron Ali
3rd Place - Ahrdil Sharif

1st Place - Lucy Kingswheatley
2nd Place - Ruqayya Griffith
3rd Place - Sabrena Gallagher

1st Place - Keatan Mahi
2nd Place - Ayaz Munir
3rd Place - Hanzula Tariq
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I'm truly saddened to hear of the passing of one of USKA's soldiers Omar Rizwan.
Omar had been sick for some time and passed away earlier today.
My heart is heavy for one of the nicest kids you could ever meet and to be taken at such a young age is heartbreaking.
Please find a minute to say a prayer for this young man who had a heart of gold.
Rest in peace my Bro.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un,
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New for 2015

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the new USKA Grading certificate.

From the March 21st club grading these certificates will be presented to successful graders on completion of their examination.
The stylish certificate will be a worthy reward for all the hard work that goes in to preparing and passing an intense USKA grading.
Back dated certificates are also available at the cost of £3.00 each for previous grades taken. For these to be completed your licence books must be produced in order for the correct details to be transferred onto the certificate.
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ICO Team England Needs and wants You!

Do you want to be part of a winning and supportive team and travel as part of ICO Team England to the ICO World Championships in Germany from 22nd on 25th October this year in pursuit of a Gold Medal and prestigious World Title?
If the answer is Yes we would like to invite you to ICO Team England open Squad Training where selections will be made to fill slots for our 2015 Ring Continuous, Mat Light and Full Contact squad.

The first ICO Squad training will be held at the USKA Fight Factory gym in Birminghamon Saturday 28th February

between 2-5pm. These sessions are in preparation for the ICO World Championships that will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from 22nd - 25th October 2015. If you have an interest in representing ICO team England in either Ring Continuous,Low Kick Continuous, Mat light or Full Contact you are welcome on these sessions to try out for a position in the squad.

These are open politic free sessions aimed at bringing the best out of people through strategy advice, padwork and sparring drills accompanied by a high stamina and endurance work ethic that will guarantee to help you reach for your goals.

If you would like to use these sessions just for extra training as a way of improving your fight game again you are very welcome.

Cost of the three hour session is £10 per attendee.

Looking forward to working with you all again soon.


Neil Kelly


ICO Team England Head Ring Sports Coach

Please can we politely remind all our guests to be respectful of our gyms neighbours at all times.
Please ensure not to park in front of peoples drives or block people in.



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Calling all parents of children between 4-8yrs old! 

One of the most popular classes at the USKA Fight Factory is the Little Ninja's.

USKA Little Ninja classes are designed and aimed for children between 4-8yrs old and are the perfect introduction to their Martial Arts training and a great stepping stone to the technical beginners classes.
The classes run by our team of expert qualified instructors and coaches incorporate interactive and basic co-ordination skills with fitness, flexibility and concentration games along with basic kickboxing technique and discipline in a fun hour long workout.
Parents of our Little Ninja's have commented on how their children's behaviour at home and school and overall concentration have improved after only a few classes.
Bring your child along now to take part in the fastest growing and most effective

Little Ninja's sessions are at the
USKA Fight Factory, 9 Morcom Road, Greet, Birmingham, B11 2JE

on a
Wednesday and Friday between 6:00pm - 7:00pm

and our new class from 2nd February on
Monday between 6:00 - 7:00pm

For more details call
07815785661 or 07976703781
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USKA Kickboxing had a great end to the year with it's final Superman competition and annual Student presentation awards at the USKA Fight Factory on Sunday 21st December. This would also be the final event of the superman league where we would see 5 grand champions crowned.

The competition was as always tightly contested with everyone going all out for points and prizes.


The results and winners of the presentation awards are as follows...

























































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The USKA student presentation awardees for 2014 were as follows











USKA Junior student of the year 2014


USKA Senior student of the year 2014


USKA Scholarship award 2015


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With a successful USKA grading today we round things up tomorrow for the year with our annual end of year Superman Competition Grand Final and student presentation awards for 2014.

The competition kicks off at 12pm and on completion we will be awarding the superman trophies, the superman grand championship winners trophies, the student presentation trophies, the student of the year monster trophies and and and the USKA scholarship award that one deserving member will receive that will cover all their training, equipment, grading, competition, licence and membership fees for the whole of 2015. An award worth well over £1000.
All support welcomed, so lets see 2014 off with a bang with a great day.
This will be the last session at the USKA Fight Factory with us returning for business on 5th January 2015.


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USKA Kickboxing's fight team once again stepped up and shone on Sunday at the Fight Zone 9  event at the Metrodome Leisure Complex in Barnsley on a stacked card of top class kickboxing.

First up for the team seen Ahron Ali take on Kaamil Ali Ravjani from the Rav Boys Kickboxing Gym in Luton. Kaamil came with a very good reputation and many open tournament wins under his belt but Ahron had trained hard and as always was confident of putting in a good account of himself.
The fight started scrappy with a lot of wrestling in the clinch and the first round was a tough one to score. Ahron got the cleaner work off in round two and dominated round three at range to pick up a Unanimous points win on the judges score cards.
Next up was Lauran Lang landing her long overdue crack at a title belt against the talented Megan Goulding from Bradford for the BLCC English -50kg title over 5 rounds.
In a close back and forth bout often scrappy with both girls styles not really gelling Lauran managed to outwork Megan over the distance to earn a majority decision on the judges score cards.
Even in victory Lauran was not happy with her performance but in true Lauran style vowed to be better next time out.  There was a mention of a rematch sometime early next year so watch this space.
Third up for USKA was Keatan Mahi who would challenge for the BLCC -45kg British title against Scott Marsden from the SMA gym in Sheffield. Both fighters were supposed to meet in a bout last year with Marsden pulling out on the day and it was looking like this fight might not happen also with Keatan coming down with flu the night before and spending  all night up with a really high temperature.
Determined not to have his training go to waste and having confidence that he could get the job done on his worst day he decided to go ahead with the bout and didn't disappoint when he climbed through those ropes.
Starting strong and not looking under the weather at all Keatan quickly made a target of Scott's body and nearing the end of the first round winded the Sheffeild lad with a perfectly timed round kick that see the referee jump in and administer a count.
The second round seen Keatan stay on the body with his round kicks and once again forced a count from the referee with Scott struggling to shake off the impact of the first rounds kick.
Mid way through the second Scott was showing distress and his corner threw in the towell knowing their boy was fighting a losing battle.
Keatan was crowned new BLCC British Champion and the fact that he was ill and he still managed to win made the victory even sweeter.
Top of the bill for USKA seen newly crowned ICO World Lightweight Champion Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter make a super quick defence of the title he won only three weeks before against the tough and talented WKA Cadet World Champion Keenan Dixon from the Dragonfoot gym in Rotherham.
Mainey proved to be too strong for Keenan down the stretch and outscored him over the five rounds and scored a heavy knockdown in the forth to put the icing on the cake in his successful title defence.
A dominating and Unanimous points win of 45-50 45-50 44-50 on the judges cards for Romaine as his title belt was strapped back around his waist.
So it was 4 out of 4 for Team USKA and a great finish to the fight calendar after what has to be considered it's best competitive year ever.
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Four USKA warriors take to the ring this Sunday on the prestigious Fight Zone 9 event at the Metrodome Leisure Complex in Barnsley on a stacked card of kickboxing.

Top of the bill for USKA sees newly crowned ICO World Lightweight Champion Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter make a super quick defence of the title he won only three weeks ago against the tough and talented WKA Cadet World Champion Keenan Dixon from the Dragonfoot gym in Rotherham.

BLCC Area and English Champion Keatan Mahi attempts to add the BLCC British title to his collection when he faces the talented Scott Marsden from the SMA gym in Sheffield. These two were meant to fight before so it's a fight a long time in the making between two very capable technicians.

Lauran Lang gets her long overdue crack at a BLCC English title when she faces Megan Goulding from Bradford. These two girls have won titles on the competition circuit, now it's time to see which one can step up and win one in the ring. 50/50 fight on paper between two well matched combatants.

Finally we have young rising talent Ahron Ali on the undercard in a three round contest against Kaamil Ali Ravjani from the Rav Boys Kickboxing Gym in Luton.

The shows venue:
Metrodome Leisure Complex,
Queens Ground,
Queens Road,
S71 1AN.

Junior fights kick off at 12.30pm and senior fights start at 4.30pm.

Tickets are available from the USKA gym (07976703781) priced £25 for adults and £15 for Children under 16 years old.

All support appreciated.
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Two new USKA World Champions were crowned on Sunday 23rd November at the Midland Mayhem 5 event in Kings Heath Birmingham when Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter captured the ICO Amateur Lightweight World title belt and Qasim 'The Dream' Beg captured the ICO Professional Super Lightweight title belt in front of their excited home crowd.

First up Romaine made his way to the ring to face the experienced and tough four times French Full Contact and Low Kick Kickboxing Champion Jeremy Decuyper from the Team Aspeel Kickboxing Gym in Lille, France.
Jeremy brought a 26 fight record to the ring and had experience fighting away from home all over Europe so was not phased and very confident of coming to England and upsetting our European Champions plans.
The fight started fast and furious and Romaine struggled to find his timing in the first couple of rounds maybe due to the big fight nerves kicking in. Jeremy wanted the fight up close and personal and showed to be very dangerous on the inside letting powerful punch combos going to the body and head.
It seemed to be a question of who could control the range with Romaine having all the success on the outside and Jeremy having his best success in close quarter.
After shaking off the nerves in the first two and finding his feet Romaine established his dominance in the third hitting his man with hurtful straights which had the French mans head rocking back and long round kicks to the body and head. 
In the forth round a sustained barrage of left hook from Romaine seen Jeremy in distress as he turned his back forcing the referee to jump in and administer an 8 count.
Shortly after this a perfectly timed front kick to the face took Jeremy off his feet and to the canvas for his second count of the evening.
With Romaine firmly in the driving seat he slipped through the gears piling more and more pressure in the 5th dropping Jeremy once again with a big overhand right.
Jeremy to his credit got up and battled on but was on the end of one sided beat down for the final round of the fight.
No doubt about the decision on this one with Romaine's hand being raised by Unanimous decision to win his first World title belt.
Next up we had our main event with Unbeaten British & European Champion Qasim 'The Dream' Beg stepping up to the challenge of his toughest fight of his career so far when he faced off against Greek Superstar Stauros 'Nirvana' Exakoustidis.
Stauros is a legend of the sport who has fought and won all over the World and came to the ring as the current Kimbo World Champion. He is a regular Super Kombat and Top Fighter series fighter and boasted a Professional fight record of 184 fights with 169 wins against only 15 loses.
This was a massive task and somewhat of an acid test for Qasim who was making this challenge after only 20 Professional Kickboxing fights.
The fight started with both fighters sizing their opponent up looking for their strengths and weaknesses.
Qasim was using his jab well and did a great job of keeping Exakoustidis at range where he knew he would be less effective but he knew he needed to be 100% focused as Stauros was loading up and throwing some wide hooks with seriously bad intentions that looked to be carrying knock out power.
Through to the mid rounds Qas was edging away on the score cards but Stauros was very much in the fight looking to load up sensing the fight was slipping away from him on points.
Both fighters picked up cuts over their eyes in the 5th and 6th round through possible head clashes but neither were bad enough for them to have a serious impact on the fight.
Qasim was showing great maturity and experience picking his man off and working the body well that was slowing down the Greek fighter 
Qas had a breakthrough in the 10th round with a tiring Stauro getting caught on the ropes and shipping some serious punishment as Qasim went through the gears letting go fearsome combinations to the body and head.
it was more of the same in the 11th with Qasim in total control now and Stauros getting desperate knowing his only chance of victory would be coming from the stoppage.
In the 12th and final round Stauros was going for broke looking for the knockout. Qasim was super focused and was not prepared to give away his lead and was extra careful not to get caught with anything silly.
A big measured Right hand from Qasim stiffened the legs of Stauros and Qasim showed that killer instinct we all know him for jumping on him and hitting him with a barrage of hooks and uppercuts that had the Greek man desperately clinging Qasim around the legs in an attempt not to go down.
This desperate act earned him a count from the referee and with only ten seconds left on the clock Qasim moved in for the kill with another killer combination.
On the belt after receiving some very heavy punishment Stauros fell to the canvas leaving no doubt about the outcome of the fight.
The winner and new ICO Professional Super Lightweight Champion of the World.... Qasim 'The Dream' Beg!
A great night for the lads and a history making night for the USKA Fight Factory.
Also on the undercard USKA's Zak 'Sparka' Rahman made his successful Full Contact debut when he stopped the game but outgunned Andrew Mazzeo from the KMA Kickboxing gym in Wales by way of a second round corner retirement.
He impressed many an experienced eye in the audience and has a promising career ahead of him in the sport if he stays focused and dedicated to his training.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the spectators and fans that turned up to show their support and played a big part in helping the lads achieving their goals.
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A week to go now until Midland Mayhem 5 where arguably USKA's finest ever fighter Qasim 'The Dream' Beg attempts to fullfill a lifetime Dream to become the ICO Super Lightweight Champion of the World.
In his 16 years in the sport Qasim has dominated his opposition with 42 wins from 42 Full contact contests and has remained unbeaten winning two versions of amateur World titles. In his professional journey so far he has picked up three versions of the British Title, The Five Nations Title and the ICO European Title putting him in number one contender position for the ICO World title.
His opponent is the experienced 26 year old Greek Champion Stauros Exakoustidis. Stauros is a multi disciplined Champion and has headlined Super Kombat and Top Fighter events for much of his career across Southern Europe.
Both fighters are at the peak of their careers and there is no other way to look at this contest as being anything but a 50/50 fight.

Another of USKA's rising stars also fights for World honours on the night when 19 year old Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter challenges for the ICO World Amateur Lightweight title against the French Full Contact and Low Kick Kickboxing Champion Jeremy Decuyper from the Team Aspeel Kickboxing Gym in Lille, France. 
Romaine has been on a trail of destruction since joining forces with USKA at the start of the year and in USKA colours has notched up 6 straight wins by KO picking up the English, Five Nations and two European titles in quick succession.
His opponent Jeremy Decuyper replaces Columbian Alejandro Plaza who had visa problems and was unable to travel but Jeremy was in training and fit and ready to jump at the challenge of a World title fight feeling that his age and experience would be to much for the English man.
Will Romaine's Knockout run continue and him realise his Dream that has been 14 years in the making or will Decuyper crash the USKA mans party on November 23rd.

Final USKA interest on the night see's the Full Contact debut of Super Lightweight Zak 'Sparka' Rahman against Welsh fighter Andrew Mazzeo.
Zak has been training alongside Qasim and Romaine and as you would expect is more than ready to make his assault on the Full Contact ranking after a very tough training camp. He is excited on making his debut on Midland Mayhem in front of his home Birmingham crowd and promises not to disappoint with his performance.

The three USKA fighters feature on a twelve fight card featuring no less than 8 title excellent fights on a show that has to be considered one of if not the premier events for Full Contact Kickboxing.

There Is A Storm Coming!
Midland Mayhem 5 - World Championship Kickboxing.

Sunday 23rd November 2014.
Cocks Moors Woods Leisure, Birmingham.

Tickets £25 In Advance (More On The Door)
VIP Tables of 10 Seats £350 (Limited Availability)

ICO Professional World Super Lightweight Title 12x2 Minute Rounds
Qasim 'The Dream' Beg (GB) Vs Stauros Exakoustidis (Greece)

ICO Professional World Lightweight Title 12x2 Minute Rounds
Kyle Williams (GB) Vs Ivan Freidenberg (Germany)

ICO Professional Womens World Light Welterweight Title 10x2 Minute Rounds
Stacey Parker (GB) Vs Carol Puissant (France)

ICO Amateur World Lightweight Title 5x2 Minute Rounds
Romaine Porter (GB) Vs Jeremy Decuyper (France)

ICO Amateur British Light Heavyweight Title 5x2 Minute Rounds
Jason Lee Cooper (GB) Vs Craig Black (Scotland)

ICO Amateur Womens British Lightweight Title 5x2 Minute Rounds
Sophie Barnett Vs Charlotte Tarbuck 

ICO Amateur Womens Midland Flyweight Title 5x2 Minute Rounds
Rachel Young Vs Danielle Gedling 

ICO Amateur Midland Light Welterweight Title 5x2 Minute Rounds
Jack Wiles Vs James Quintyne 

ICO -62kg Amateur Full Contact 3x2 Minute Rounds
Zak Rahman Vs Andrew Mazzeo 

ICO -65kg Amateur Full Contact 3x2 Minute Rounds
Owen Elliott Evans Vs Ashley King

ICO -65kg Amateur Full Contact 3x2 Minute Rounds
Zacky Evans Vs Danny Gosling

ICO -60kg Amateur Full Contact 3x2 Minute Rounds
Sam Gover Vs Grant Gooding

Tickets available from Andrew Hennessy
 ON 07875138526 and Neil Kelly on 07976703781

or any fighter on the card.

Batten Down The Hatches..... There's A Storm Coming!!!

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Just two weeks to go now until the latest instalment of Midland Mayhem where two of USKA's most seasoned fighters go for top honours challenging for World titles against experienced and dangerous opposition.

First up we see current Amateur Lightweight European and Five Nations Champion Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter take on the tested and proven Columbian hard man Alejandro Plaza in what undoubtedly be his toughest challenge to date. Alejandro is a knockout puncher with both hands and he like Romaine has been waiting patiently for his World title shot and jumped at the opportunity when offered it
against USKA's young rising star.
Next we hope to see a Dream fulfilled when Qasim 'The Dream' Beg attempts to seize the moment in a fight he has been waiting for throughout his 17 years within the sport. The current unbeaten Professional British, Five Nations and European Super Lightweight Champion takes on Greek superstar Stauros Exakoustidis over 12 rounds to contest the ICO Super Lightweight Championship of the World. Stauros is a multi discipline Champion and Super Kombat star who has mixed it with the best fighters in the World. He holds no fear for anyone and is strong and aggressive guaranteeing us a great fight
as we know already Qas comes to fight.
In addition to these two fights we have Zak 'Attack' Rahman making his full contact debut against Welsh prospect Andrew Mazzeo on the undercard of this great show.
If that wasn't enough fans will be treated to two additional World title fights, a European title fight, Two British title fights and two Midland title fights along with a great undercard of top fights.

Tickets are still available for this great event but get yours quick as they are in hot demand.
Standard tickets are priced at £25 with VIP seat available (but limited) at £35.

Tickets can be picked up from the USKA Fight Factory gym or from Neil Kelly on 07976703781.

Let's Go Let's Get em boyz!!!


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9 Members of the USKA Fight Factory Kickboxing club in Tysley Birmingham returned this week from the Unified World Kickboxing Championships in Tuscany Italy with an amazing haul of medals in what was the biggest World Championships in the Sports history.
With over 50 countries and an amazing 4000 competitors in attendance this event was seen as the one to win with many of the sports governing bodies joining together in pursuit of finding the very best kickboxers in the World at each weight and age class.
The USKA contingent flew out as part of the ICO (International Combat Organisation's) English team and were hoping to top their impressive medal haul of last years Championships when they brought back 2 Gold medals, 4 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals from 8 competitors.
This year they surpassed all expectations bagging an absolutely incredible 8 Gold medals, 4 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals actually taking home to one small club more than many of the other countries did from their whole national squads.
Club Instructor Neil Kelly who is also the Team England National Coach was overjoyed with his fighters success and the fact that they had brought back 8 new Unified World Titles to his gym in Tylsey. 
He siad 'This validates the teams hard work and commitment in their preparation over the last 9 months,each and every one of them stepped up to a next level and proved themselves to be truly World class, I couldn't be happier with the results'
ICO Team England also topped the overall madal table at the Championships with 31 Golds, 20 Silvers and 17 Bronze medals

USKA / ICO Team England Pictured
(Back Row, Left to Right), Ra'ees Kiani Gold Boys -35kg Ring, Gold -35kg mats, Romaine Porter Gold Mens -65kg Ring, Silver Mens -63kg mats, Keatan Mahi SIlver Juniors -45kg Ring, Bronze Juniors -45kg mats,
Amaan Abdulrahman Gold Cadets -60kg Ring, Bronze Cadets - 60kg mats.
(Front Row, Left to Right), George Taylor Silver Juniors -60kg Ring, Daniel Arthur Bronze Mens -75kg Ring, Amer Kayani Gold Masters -84kg mats, Neil Kelly Gold Masters +85kg Ring, Gold Masters -94kg mats,
Lauran Lang Gold Cadets - 50kg mats, Silver Cadets -50kg Ring.
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Sunday 26th October witnessed an extremely busy USKA Superman competition in what was the penultimate event of the 2014 season.

Over 50 competitors turned up across the six categories with many first timers in attendance finding out what the Superman events was all about first hand.

We had some great performances with many gym records being broken across the gruelling 10 events testing skill, will and endurance.

The results of the top three in each division areas follows...






























 10-12 YEARS



























The Overall league table is as follows with the next event and last of the 2014 league scheduled for Sunday 21st December.


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USKA's Ra'ees Kiani won the BLCC -35kg Midland Area title on Saturday night via unanimous points decision in Matlock against a tough and spirited opponent in the Original Jesters Gym's Declan Ward.

Both lads fought tooth and nail and showed great skill and will over the five round distance pleasing the crowd in an excellent display of Light Continuous Kickboxing.
Declan for his credit didn't take a backward step and pushed Ra'ees to the limit but the cleaner counter work of Ra'ees on the back foot and some excellent kicking ability kept him ahead on the judges score cards and seen him a worthy winner.
Ra'ees now turns his attention to the Unified World Championships in Italy when he fly's out on Wednesday as part of ICO team England.
Many thanks to show promoter Dale Wood for facilitating Ra'ee's title challenge, Declan Ward for putting up such a great fight and making it a brilliant spectacle and also all the USKA supporters who were in fine voice cheering their boy to victory.
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We are just over a week away now until 9 fighters from the USKA Fight Factory travel as part of ICO Team England to take part in the Unified World Championships in Tuscany, Italy in what is planned as being the biggest World Martial Arts championship ever making history with over 35 World governing bodies supporting.

It has been a long gruelling training camp for the USKA 9 taking part in monthly Team England squad training sessions since March and training up to 6 times a week in preparation to get ready for the biggest challenge of their competitive careers so far.
USKA had great success at last years Championship with 8 fighters bringing home 8 medals (2 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze) and two newly crowned World Champions in Neil Kelly and Hailey Hanson and believe with this years contingent it could even do better.
USKA / ICO team England 2014 consists of Ra'ees Kiani (-35kg Boys), Keatan Mahi (-45kg Juniors), Lauran Lang (-50kg Cadets), George Taylor (-60kg Juniors), Amaan Abdulrahman (-60kg Cadets), Romaine Porter (-65kg Mens), Daniel Arthur (-75kg Mens), Amer Kiani (-85kg Masters), Neil Kelly (+85kg Masters). 
We wish all the USKA fighters and the rest of ICO Team England a safe journey and the very best of luck at the Championships. Let's go let's get em!!!


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Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter did it again at the Lincoln Fight Factory's Spanish Inquisition show when he added the EFK European Lightweight title to his ever expanding list of titles following a devastating 2nd round stoppage over top ranked amateur Spaniard Christobal Lorent.
Lorent came with a super impressive 19 wins from 20 fight record and was on paper Romaine's toughest fight to date.
Romaine however had been flying high since his move to USKA at the start of the year winning 5 fights straight, with 5 KO's and picking up an English, a Five Nation and two versions of the European title.
This win made it 6 out of 6 with 6 KO's and yet another European title belt proving once again that he is without doubt the number one Amateur Lightwieght fighter in Europe and pound for pound one of the hardest hitters amateurs in the game.
The end came mid way through the second round when Romaine timed an awesome round kick to the head that dropped the Spanish fighter heavily, up on unsteady legs referee Billy Saul gave him the benefit of the doubt and allowed him to continue but Romaine was in kill mode and jumped on him again with a barrage of punches finishing with a crushing right hand that sent Christobal crashing to the canvas.
Before the referee had a chance to pick up the count the Spanish corner had thrown in the towel and were already on their way to their fallen fighter. Another devastating stoppage from Romaine pleasing his army of USKA / Yin
Who will be next on Romaine's hit list... Watch this space with news to be announced very soon!
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USKA's Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter weighed in at 59kg with his Spanish opponent Christobal Lorent weighing in bang on the 60kg limit for their highly anticipated EFK European title fight in Lincoln tomorrow night.
Romaine is coming off a string of impressive KO wins since signing up to the USKA gym at the start of 2014 but he will have his hands full with the talented Spaniard who boasts an impressive record

of 20 fights with only 1 loss.
The EFK European title is the strap up for grabs and it will feature on an excellent card of Kickboxing at The Lincoln Fight Factory, Unit 3, Vulcan Park, George Street, Lincoln, LN5 8LG.
Tickets are still available from the USKA gym priced at £15 for under 16's and £25 for 16yrs and over.

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USKA's Ra'ees Kiani finally gets his shot at the title when he challenges The original Jesters Gym's Declan Ward for the BLCC Midland Area -35KG Boys title on the Jesters Art of War 3 show in Matlock, Derbyshire on Saturday 25th October.

Both lads recently met in a back and forth demonstration bout showing great skill but at the same time being careful not to show each other too much knowing they had this title fight coming up.
It is the first fight for both fighters over 5 rounds and they are both training hard to put in good accounts of themselves in an attempt to win their very first title belt.
The Art of War 3 show will be held at The County Hall, Smedley Street, Matlock, DE4 3AG and Adult Tickets are available from the USKA gym priced at £25 with children's tickets being sold on the door priced at £15.
Good luck Ra'ees, bring home that title belt champ!
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Days away now until ICO European Lightweight Champion Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter attempts to add another European title belt to his collection when he takes on Spanish wonder kid Christobal Lorent.

Romaine is coming off a string of impressive KO wins since signing up to the USKA gym at the start of 2014 but he will have his hands full with the talented Spaniard who boasts an impressive record of 20 fights with only 1 loss.
The EFK European title is the strap up for grabs and it will feature on an excellent card of Kickboxing in Lincoln on 11th October.
Tickets are still available from the USKA gym priced at £15 for under 16's and £25 for 16yrs and over.
We would love to bring a big crew of supporters to God willing cheer Romaine to victory on the night so come on guys, get behind our boy!

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The Unleashed Reprisal show at the Pussycats nightclub in Telford on Saturday 13th September witnessed two of USKA's finest fighters in action both contesting International 5 Nations titles against seasoned International opposition.

Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter weighing in at 59.9kg facing Ben Robinson from the Champions Gym in Northern Ireland who weighed in at 58.9kg for the Amateur 5 Nations Lightweight title and Qasim 'The Dream' Beg weighing in at 61.9kg facing David 'Machine' Ryan from Shannon Kickboxing gym in Ireland who weighed in at 61.6kg for the Professional Super Lightweight title.
These headline bouts were part of a 14 fight kickboxing card hosted by Lee Whitfield of the Bai Lang kickboxing gym and the Unleashed brand was making a welcomed return after a 4 year hiatus.
Romaine was first up for USKA in bout number 10 making his usual confident way to the ring cheered on by his loyal USKA / Yin Yang support.
Romaine like in most of his contests enjoyed a healthy height advantage over his opponent and as we have seen in the past he knows how to use it being a master of the long game.
Romaine started strong picking his Ben off on the outside landing hard kicks to the body and accurate punch combinations to the body and head.
Mainey was moving well and negating Bens attacks by taking the distance out of them and punishing him with hard counter attacks.
In the second round Romaine went through the gears and turned up the heat. Not long into the round the action was stopped by referee Mick Crossland following a nasty cut over Bens eye that we believe was caused by a punch.
The action resumed after a check by the medical officer in attendance and once again Romaine put pressure on his man controlling all the action with excellent body and head punch and kick attacks shutting out Bens success on the outside.
In the break following the second round the referee was called to the Irish mans corner informing him that they were pulling Ben from the contest after being unable to control the cut and stem the flow of blood from the deep gash over his eye.
The winner by 2nd round cut stoppage and new ICO Amateur Lightweight 5 Nations Champion... Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter.
Another great nights work from Romaine adding yet another KO win to his record in USKA colours.
Fight number 12 on the card was main event time seeing the long awaited return to the ring from Qasim 'The Dream' Beg. This was to be Qasim's first fight back in a year following a lay off and a potential banana skin for him with bigger fights already signed in the near future.
Training camp had gone well though and Qas was chomping at the bit to get back in there and do what he does best.
David Machine' Ryan from Ireland looked unfazed and confident of causing the upset but a focused and fully trained Qas is a hard man to beat and a tough task for anyone.
The bout started fast and furious with Qas landing some eye catching hard right hands from a distance. Maybe a bit two hard though as one of them we suspect has actually broken the big knuckle on Qas's right fist.
Qas didn't find his range early and as expected a years worth of ring rust was going to take a little bit of time to shake.
David was slippery and making it difficult for Qas to land flush and even though Qas was winning the rounds and clocking up the points he was getting a little frustrated that he couldn't find the shots to put David away.
The later rounds of the contest seen Qas find his flow a little better putting together his shots well and on a few occasions looked to have David in distress and under heavy fire.
The knockout however eluded Qas and credit to David he held on to hear the final bell albeit bloodied and battered after ten hard rounds of kickboxing action.
The result however was never in doubt with pretty much a shut out on the judges score cards 91-100, 90-100, 90-100 to the winner and new ICO Professional Super Lightweight 5 Nations Champion... Qasim 'The Dream' Beg.
So two out of two for the USKA lads and another two shiny belts to add to their growing collection.
We thank Lee Whitfield at Unleashed for the opportunity for the lads to do their thing and all the supporters that made the trip to Telford to watch them and cheer them to victory.
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The weigh in went well for both USKA fighters for the Unleashed Reprisal kickboxing event tonight with ICO Amateur European Lightweight Champion Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter hitting the scales at a ripped and ready 59.9kg for his 5 Nations title against Ben Robinson from Champions Kickboxing Gym in Northern Ireland who scaled 59.6kg.

ICO Professional European Super Lightweight Champion Qasim 'The Dream' Beg comfortably came in inside the weight limit at 61.9kg and his opponent David Ryan from Shannon Kickboxing in Ireland weighed in at 61.6kg to contest the Professional Super Lightweight 5 Nations title.
They will both be part of an awesome card of Kickboixng in Telford tomorrow along side 12 other great supporting bouts.
The training is done, the weigh in is done, the talking is done, now it's time to fight!!!
Doors open at 2:30pm with the first fight scheduled to kick off at 3:30pm.
A few tickets are still available to see this spectacular show, if you require one please call Neil Kelly on 07976703781.
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It's Lightweight heaven at Unleashed Reprisal on 13th September in Telford when two USKA ICO European Champions Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter and Qasim 'The Dream' Beg both do battle with Irish opposition contesting Five Nations titles as part of a stacked card of Kickboxing.

Both USKA lads won their European titles in their last bouts and are thrilled at the opportunity to add two new title belts to their growing collection against tough opponents that come to the ring with very credible records and credentials.
For the Amateur -60kg Lightweight Five Nations Title Romaine takes on the WKA Northern Ireland and All Ireland Champion Ben Robinson from the Champions Sports Academy in Belfast trained by World Champion Wilson Snoddy.
This will be Romaine's first fight since capturing the ICO European title against WKA European Champion Gary Mc Donnell in Barnsley in July and will be confident of securing another victory and taking yet another step towards World honours in the near future.
For the Professional  - 62.5kg Five Nations Super Lightweight Title Qasim takes on Pro Am World Champion David Ryan from the Shannon Kickboxing gym in Ireland.
This is Qasim's first fight back from almost a year lay off after capturing the ICO European title by stopping French Champion Christopher Delmotte on Midland Mayhem 3 in November last year.
Qas has his sights firmly set on a Pro World title early next year and can not afford any slip ups making this a really important fight for him.
The Unleashed Kickboxing shows ooze quality and this will be the first Unleashed show since 2010 and if it is half as good as the previous shows Fight fans are in for one hell of a treat.
The show will be held at the Pussycat Night Club, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1HJ with the doors opening to the public at 2.30pm.
Tickets are priced at £25 and are available from the USKA Fight Factory gym. We want big support for the two USKA Warriors so let's get behind our boys!!!
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Image description



Sunday 17th August seen the forth USKA Superman competition of the 2014 league take place at the USKA Fight Factory.

Despite the holidays we once again witnessed a good turn out with 32 competitors across 5 different divisions take part in 10 separate events testing strength, endurance, fitness, balance, flexibility, skill and will. 


The results of the top three in each division areas follows...


























 10-11 YEARS




13-15 YEARS








The Overall league table is as follows with the next event scheduled for sunday 26th October



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Image description
Image description


Eid Mubarak to all USKA Kickboxing's members, family and friends.

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Two Newly crowned Champions were added to the long and ever increasing list of USKA title holders on Sunday 13th July when Shannon 'The Cannon' Corry and George 'G.G.T' Taylor both challenged for titles at the Burton BLCC Event held at the BKA Kickboxing gym.
First up Shannon challenged home fighter Lucy Whatmore for the Ladies -70kg for the Midland Area title belt in only her 4th competitive bout compared to her opponents impressive 13 Fight ledger.
Both girls weighed in easily inside the limit at 66.9kg and had trained exceptionally hard in preparation for the bouts with both camps confident of victory.
The bout was fiercely contested over five action packed rounds with neither girl taking a backward step or letting up in the pace.
Shannon was winning the exchanges with the cleaner work, variety and kicking variation but Lucy unperturbed firing back after every trade off.
The crowd showed their appreciation for both fighters throughout with great support in what will go down as being a classic BLCC title encounter up there with the best ever.
All three judges were in agreement finding Shannon a Unanimous points winner but credit must go to Lucy for putting up a fantastic fight and playing her part giving her absolute all and showing true heart and determination.
Next up we had recently crowned Midland Champion George Taylor fresh off his victory last week at Fight Zone 8 in Barnsley attempt to lift his second title in the space of one week when he challenged the experienced and committed Louis Elms from the PKA Kickboxing Gym in Leicester for the Boys -60kg English title over 5 rounds.
To win two titles back to back like this is unprecedented but he was up against it with his opponent Louis bringing to the ring over 4 times the amount of fights as George.
Both fighters weighed comfortably inside the limit at 58kg and looked in superb shape on the scales showing that they had prepared well for the clash.
Over the first three rounds George used his height and reach advantage well with Louis struggling to close the gap and build success. Louis was in the fight but George was controlling the action and scoring cleaner and more often racking up the points.
In the forth round George switched the attack to the body which left a tiring Louis fatigued and at times in distress.
Finishing exceptionally strong in the 5th round George left it beyond any doubt and on the sound of the final bell he was deservingly awarded a Unanimous points win and along with that the English Championship title belt that was sportingly put around his waist by Louis Elmes.
In action along side the 2 USKA title contenders were 8 other USKA fighters all putting in very good performances and once again showing their class.
We finished the day with only 1 loss and 1 draw from the 10 contests and two new Title belts for the USKA gym.
On to the next one now on 10th August in Birmingham where we can expect some more of the same from the ever improving fight team.

The USKA Fight team on the day were... Aman Kiani, Shannon Corry, Ahron Ali, George Taylor, Megan Mingle, Ra'ees Kiani, Jason Harris, Kam Singh, Daniel Arthur and Lauran Lang.
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Image description


Amazing day and night at the Fight Zone 8 Championship kickboxing event in Barnsley on Saturday.

As part of an very well matched card 6 USKA Fighters took to the ring in some really tough match ups and once again done themselves and the USKA Fight Factory team proud with some amazing performances.
First to the ring we had Ra'ees Kiani take on home fighter Seth Housely from the Combat Academy in Barnsley. Ra'ees had stepped in at less than 24 hours notice due to Seth's original opponent pulling out and put in a really strong performance to win a unanimous points decision after three hard fought rounds.
Next up we seen Ahron Ali turn in another very good performance showing great improvement soundly out pointing Jack Elsdon from Impact Kickboxing Gym in Middlesbrough by Unanimous decision.
The first title fight for USKA now where we had the USKA rising star George Taylor took on Birmingham's Kick Fit gym's Anthony Lissaman to contest the BLCC -60kg boys Midland Area title over 5 rounds. George dominated most of the action to cruise to a comfortable and commanding Unanimous points decision to pick up his very first title belt.
Next up we had Charlie Stokes give away 3kg in weight to late replacement Brandon Rutherford from Scorpion Kickboxing gym in Middlesbrough. In a closely contested and at times scrappy fight with lots of clenches Brandons extra weight took it's toll with the Scorpion Kickboxing fighter claiming a close majority points decision on the judges score cards. Charlie I'm sure will learn from his mistakes in this bout and come back stronger and better than ever next time out.
Our 5th fighter to the ring was Lauran Lang giving away 6kg to Teagon Monty a less experienced fighter from the Black Dragonz Fight Club in Stockton On Tees in a 3 round contest. Lauran made easy work of negating her opponents weight advantage hitting and moving and outscoring her opponent on route to a flawless Unanimous points decision.
Main event for USKA seen Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter take on the tough and experienced Gary McDonnell from the Wolfpack gym in Athlone Ireland for the Lightweight European title. Gary came to the fight as the reigning WKA European Champion and brought with him an impeccable fight record of 18 fights with only one loss so we knew this was a real challenge and title fight of the highest standard.
Romaine's game plan worked to a tee hitting his man at range and hurting him on numerous occasions to the body with hard straight leg shin kicks over four hard fought rounds.
By the fifth round Gary was playing catch up and went all out in an attempt to knock Romaine out. This proved to be his downfall though running on to a heavy punch combination that dropped the Irish fighter heavily. Bravely getting to his feet but on unsteady legs Romaine went in for the kill and after another sustained attack the referee jumped in to save Gary from any further punishment at the same time that the Irish corner threw in the towel in compassion for their man with only 3 seconds left on the clock. A great win for Romaine against an outstanding and game fighter in Gary McDonnell. Full credit to both lads putting on an entertaining and highly skilled fight.
Big thank you to Mick Crossland and his Combat Academy Fight Zone team for the opportunity for the USKA Fighters to do their thing on such a great stage and a big thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and support the fighters away from home.
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The Predator Fight Night in Sittingbourne Kent witnessed another great performance from USKA's Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter on Saturday night when he topped the bill and demolished The Complete Gym's Sean 'Bad Boy' Baxter by 1st round KO to capture the ICO Super Lightweight English title.

A devastating and on form Romaine took the fight straight to the local fighter stringing together strong, fast and effective combinations to the body and head scoring two counts before referee Pete Dunnett stepped in to save Baxter from further punishment.
There was no complaints from Baxter and the Complete Gym's corner team knowing that he had been beaten by the better man.
This was a real statement from Romaine stopping an experienced fighter who has built a reputation on his toughness and know for his durability. For Romaine to do such an efficient and effective job in a single round puts him right back in the mix now for bigger and better things in the not so distant future.
Romaine now turns his attention to an ICO European Lightweight title challenge against Gary McDonnall from the Wolfpack Kickboxing Gym in Athlone, Ireland on the Barnsley Fight Zone 8 Super Show on 5th July.
McDonald comes with excellent credentials with a record of 17 wins against only 1 solitary loss and on paper is Romaine's toughest fight to date.
Romaine relishes the challenge and both he and the USKA fight team are confident of success.
Fight Zone 8 features other USKA Fighters, George Taylor, Keatan Mahi, Lauran Lang, Charlie Stokes and Ahron Ali and tickets are available from the USKA Fight Factory priced at £25 for adults and £15 for Children.
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6 USKA Fighters will compete on the Fight Zone 8 Event in Barnsley on 5th July at the prestigious Barnsley Metrodome.

Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter will top the bill and challenge for the ICO Lightweight European title against hot prospect Gary McDonnell from Ireland.

Keatan 'Merciless' Mahi defends his BLCC -40kg English title for the second time against the talented Sonny O'Neil from the Martial Arts College in York.

George 'G.G.T' Taylor challenges for the vacant BLCC -60kg Midland Area title against the strong Anthony Lissamon from the always ready Kick Fit gym in Birmingham.

Lauran Lang takes on Teagan Monty from the Black Dragonz Fight Club in a match made at 53kg.

Charlie Stokes fights Keegan Green from Longs Black Belt Academy in a match made at 22kg.

Ahron Ali will take part in a bout made at 31kg against Mitchell Fairweather from the Spartan Fighting Arts Academy in Sunderland.

Should be a great night of kickboxing and we would appreciate as much support as possible for the USKA fighters in action.
Tickets are priced at £25 for adults and £15 for childrens and will be available from the
USKA Fight Factory by the end of the week.
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12 Fighters from the USKA Fight Factory will represent ICO Team England at the Unified World Kickboxing Championships in Tuscany Italy in October this year after qualifying and earning their place in the World Championship squad.

This years Championships is the biggest in history with over 35 World Governing bodies coming together to produce Undisputed World Champions and will see the Worlds best martial artists meet and compete for the sports ultimate Championship prize.
The USKA fighters competing are... Ra'ees Kiani, Keatan Mahi, George Taylor, Lauran Lang, Amaan Abdulrahman, Shannon Corry, Romaine Porter,Tyrone Power Jr, Daniel Arthur, Claire Salisbury, Amer Kayani and USKA Chief Instructor and ICO head ringsports coach Neil Kelly in his last ever competition.
USKA has always done well in International competition and hopes are high for this year to be no different with the team pulling out all the stops to be 100% ready come October to bring back the Gold's.
Team moral is high following 11 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 1 Bronze medals from 11 fighters at the ICO European Championships in May proving that the ever improving team is a forced to be reckoned with at the very highest level.
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Sunday 8th June seen the third USKA Superman competition of the 2014 league take place
at the USKA Fight Factory.
Once again we seen a good turn out with over 35 competitors across 5 different divisions take part in 10 separate events testing strength, endurance, fitness, balance, flexibility, skill and will. 
We threw in 3 new events this time out to try and throw people off their game but like true professionals everyone took them in their stride and got stuck in to them in the true nature and spirit of the Superman competition.
21 gym records were beaten showing that the standard across the board is improving and people are stretching themselves to the limit.


The results of the top three in each division areas follows...




















9-11 YEARS
























The overall league table is as follows with the next event scheduled for Sunday 17th August...
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USKA new signing and former ICO Lightweight British and European Champion Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter makes his first appearance on a Gala show in USKA colours next weekend when he travels to Kent to take part in the Predators Fight Night.

Romaine challenges the experienced Sean 'Bad Boy' Baxter from the Complete Gym for the ICO Super Lightweight Southern Area Title over 5 x 2 minute rounds.
Romaine has been training exceptionally hard for this clash under the watchful eye of his new coaches Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn and is looking forward to showing off his new skill set in style and picking up a new title belt on route.
Tickets are available price at £25 from the USKA Fight Factory.


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On Sunday 18th May USKA Chief Instructor Neil Kelly was inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Fighters Hall of Fame for outstanding achievements within the world of martial arts being presented a MAI Legendary Fighter Award by Martial Arts Illustrated magazines editor Bob Sykes.
The Award ceremony in Burton-On-Trent honoured some of the UK's leading martial artists in a number of different category's and Neil was especially thrilled to be awarded the Legendary Fighter Award after almost 30 years service to the sport.
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Well the first ever ICO European Championships came to a close today in Sittingbourne Kent after a busy day of Ringsports to end a successful weekend of competing.

Yesterday George Taylor picked up two Gold medals on the mats in the Light Continuous -60kg and -65kg categories respectively and Lauran Lang picked up a Silver on the mats in the Cadet Girls -50kg division and two Gold medals in the Cadet Girls -55kg and Cadet Girls -60kg divisions taking her chances stepping up in weight in pursuit of Glory.

After such a good start for USKA we were hopeful of more success today when 10 of our fighters climbed through the ropes in an attempt to increase our medal count and they did not disappoint performing excellently against some very tough International opposition.

Kian Beech battled through to the semi Finals of the Boys -25kg division giving away age and weight on route to a well deserved Bronze medal.
In the same division Charlie Stokes rose to the occasion stepping up in class to beat Welsh opposition in the final to claim the Gold and take the title.
In the Boys -30kg division Aman Kiani turned in a career best performance dominating his opposition in the preliminaries before losing a close points decision after a drawn bout that then had to be decided by an extended round. Aman lost to the favourite a reigning French World Champion but gave him all he could handle over the three rounds to lift a hard earned Silver medal.

Ra'ees Kiani had close tough fights all the way through his Boys -35kg division eventually losing to current British, World and now European Champion Blaine Knaggs by yet another close decision leaving him have to settle for Silver.
Keatan Mahi dominated in his Boys -40kg division proving too strong for his Welsh Opponent in the final stopping him in the second round with body kicks to win the Gold medal and lift the European title. Not happy with his weekends work he then stepped up into the Junior Boys -45kg (13-15 year old) division and again proved too skilful and powerful for his opponent in the final to capture his second Gold medal and European title of the tournament.

George Taylor looked on fire in the Boys -60kg division stopping his first opponent in the second round when the referee stepped in the save him from further punishment and then had a tough bloody battle with his opponent from Bury St Edmunds in the final in one of the fights of the day that seen George win a unanimous points decision and amazingly lift his third Gold medal and European title of the tournament.
Lauran Lang was also involved in a bruising and bloody battle against her French opponent in the final of the Cadet Girls -50kg (16-18 year old) division.
Losing the first round falling victim to her opponents long strong legs but rallying to win the second round leaving the bout dead even after two. The third deciding round was ordered which Lauran was controlling up until the point that she was deducted a point for hitting her opponent as her back was turned earning her what we considered to be a unlucky minus point. Unfortunately this would cost Lauran the round, the Gold and the European title.
This Girl seems to have no luck when it comes to International Ring Fights but rest assured she will 100% achieve her goal and is destined to get those titles before too long. It's not all doom and gloom though with Lauran taking home two Gold's and two Silver's from her weekends work.
Next up for USKA was Shannon Corry in the Cadet Girls -65kg (16-18 year old) division. Shannon had only had one fight on her record going into these Championships but her coaches felt her skill and potential warranted her competing and considered it a risk worth taking.
Shannon dominated her first fight in spectacular fashion showing a skill set far exceeding her experience. In the final she faced a seasoned competitor from a very good gym in Bury St.Edmunds and again showed amazing skill and class to cruise to a title win and Gold Medal in only her third competitive bout. An amazing achievement from Shannon who if she continues the way she is going is destined for even bigger and better things in the future.
In the Mens -60kg Full Contact Division Final Romaine Porter took on a French fighter who had a strong short and stocky build in contrast to Romaine’s tall rangy frame.

Romaine went straight down to business and 29 seconds into the bout landed a perfectly timed right hand that sent the French man crashing to the canvas. Bravely fighting to get up on his feet he was on jelly legs and the referee Chris Sparks was left with no choice but to wave the contest off 39 seconds into the 1st round leaving Romaine the winner by TKO victory.

A great first full contact win for Romaine in USKA colours and a victory made even sweeter at the fact that it earned him a European Gold medal.

In his second category in the Mens -65kg Division final Romaine looked phenomenal getting straight down to business and dropping his opponent with a perfectly placed short right hand. After the referee’s count he was put on the seat of his pants again this time with a turning side kick straight to the stomach.
Mainey in no mood to let his opponent off the hook went hunting the body again and on landing a peach perfect left hook to the floating rib his opponent was dropped to the floor and this time it was game over.
Unable to beat the count of 10 Romaine was awarded the win and his second European title of the day.
With No one in the -80kg Masters division Amer Kayani was forced to step up dramatically in weight to fight in the +80kg division with the lighest of his competitors being 87kg and the heaviest 97kg.

In his semi final bout Amer picked his shots well against his bigger French opponent on route to a unanimous decision yet being mindful always of the power that he carried.

In the final Amer was pitched in with a very fast experienced fighter but managed to match him over two round for a draw. A final deciding round was ordered and Amer came up short by the closest of margins with his opponent managing to keep the better shape in the final round.
Amer had to settle for Silver this time but considering he was out of his natural category he did exceptionally well. 

Our final medal count from 10 fighters read....

11 Gold Medals
(And New European Champions)

5 Silver Medals

1 Bronze Medals

Proud doesn’t even come close, not bad from a small gym in Tysley
run by one old Irish guy and one Ginger Muslim ;-)

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Good start for Team USKA at the ICO European Championships in Kent today with George Taylor picking up a Gold Medal in the mat light continuous in the Junior -60kg division and Lauran Lang picking up two Gold Medals and one Silver medal across an incredible 3 weight classes -50kg, -55kg and -60kg.
Not bad for a shortie who weight 47kg dripping wet.
Big shout out to Tyrone Power Jr and Brad Hennessy for the corner work.
More of the same tomorrow hopefully in the Ring Sport divisions where we have Kian Beech, Charlie Stokes, Aman Kiani, Ra'ees Kiani, Keatan Mahi, George Taylor, Lauran Lang, Shannon Corry, Romaine Porter, Amer Kayani and Qasim Beg in action.

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We are pleased to announce and welcome the newest member of the

USKA Fight Team... Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter.

I have been asked by Romaine's father and chief instructor of the Yin Yang martial arts school in Birmingham Master Garth Porter if we would be open in taking over Romaine's day to day training in pursuit of taking Romaine to the next level in his Kickboxing fighting career.

Due to full time work and full time teaching commitments it has become increasingly more difficult for Master Garth to cater for Romaine and give him the time and attention he deserves and despite doing a fantastic job with the multiple British and former European Lightweight Champion over his career so far he has now made the difficult decision to hand over the responsibility of Romaine to the USKA gym under my guidance and joint management with immediate effect.
Myself and Garth go back nearly 30 years in the sport and are lifelong friends and I am honoured to be able to help him out and at the same time be of assistance to Romaine in helping him achieve his dreams within the sport.
Master Garth will still be working closely with me on Romaine's management and will also be present in Romaine's corner whenever possible on fight nights.
In homage to Romaine's roots and original club he will now be billed as Romaine 'Yin Yang' Porter and I'm sure will get the support and following from both the USKA and Yin Yang fans.He will also continue with his commitments and coach as an instructor for the Yin Yang gym.
We all at USKA welcome Romaine to the fight team and will endeavour to do our very best on every level to help him reach the very highest level within the sport. Osu... Neil Kelly

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14 members of the USKA Fight Factory once again travelled to the Burton Kickboxing Academy for their latest BLCC event on Sunday 27th April.

Unfortunately due to the strict matching criteria to ensure fairness in bouts many of our fighters were matched in competitive demonstration fights meaning they carried no decision but valuable experience was still gained often with fighters giving away age, weight and fight experience to their opponents.
As usual the USKA team performed excellently and showed good all round skills throughout the day leaving Coach Kelly and Coach Quinn very happy with their days work.
Stand out performances on the day were Ahron Ali, Amer Kayani, George Taylor and Shannon Corry.
Other fighters in action were Derelle McKenzie, Solomon Khan, Qasim Beg, Lauran Lang, Ra'ees Kiani, Hazrat Khan, Charlie Stokes, Romaine Porter, Keatan Mahi and Aman Kiani.
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Sunday 20th April seen the latest USKA Superman event at the USKA Fight Factory where 40 motivated competitors attacked the 10 event competition with all they had in the second event of the 2014 league.

Over the course of the day an amazing 15 gym records were broken and the closeness of the competition were reflected in the results with the closest of scores separating the top positions on the day.
Big Congratulations to all the Superman competitors and we are looking forward already to another great day on Sunday 8th June when we go again with the third event in this years league.

The results were as follows...

4-6 Year Olds...
1st Place ... Jemmima Mahmood
2nd Place ... Lance Gallagher
3rd Place ... Ibrahim Iqbal

7-8 Year Olds...
1st Place ... Charlie Stokes
2nd Place ... Maria Mahmood
3rd Place ... Kian Beech

9-10 Year Olds...
1st Place ... Ahron Ali
2nd Place ... Laylaa Mahmood
3rd Place ... Aman Kiani

11-12 Year Olds...
1st Place ... Keatan Mahi
2nd Place ... Lucy Kingswheatley
3rd Place ... Ra'ees Kiani

1st Place ... Ruqayya Griffith
2nd Place ... Shannon Corry
3rd Place ... Sabrena Gallagher

1st Place ... George Taylor
2nd Place ... Abdul Rehman
3rd Place ... Hasib Ahmed
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Calling all former and absent USKA Kickboxing members...

If you have not trained with us for over 6 months we would like to offer you an incentive to kick start you comeback and come back to train with us at the USKA Fight Factory.

We are offering a free renewal on your USKA gym membership and an all inclusive unlimited free month of training that can be claimed up until the end of May 2014.

The USKA gym has a tested and proven track record of producing quality fighters and martial artists and is considered to be one of the best Kickboxing gym’s in the country.

Don’t delay and take advantage of this fantastic offer by calling into the USKA Fight Factory, 9 Morcom Road, Greet, Birmingham, B11 2JE to claim your free membership and free months training pass.

For a full list of session times please visit the following link...

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Midland Mayhem 4 lived up to all the hype on Sunday 23rd March at the Cocks Moors Woods with 13 well matched 50/50 fights including 9 title fights and 4 International contests.

The packed venue's atmosphere was amazing and all the fighters performed excellently win or lose.
From an USKA interest Unbeaten ICO and ISKA European Champion Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power Jnr took on an old adversary in Edouard Margale from the BAM Kickboxing gym in Montdidier, France.
The fight had history and bad blood attached to it and it was very much unfinished business between the two. They met in October 2012 when USKA trained Fighter Power Jnr. flew to Montdidier, France to take on skilful French Champion Edouard Margale for the ICO Light Heavyweight Amateur European title. The fight controversially ended in a draw after a hard fought contest with Power and his coach Neil Kelly feeling he had been robbed of the title.
The rematch was set for March 2013 only to see Margale pull out due to a broken arm. In his absence Power Jnr picked up the European title beating replacement Ben Chivot who is a team mate of Margale in a faultless Unanimous points win performance.
The rematch was once again penciled in for November 2013 between Power Jnr and Margale only for disaster to strike 3 weeks before when Tyrone badly dislocated his shoulder in rendering him unable to compete and leaving him with no choice but to pull out of the contest.
With the shoulder now fully healed and both fighters desperate to prove they are number one in the division we witnessed at last see the fight that we once thought was destined never to happen
After 5 rounds of back and forth action that was super closely contested neither side were sure they had done enough to win and the decision would be left to the three judges who were also split.
After a tense wait the split decision was announced to the new ICO Light Heavyweight Champion of the World... Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power Jnr.
This is a long time in the making.
Next up and top of the bill was Co-USKA and Original Jesters gym trained Mick Crossland from the combat academy in Barnsley stepping up to by far the biggest challenge of his career when he took on the ring legend and multi World Champion that is Odje Manda from the Staff Boxing Fist & Feet Gym in Savigny-Le-Temple in France.
Current ICO Super Middleweight World Full Contact Champion Mick Crossland was attempting to become a multi discipline World Champion with this one being for the ICO Pro K1 Super Middleweight Title.
This was to be Mick's retirement fight after an established fighting career and he couldn't have picked a tougher opponent in Odje who held a previous win over him by Knockout victory when they fought 4 years ago.
Mick is known for his ferocious power but he was up against a man who has never been stopped in nearly 90 Professional contests and he was also fighting his opponents chosen style of K-1 so Mick was going into the contest as an underdog with a mountain to climb. 
Mick started well picking his shots and moving well landing some of his trade mark bombs on Odje. The French man however was like a tank taking the shots well and continuing to push forward relentlessly.
Nearing the end of the first round Mick got caught and hurt with a left hook to the body that left him looking for position. While over protecting the body he got caught with a perfect overhand right that sent him down for the count ending the contest and shattering Mick's dreams. 
We later found out that the left hook to the body had broken Mick's ribs so it would have been unlikely he could have continued anyway even if he had not got caught with the overhand right.
Mick humble and gracious in defeat gave Odje all the respect in the world accepting that the best man had won and made no excuses like the true champion and gentleman he is.
Mick closes his career as the reigning World Champion and as the former European, British and English title holder. 
We at USKA wish Mick the very best of luck in the future and thank him for allowing us to play a small part in what has been an outstanding career.
Full list of results from the night are as follws: Katie Healey (Wolverhampton Eclipse) Beat Charlotte Mosley (BKA) on points Jack Wiles (Wolverhampton Eclipse) Beat Ash King (M1K) on points Leonnie Harrison (BKA) Beat Azra Parvais (Bai Lang) on points Leon Dunnett (CKA) Beat Ben Pearson (Wolverhampton Eclipse) on ponts Kyle Charles (Platinum) Beat Ray Shaw (ECKA) on points for the ICO Middleweight Midland Title Jason Cooper (BKA) Beat Jay Jay Tonks (Walsall Eclipse) on points for ICO Light Heavyweight English Title Phil Evans (KMA) Beat Akonne Wanliss (Kaos) on points for the ICO Middleweight British Title Sophie Barnett (BKA) Beat Heulwen Evans (KMA) on points for the ICO Womens Lightweight British Title Mickael Lopes Da Veiga (France) Beat Karl Johnston (Original Jesters, England) on points for the ICO Middleweight European Title Ellis Blake (TKA) Beat Romaine Porter (Yin Yang) on points for the ICO Super Lightweight British & European Title Tyrone Power Jr (USKA, England) Beat Edouard Margale (France) on points for ICO Light Heavyweight World Title Kyle Williams (Wolverhampton Eclipse, England) Beat Sylvain Bove (France) on points for Professional ICO Lightweight European Title Odje Manda (France) Beat Mick Crossland (Combat Academy, England) by 1st Round KO for Professional ICO K-1 Super Middleweight World Title

The next Mayhem event will be on Sunday 23rd November at the same venue.
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USKA Kept their winning streak alive at the Burton BLCC event on Sunday 8th March when 14 Fight Factory warriors took to the ring over 16 bouts and once again to the delight of USKA coaches Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn finished the day without a loss.

More importantly than the wins were the performances with each and every fighter turning in great displays of Kickboxing showing that what they have been working on in the gym is most definitely working and transitioning into the tournament arena.
Big respect to the USKA crew of cheering spectators that always get the best out of our guys with their support.

The Fight Team consisted of:
Lauran Lang, Reagan Beech, Kian Beech, Ahron Ali, Amaan Abdulrahman, Shannon Corry, Keatan Mahi, Ra'ees Kiani, Aman Kiani, Hazrat Khan, Qasim Ali, Hassan Raziq, Derelle McKenzie & Hamza Farooq.

Pictured is USKA's / Yin Yang's Romaine Porter picking up the Bob Troman Memorial fighters of the day award at the Burton Kickboxing Academy's second BLCC Event of the 2014 season on Sunday 8th March. This award, sponsored by UK Trophy Shop was decided collectively by the judges and the referee of the event and presented by tournament organiser and BKA Chief Instructor Chris Squirrell.
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Another successful outing for the USKA Fight team on Sunday 2nd March when a contingent of 10 fighters travelled down to Pontypool Leisure Centre in Wales to compete in the ICO Welsh Open 2014.

Using the open format of the competition as somewhat of an experiment with rules and categories not what we are used to the team performed excellently bringing back an impressive 5 Gold's and 2 Silvers with two of the three people who never placed having to move up to categories above their own due to no one being in their divisions.
This will serve as invaluable experience for team members who intend on travelling to the World Championships in Italy at the end of the year.
Thank you to the loyal and terrific supporters who also made the trip and cheered our boys and girls to victory.
Team Members: Lauran Lang (Gold), George Taylor (Gold), Shannon Corry (Gold), Amer Kayani (Gold), Adopted Team member from Yin Yang Romaine Porter (Gold), Keatan Mahi (Silver), Kian Beech (Silver), Ra'ees Kiani, Aman Kiani, Amaan Abdulrahman.


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Three USKA Fight Factory fighters graced the ring with their skills on the Fight Zone 7 Event at the Barnsley Metrodome on 23rd February as part of a fantastic line up of Kickboxing action.

First up was Lucy Kingswheatley who took on a home team fighter from The Combat Academy's in Rosie Longley in a Light Continuous bout made at 36kg.
Although very nervous with it only being Lucy's 3rd bout and on such a big stage she rose to the occasion and turned in a dominant and skilful performance that for exceeded her experience. A unanimous points win and a great start for team USKA at the event.
Next up was Ra'ees Kiani taking on Tommy Read from the Original Jesters Gym in Matlock in a Light Continuous bout made at 36kg. 
Ra'ees controlled the game Read throughout the three round contest showing some great skill and style on route to yet another Unanimous points decision for the team.
The Full Contact debut next for USKA's Lauran Lang in a Full Contact contest made at 48kg against GMMA Grimsby's Jessica Carrington.
Jessica had a 6 fight full contact record going into this bout so we knew Lauran would be up against it but she had trained hard and we were confident in her ability to be able to negate Jessica's strengths.
The bout started fast and furious with both girl's meeting each other head on and exchanging leather. Lauran got hit with some heavy straight punches in round one that caused a heavy nose bleed but she came back strong and closed the first round on top.
The 2nd round seen a hesitant Lauran waiting too long to get her shots off and giving a tiring Jessica an opportunity to put together aggressive eye catching combinations to close what was a very tight round.
After some choice words from the USKA corner team to Lauran she stepped up the aggression in the 3rd round and forced the action capitalising on her fitness and work rate. Jessica was starting to wilt and at 1:53 Lauran landed a perfectly timed straight leg to the body that dropped Jessica for the count.
A successful debut and a 3rd round knock out to the ever improving and fiercely motivated Miss Lang.
Ra'ees Kiani was then asked to step in at the last minute to do a demonstration bout with The Original Jesters Declan Ward following Declan's opponent pulling out.
Ra'ees happily obliged and once again equipped himself well showing some great skills and defensive ring craft over the three round contest.
So a really successful day for USKA and some valuable experience gained on the big stage.
Thank you to those of you that travelled to support the three fighters. It is very much appreciated.
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The 1st USKA Superman event of the 2014 season was a huge success on Sunday 16th February with over 45 competitors all turning in a great effort in pursuit of trophies and points to establish them in this year’s league.

The 10 event competition was fiercely contested across 6 age groups with no less than 24 gym records being broken.


Although we class everyone as a winner to just manage to complete all 10 events in this competition here are a list of the top three positions in each division.


4-6 Year Olds


1st Place: Lance Gallagher

2nd Place: Jemimma Mahmood

3rd Place: Ibrahim Iqbal


7-8 Year Olds


1st Place: Charlie Stokes

2nd Place: Hafsah Iqbal

3rd Place: Mackenzie Corry


9-10 Year Olds


1st Place: Laylaa Mahmood 

2nd Place: Ahron Ali 

3rd Place: Aman Kiani


11-12 Year Olds


1st Place: Keatan Mahi 

2nd Place: Lucy Kingswheatley

3rd Place: Solomon Khan




1st Place: Ruqayyah Griffith

2nd Place: Lauran Lang

3rd Place: Shannon Corry



1st Place: Addul Rehman

2nd Place: George Taylor 

3rd Place: Steve Parish


Congratulations to everyone for their efforts and we look forward to Event 2 coming up in April.

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So the first BLCC Event for the year has come and gone and what an event it turned out to be for the USKA team of fighters.
16 Fight Factory Fighters turned out in force to the new Burton Kickboxing Academy and performed excellently across the day in no less then 19 bouts.
Including the demonstration bouts on the day we kept a clean streak of no loses with noticeable wins to Lauran Lang against current Unified World Champion and former conqueror Josie Callan and a win for George Taylor against World Championship Silver medallist Cam James. George also picked up the Bob Troman Memorial fighters of the day award which was decided collectively by the judges and the referee of the event.
Special mention to Shannon Corry who was outstanding in her two demonstration bouts showing amazing skills for someone who has not even had a competitive fight yet.
We now competitively look forward to the ICO Welsh Open on 2nd March and the next BLCC which will be back in Burton on 9th March.

The USKA fighters in action today were...
Kian Beech, Charlie Stokes, Derelle McKenzie, Hamza Farooq, Hazrat Khan, Aman Kiani, Ra'ees Kiani, Lucy Kingswheatley, Solomon Khan, George Taylor, Lauran Lang, Amaan Abdulrahman, Shannon Corry, Qasim Ali, Mohammed Tasaf, Amer Kayani. 

Pictured is George Taylor in the ring with tournament organiser Chris Squirrell being awarded the Bob Troman Memorial fighters of the day award.


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We recieved some great coverage on BBC's Midlands Today when USKA's Hailey Hutton was interviewed at the Fight Factory Gym. 

Hailey who is a World Unified Kickboxing Champion is calling for our discipline of Kickboxing to be officially recognised as a sport.

Hailey who started training when she was seven years old, wants Sport England to make the sport eligible for funding and wider publicity.

She juggles her training and competitions with her graphic design studies at Solihull College and said the sport has helped her gain more confidence.

Neil Kelly from the USKA Fight Factory Gym in Birmingham has been her coach for the past 15 years, said she's a role model for girls in the sport.

Despite having more than a hundred thousand participants across the UK, Kickboxing is still not officially recognised as a Sport. It means that even elite athletes are unable to attract lottery funding to help fund their training. 

Hailey is leading the calls to change all that, as BBC'S Nick Clitheroe reports.

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Three members of the USKA Fight Factory will climb through the ropes in Barnsley on 23rd February at the Metrodome Leisure Complex as part of the Fight Zone 7 Kickboxing show. 

First into the ring will be USKA's Lucy Kingswheatley matched in a 3 x 1 minute round Light Continuous Kickboxing contest against home fighter Rosie Longley from The Combat Academy in Barnsley.
Next up will be USKA's Ra'ees Kiani matched in a 3 x 1 1/2 minute round Light Continuous Kickboxing contest against Tommy Read from The Original Jesters gym in Matlock.
Finally USKA's Lauran Lang makes her Full Contact debut against the more experienced Jessica Carrington from the GMAA Kickboxing gym in Grimsby over 3 x 2 minute rounds.
Tickets are available now from the USKA gym priced at £15 for Children and £25 for adults.
We would love as much support as possible especially for Lauran in her Full Contact debut.
Transport can be arranged to and from the venue if you are stuck for a lift. 
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A short demonstration by members of USKA Kickboxing gym at the Ittihad Free School consultation evening on Saturday 18th January at the Muaath Trust, Stratford Road, Birmingham.
The demonstration put together at short notice on the day was conducted by Chief Instructor Neil Kelly and featured USKA students, Keatan Mahi, Lucy Kingswheatley and Hailey Hanson and showed some of the basic training drills and training methods that are used at the USKA Fight Factory gym in Tysley.

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Calling Help from all members and friends of USKA Kickboxing.

Our good friend and long time USKA student Hailey has applied to be the face of JD.
Hailey is the current BKC British Champion and Unified World Champion after a great year of competition last year.
It would be great if we could get a martial artist like Hailey into the mainstream but she can only get there with our help.
Please take 30 seconds of your busy day to click the link below, go to find people tab at the bottom left hand side of the page and enter HAILEY HUTTON to place your vote.
We need the votes registered at JD to make a difference.
Thanks in advance... Osu!

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Happy new year to the USKA family, friends and associates.

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Back in stock for 2014. New Design USKA Fight Factory Hooded Sweatshirts, All Sizes £30.00

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On Sunday 15th December USKA Fight Factory hosted it's 6th Superman Competition and Grand Final of its 2013 league and also the annual end of year student presentation awards where the stand out students throughout the year would be awarded for their efforts and achievements.

The competition was well attended with over 60 competitors and was closely contested with everyone intent on doing their best to pick up trophies and points in the last competition of the year.

Congratulations to everyone on their fantastic effort in what turned out to be a great day. The results are as follows...


4-6 Year Olds

1st Place – Lance Gallagher

2nd Place – Jemima Mahmood

3rd Place – Ibrahim Iqbal


7-8 Year Olds

1st Place – Charlie Stokes

2nd Place – Maria Mahmood

3rd Place – Hafsah Iqbal


9-10 Year Olds

1st Place – Ahron Ali

2nd Place – Aman Kiani

3rd Place – Laylaa Mahmood


11-12 Year Olds

1st Place – Keatan Mahi

2nd Place – Lucy Kingswheatley

3rd Place – Ra’ees Kiani



1st Place – Hailey Hanson

2nd Place – Lauran Lang

3rd Place – Claire Salisbury



1st Place – Abdul Rehman

2nd Place – Amaan Abdul Rahman

3rd Place – Amer Kayani


Superman Grand Champions Of The 2013 League

1st Place – Hailey Hanson

2nd Place – Ahron Ali

3rd Place – Keatan Mahi

4th Place – Jemima Mahmood

5th Place – Charlie Stokes

Following the Superman trophy presentation the annual student awards were presented to the following students for their efforts throughout 2013.


USKA Student Presentation Awards 2013


1 - Lance Gallagher

2 - Tee Kiani

3 -  Keatan Mahi

4 - George Taylor

5 - Ibrahim Iqbal

6 - Amaan Abdul Rahman

7- Abdul Rehman

8- Lucy Kingswheatley

9- Ruqayya Griffith

10- Hailey Hanson


R/Up USKA Kids Student Of The year 2013 – Lauran Lang

R/Up USKA Adults Student Of The year 2013 – Mohammed Tasaf


USKA Kids Student Of The Year 2013 – Ra’ees Kiani

USKA Adult Student Of The Year 2013 – Amer Kayani


USKA Scholarship Award For 2014 – George Taylor

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The long awaited part 4 of the story of Super Lightweight Professional Kickboxer Qasim 'The Dream' Beg.
Qasim who trains at the USKA Fight Factory gym in Birmingham England under the guidance of Neil Kelly successfully returned to the Professional ring in 2013 after a two and a half year lay off. Quickly establishing himself again as a force to be reckoned with in the Super Lightweight division Qasim captured both the ICO British and European titles in quick succession against good opposition and now firmly sets his sights on 2014 where he hopes to at some point take another step up to World class.
The Dream remains unbeaten as an Amateur (22f, 21w, 1 no contest) and now as a Professional (19-0).

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Midland Mayem III lived up to every last bit of expectation when USKA fighters once again shone on the big stage at the Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre on Sunday 24th November.
First up we had Claire Salisbury in a Full Contest made at 63kg against Charlotte Plant from the Eclipse Kickboxing gym in Walsall.
Claire and Charlotte had met before in March this year when Claire took a close decision win at the Midland Mayhem II event showing that they were a good match for one another. Both girls trained very hard for the rematch and it showed in what once again turned out to be a very close run affair.
Round 1 clearly to Charlotte, Round 2 clearly to Claire and a tighter 3rd round that we felt we had but the judges had it even leaving the bout to be scored a draw. No complaints in such a close fight and I suppose it sets up a third fight between the two possibly with a Midland title at stake next time out.
Next up for USKA was Qasim 'The Dream' Beg our Unbeaten Professional 3 x British Champion fighting for the the ICO Professional European Super Lightweight title against experienced French Champion Christopher Delmotte. Delmotte brought with him a 35 fight record with 25 wins and 1 draw and had travelled and won away from home before so we knew he would offer a a stern test for The Dream who was taking part in his 19th Professional contest.
A confident Qas started strongly and held the centre of the ring using his height and reach advantage. The awkward Delmotte was doing a good job in the first two rounds of not getting hit cleanly by Qas but in the process was struggling to mount any effective offence of his own apart from an occasional footsweep that was momentarily putting Qas of balance but not really giving him anything else to worry about.
Mid way through round 1 Qas landed a left hook to the Frenchmans temple that caused a flash knockdown but the referee ruled it as a slip and the contest resumed.
From the Third round onwards Qasim had found perfect range and was mixing his attacks up well to the body and head and causing significant damage to the French fighters face seemingly breaking his nose that had to be plugged by the French corner team.
The forth round seen the first official knock down of the contest when after a barrage that had Delmotte in serious trouble Qasim switched the attack downstairs and dropped him with a perfect left hook to the body. Just making the count the end of the round came at the perfect time for Delmotte as he wearily made his way back to his corner.
The Forth round brought the French man more trouble as Qasim went through the gears hitting him at will and mixing the attack up to both the body and head. A patient Qas was biding his time now and waiting for the perfect time to strike which he found as the round closed out dropping him with a solid three punch combination to the head. Again Delmotte was saved by the bell and would be afforded the chance to try and turn it around in round 6 the round Qasim and his team had predicted the contest would finish in at the pre fight press conference.
Round 6 started and Qas went straight down to business picking his man off with clean hard shots that were simply taking him apart. A barrage of shots sent Delmotte down for the 3rd official knockdown of the contest and although making it back onto his feet the referee deemed him in no position to continue and the bout was waved off leaving Qasim 'The Dream' Beg the winner by way of 6th round TKO.
After being awarded the European title belt Qasim was interviewed without a mark on him after what has to be considered his best outing since his lay off from the ring. Now the British and European Champion Qasim will attempt to unify the European title with another version of the belt early in 2014. Watch this space for developments.
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Qasim 'The Dream' Beg weighed bang on the Super Lightweight limit of 63.5kg and looked in superb shape ahead of his ICO Professional European Title fight against Frenchman Christopher Delmotte for tomorrow on Midland Mayhem III.
For tickets to see this fight along with a fantastic full card of Kickboxing phone the ticket hotline on 07976703781
Good Luck Qas... Let's Go Let's Get Em!

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On Saturday 23rd November the USKA Fight Factory will be home to the prestigious Midland Mayhem III main events weigh in and fighters press conference.
All the Professional and Amateur title contest fighters will weigh in and then answer questions regarding their fights and fight preparations.
This will be an excellent chance for you to get pictures and autographs from the top of the bill fighters before their big fights the following day.
Our very own Qasim 'The Dream' Beg will weigh in ahead of his Professional European title fight against Frenchman Christopher Delmotte.
The weigh in will begin at 2.30pm and is free for everyone to come and watch so why not come on down.

Tickets for Midland Mayhem III are still available from the USKA gym or by calling Neil on 07976703781




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Team USKA as part of ICO England have just returned from the Unified World Championships in Tuscany Italy where the team of 8 fighters managed an impressive haul of 8 medals, 2 Gold's, 4 Silvers and 2 Bronzes.
The level of competition in Italy was very high with over 5000 competitors involved.

Our team which was made up of relatively inexperienced fighters rose to the occasion and performed excellently both on the mats and in the ring light continuous categories.
It has to be said that despite the the results which of course we are happy with that we were very unlucky on more than a few occasions that could have at least added another three Gold's to that tally.
In the Ring Juniors -60kg division Amaan Abdul Rahman fought through the preliminary to the semi finals to lose to the eventual winner but secured his Bronze medal in the 3rd place fight off. In addition to that he turned in career best performances on the mats in the Junior -57kg division dominating his opposition in the opening stages of the competition only to lose out in the final to a very experienced Italian opponent.
Lauran Lang had a bit of a nightmare competition. In the mats Junior Girls -50kg division Lauran was awarded her close fight in the first round stage only to then have the decision deserved leaving us scratching our heads down to what they said was a scoring error on the score cards. In the Ring Junior Girls -50kg division Lauran was on fire smashing her way through the Quarter and Semi finals to secure her place in the final against a Scottish girl. Lauran dominated the fight from start to finish and on the sound of the final bell had us all more than confident that we had our first Gold medal in the bag. To our absolute disgust and surprise the Scottish girls hand was raised in what has to be considered the worst decision of the tournament. Lauran has to settle for Silver despite knowing that it she should be walking away with Gold.
ICO World president Andrew Hennessy watched the fight from ringside and agreed that Lauran was a clear winner reinforcing our disappointment.
Amer Kayani had a blinding competition first in the Ring -85kg Masters division where he lost in the semi final to the eventual winner and earning himself a Bronze medal. In the mats -85kg Veterans division Amer looked very strong and comfortably and moved through all the stages with unanimous wins. The final seen Amer come up against a very strong boxer from the Czech Republic and struggled to find his range early with the Czech clocking up the points. By the time Amer found his groove and started to turn the fight around it was too late and he had to settle for a very well deserved Silver Medal.
The irrepressible Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power was in fantastic form in the mats Mens -84kg division looking every bit the superstar he is. After dominating the first half of the first round Tyrone does what Tyrone does best and landed a perfectly timed round kick to the head of his South African opponent knocking him out cold. The officials where left with no option but to disqualify Tyrone but but but... It was a very good kick ;-)
Tyrone was equally good in the Ring Men's -86kg division standing his preliminary rounds opponent on his head to earn his place in the final.
In the final Tyrone was making easy work of his opponent only for disaster to strike about half way through the first round. In an exchange Tyrone threw a wide right hook that dislocated his shoulder and left him in excruciating pain. The fight was ruled a no contest due to the fight ending so early but by default Tyrone had the leave the championships with a Silver medal.
Hailey Hanson was also in great form in the mats Ladies -55kg division only to end up on the tough side of the draw in the first round against Multi World Champion and eventual winner Ashley Brace from Storm gym in Wales. Hailey gave Ashley a great fight but Ashley's mat experience kept her in the lead earning her a close points decision. An inspired Hailey however would not be denied in the Ring Ladies -55kg division where she turned in a flawless victory and career best performance in the final against a Ukrainian girl dropping her three times on route to a unanimous decision and USKA's first World Championship Gold medal.
The second USKA World Championship Gold medal came from Neil Kelly winning the Ring Masters +85kg division beating a game but outgunned Algerian opponent in the the final in a dominating performance.
Abdul Rehman was unlucky in the mats Mens -75kg division. when in his first stage fight despite out working his opponent and pushing him back for the duration of the fight fell victim to what we felt was a poor decision. In the Ring Mens -75kg division luck again was not on Abdul's side when in a close fight Abdul was given a standing 8 count after a kick strayed low. This was to be the deciding factor in the fight and cost Abdul his chance to progress in the Championships.
Aaron Meah lost in the mats boys -40kg and the Ring boys -40kg division in close fights.
Our small but loyal travelling support in Tee Javed, Tyrone Power Senior, Lisa Lang and Ra'ees Kiani were awesome all week and we share our medal success with them.
USKA would like to thank Andrew Hennessy at ICO for once again affording us the opportunity to represent team England on the World stage and everyone behind the scenes that helped to make it happen.
On to the next one...

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7 Members of the USKA Fight Team fly off to Italy today to compete in the Unified World Championships. The Competition is the biggest and only Unified one of it's kind and the standard of competition is

expected to be high. 

The team headed by USKA Chief Instructor Neil Kelly consists of Amer Kayani, Abdul Rehman Yusef,

Hailey Hanson, Tyrone Power Jnr, Amaan Abdul Rahman, Lauran Lang and Aaron Meah.

We wish them the very best of luck for success of there.
Time to cash in on all that hard work that has been invested over the last 8 Months.

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Sunday 20th October seen yet another successful USKA Superman Competition take place at the USKA Fight Factory with everyone showing great effort and team spirit in the 5th event of the 6 event 2013 league.
The penultimate event had 30 competitors turn up in pursuit of points for the league and once again some fabulous cups that just seem to be getting better and better.
Well done to everyone on their efforts as we look forward to the final event and League winners presentation on

Sunday 15th December.
The results and league table as it stands are as follows.....

4-6 year olds -
1st Place -Jemmima Mahmood
2nd Place -Lance Gallagher
3rd Place -Ibrahim Iqbal

7-8 year olds -
1st Place -Charlie Stokes
2nd Place -Maria Mahmood
3rd Place -Danyal Zahoor

9-10 year olds -
1st Place -Lucy Kingswheatley
2nd Place -Ahron Ali
3rd Place -Laylaa Mahmood

Ladies -
1st Place -Hailey Hanson
2nd Place -Ruqayya Griffith
3rd Place -Sabrena Gallagher

Mens -
1st Place -George Taylor
2nd Place -Abdul Rehman Yusaf
3rd Place -Keatan Mahi

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Burton BKA Hosted their latest BLCC Open Competition on Sunday 13th October with a great response and turn out from a lot of clubs on the BLCC Circuit.
Over 150 fighters pre entered for the event with eventually over 50 bouts being matched across the age and weight divisions.
Top of the bill on the day saw newly crowned BLCC 10-12 Year old -40kg English Champion Keatan Mahi make a quick defence of the title he had won only 28 days earlier at the last BLCC event in Barnsley.
His opponent Kyle Russon would be the same fighter he had won it off at short notice when a previous title challenger had pulled out on the day.
Kyle previously had given a fully prepared Keatan all he could handle losing on a close points decision and suffering his first ever defeat on his unbeaten record. This time with adequate preparation time for Kyle the stage was set for an even more exciting rematch between the two talented youngsters.
Keatan this time however was leaving nothing to chance and set a fast intense pace that Russon was struggling to keep with. Keatan's potent kicks were keeping Kyle at bay and causing him distress.
In the third round Keatan landed a peach perfect side kick to the face with excellent timing that had Kyle in trouble and prompted the referee to jump in and administer a standing 8 count. With the count Keatan's confidence went through the roof whereas Kyle's seemed to diminish somewhat.
Keatan continued to increase his lead and after the 5 Championship rounds it was never in doubt that he had done more than enough to retain his title in what has to be considered a career best performance for him.
The decision was announced with a total shut out on all three score cards of 50-44, 50-44, 50-44 all in favour of the winner and still BLCC English Champion... Keatan Mahi from the USKA Kickboxing gym.
In other USKA action on the day the team of 11 fighters competed in 12 contests conceded no loses and turning in some exceptional performances.
Congratulations to all the fighters and thank you to all the supporters who came along to cheer our warriors to victory.

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Qasim 'The Dream' Beg made a successful return to the Professional Kickboxing ranks on Saturday night after a three years absence when he took on Aylesbury's Steve 'The Pocket Rocket' Cook to contest the ICO Super Lightweight Professional British Full Contact title at Rio's Nightclub in Barnsley.
Cook who fights out of the Pegasus Kickboxing gym came with a good reputation of being a fast and high paced fighter and in recent fights had taken the scalps of some of the best fighters in the UK capturing the IKF Professional British title on route.
Beating Qasim who was a former 2 X Professional Kickboxing Champion and who was once regarded as the best Super Lightweight in the country would legitimatise Cook as being the top dog in the division and would leave Qasim with nowhere left to go with this being an important crossroads fight for the USKA fighter.
Both fighters weighed in on Friday night at 64.3kg and amazingly this was a career highest weight for Qasim and a career lowest weight for Cook.
Cook was fired up and confident of victory saying before the contest that it was the hardest he had ever trained and was 100% ready for The Dream and that come fight time Qasim would not know what hit him. Cook was quoted as saying 'Qasim thinks he's a big bad man and everyone else thinks the same thing. Qasim's not so bad and he's going to get it tonight'.
Qasim in contrast was quietly confident saying 'I've got a A plan, B plan and C Plan if I need it and I think I've got everything covered'.
Come fight time the atmosphere was charged with great support for both fighters and you could sense that something exciting was about to happen as both fighters made their way to the ring and engaged in some head to head needle before the introductory announcements.
The fight started fast and furious with Qasim controlling the range as the taller man and Cook working hard to close it. Qasim was landing the cleaner shots at distance through rounds 1 to 3 and on the inside was surprising Cook with his strength and close quarter savy.
By the mid way point of the fight Qasim was in firm control on the score cards but Cook was still working hard making the rounds competitive despite picking up a nasty cut over his left eye.
As the rounds progressed the pace seemed to catch up with Cook and on a few occasions he looked like he was hurt and on the verge of getting stopped. His toughness and resilience however shone through to help him ride the storm and on the sound of the final bell although marked and tired finished valiantly on his feet.
There was no doubt about the decision however with score cards reading an impressive 99-92, 100-90, 100-92 all in favour of the New and still unbeatan ICO Super Lightweight Professional British Champion

Qasim 'The Dream' Beg!
Qasim now sets his sights on challenging for the ICO European Title with an opponent and date to be announced within the next few days.

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Qasim 'The Dream' Beg and Steve 'Pocket Rocket' Cook both weighed in a lean mean 64.3kg ahead of their Professional British title fight tomorrow night in Barnsley on Fightzone 6.
We have two different ends of the fighting spectrum here... The man of the moment in Cook Vs The forgotten man in Qasim. The tallest Super Lightweight in Great Britain in Beg Vs the Smallest Super Lightweight in Great Britain in Steve.
The fight has so many questions hanging over it and they will all be answered in the main event. May the best man win!

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Well, has to be said, not the greatest day for USKA at the Ringmasters event in Kent with usuncharacteristically picking up no first place positions from the six fighters taking part. That said and on reflection though it wasn't all doom and gloom. All six fighters went out either in the semi final or finals and all in close decisions. In 5 of the 6 fighters cases to the eventual winners of the divisions.
No one got beat up or outclassed and all the USKA team put in decent account of themselves albeit not what we would say A-Game performances.
When a fighter loses he and his team ask questions of themselves in order to learn from the loss. Did they prepare fully and correctly? Did they listen to their corner team? Did they approach the fight too over confident and complacent? Did they apply the correct strategy and carry out the right game plan?
Once these questions are asked and answered honestly they can then address them in order not to make the same mistakes again.
I think we could have well fell victim to a few of the above but for the most part I feel we just had a bad day at the office and luck was not on our side.
No one wants to lose but by losing it does make us reflect and look at things in order to make them better.
Sooooooooooooooo, it's back to the drawing board and on to the next one. If you think about it, it is only because we are so used to winning that bad days like this stand out and make us take note.
Still got nothing but love for team USKA.xx

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The latest club Grading at the USKA Fight Factory on Sunday 21st September seen 26 people step up to attempt their belts.
Among those 26 were two of USKA's longest serving students in Qasim Beg and Hailey Hanson who would be going for their 1st Dan USKA Black Belts.
The USKA Belts are renowned for being among the toughest and most thorough belts to get in British Kickboxing and even more so with the Dan grades so Qasim and Hailey had been training exceptionally hard in their preparations over the last 5 months in order to be as ready as they could possibly be come grading day. As well as the physical examination that would take 6 hours they also had to submit a comprehensive Martial Arts Portfolio that would chronicle their journey within the Martial Arts so far and also perform an original warm up session to a live class under the scrutiny of USKA Chief Instructor Neil Kelly.
If that wasn't hard enough Neil Kelly would be joined on the grading panel on the day by his own instructor and ICO World President Master Andrew Hennessy who would oversee the grading and give the successful candidates his seal of approval.
Unlike an awful lot of Kickboxing grading's throughout the UK the USKA grading's pose a very real threat of candidates actually failing them if they come up short on the day so with that added extra pressure anyone who attempts them knows that they have to come fully prepared.
During the gruelling physical examination incorporating Shadow Boxing, Sparing, Padwork, Bagwork and extensive technical work which lasted over 6 hours both Qasim and Hailey shone like the stars they are and never missed a beat performing with confidence and character throughout to be
awarded straight A passes by Andrew Hennessy and Neil Kelly.
Andrew noted that both Qasim and Hailey were top drawer Martial Artist's and well and truly deserved the grade and the recognition they they had been awarded doing USKA proud and achieving such high Grades that are very rarely handed out by the ICO President.
it was a long time coming for Qasim and Hailey who have both been training for over 15 years each but have taken their time often putting their competitive careers and pursuit of excellence before rushing grades and chasing quick belts.
The pairs Instructor Neil Kelly said of the two that he couldn't be prouder not only in their preformance on the day but throughout the their whole Journey from young kids walking through his gym doors all those years ago to the mature USKA Black Belts that stand before him today.

Other top USKA A Graders on the day included Mohammed Ali (Red Belt), Steve Parish (White Belt), Lucy Kingswheatley (Purple Belt) and Ra'ees Kiani (Jnr Brown Belt).
Congratulations and credit to all the successful Graders.

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On Sunday 15th September at the Combat Academy in Barnsley a Team of 12 USKA fighters travelled to the latest BLCC event where they would be pitched into tough fights against some of the toughest opposition from in and around the Northern region.

The main event on the day was to feature BLCC Midland Champion Keatan Mahi against Marsden Kickboxing’s Scott Marsden for the -40kg 10/12 year olds English Title.

On arrival and title weigh in it was clear that young Scott Marsden was succumbing to the pressure and pre fight nerves and as the day went on they got the better of him with it regrettably resulting in his team pulling him out of the contest.

In stepped Kyle Williams, Instructor from the Eclipse Kickboxing team in Wolverhampton who submitted a fighter of his, Kyle Russon to replace Scott Marsden for the title challenge.

This was not ideal and you would think a fighter stepping in on the day as a replacement would just be making up numbers but this was certainly not the case of the unbeaten in 10 fights Kyle Russon.

The fight was amazing, Every round so closely contested and neither fighter willing to give an inch in their quest to claim that English title belt.

The closeness of the fight was reflected in the score cards with them reading 49/48 50/46 48/47 by unanimous decision to Keatan Mahi.

With such a good closely contested fight and with Kyle Russon only taking the fight on the day a rematch has been set for October 13th at the Burton BLCC show where Kyle will have plenty of preparation time.

If the second fight is anywhere near as good as the first one the fight fans are in for a treat.

In other USKA action on the day 12 fighters took part in 17 bouts conceding only 3 defeats.

The loses were all very close and against very good opposition so it is safe to say that the USKA coaches went home happy with everyone’s efforts.

Joint USKA fighter's of the day were awarded to Lauran Lang for her fight against the incredibly talented and experienced Caitlin Chapman from Impact Gym and Ra’ees Kiani for reversing a loss against Khyal Chumba from Eclipse gym in Wolverhampton with a much improved confident performance.


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On Saturday 14th September at the North Solihull Sports Centre in Birmingham ICO British and European Super middleweight Champion Tyrone ‘The Punisher’ Power Jnr. stepped into the ring to challenge the Spanish Champion Ivan Ruiz Gomez for the ISKA European title.

Gomez came in great condition and with a good reputation and looked like on paper Tyrone’s toughest fight to date.

Training camp did not go well for Tyrone battling illness and a disrupted preparation but none of this was evident come fight night as he climbed through the ropes looking every bit the precocious talent he is.

It was evident early that Gomez was exceptionally strong and was also a counter attacking fighter and with this Tyrone fought the smart fight using speed and movement to get in and out quick notching up the points with clean solid connects and at the same time staying out of trouble.

Tyrone scored a second round knock down when Gomez was caught with a punch but it did in all fairness largely look like it was more down to bad balance on behalf of the Spaniard.

Gomez could not cope with the variety of Tyrone and was running out of ideas as the fight round by round slipped from his grasp.

On the final bell with every round in the bank for Tyrone both Gomez and he knew that the USKA fighter had done more than enough and that the title was in the bag for the Unbeaten Punisher.

With a unanimous decision win the hand of Tyrone was raised and title belt strapped around his waist.

This makes Tyrone the ICO / ISKA European champion and he looks forward now to his ICO World Title challenge in November against French Rival Eduardo Margale who claimed a controversial draw over Tyrone in France in October 2012.

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So the team of 10 USKA Fighters rolled up at the BKC (British Kickboxing Council) British Championships at Cocks Moor Wood Leisure Centre on Sunday 1st September with high expectations alongside Coaches Neil Kelly and Sean 'The Mighty' Quinn.
The BKC Championship affords the team to compete against many new opponents due to the fact it is supported by a consortium of governing bodies and clubs and styles from across the Country.
The well run competition started on time and ran without hitch with some great fights and performances involving the USKA fighters.
1st up for the team was George Taylor in the tough Juniors -55kg division. George was very dominant in his first fight outclassing his Welsh opponent and up against it in his second facing the supremely talented and Multiple World Champion Elijah Everill. What has to remembered is that George has only had a handful of fights and despite this stayed in there and even had a little success against such an accomplished fighter. The well deserved decision went to Elijah leaving George to contest the Bronze medal in a third place fight off. George would not be denied his Bronze and dominated from start to finish to convincingly take the win. George is improving in confidence and ability all the time and it will only be a matter of time before he captures some titles of his own.
Next up for USKA was Amaan Abdul Rahman in the Junior -60kg division. Amaan showed great tactics in all three of his bouts on route to the final where he captured the Gold and the British title against his Welsh opponent in confident style. This is Amaan's second British title after like George only a handful of fights. This is a true testament to the rewards of hard work and dedication.
Next up we had Hailey Hanson in the Ladies -60kg division. Hailey has all the ability in the World despite not having that much competitive experience but today put it all together beating two very capable and experienced opponents on route to capturing the Gold medal and the British title. I am exceptionally proud of my mate Hailey who hasn't had the best of luck outside the ring over the last few years stopping her from competing but with this new found form and run of good training the World is at her feet. With her dedication and one mindedness aproach to her art she deserves all the success that she gets.
Lauran Lang had a bad day at the office in her straight final in the Junior girls -50kg division against the talented Josie Callan. Both girls have met before in a close battle win to Lauran but today she just wasn't at the races dropping a loss in a disappointing performance. The tenacious Lauran I'm sure will be back to the drawing board on Monday to correct her mistakes and no doubt will get it right next time out.
Claire Sailsbury entering two categories was in good form first winning two fights on route to the Ladies -70kg division Gold Medal and British title and then picking up a Silver medal in the Ladies veteran +65kg division in a closely contested fight by majority decision that for all intent and purposes both I an Sean thought we had done enough to win. Disappointed but happy in the knowledge she had performed well Claire left with her two BKC medals after a productive competition.
The Kickboxing ring return now for Kickboxing's Qasim 'The Dream' Beg in a straight final in the Mens - 65kg division. A very sharp looking Qas moved through the gears showing great variety of technique on route to a flawless victory. Ring time was what he wanted and ring time was what he got with the added bonus of the BKC British Gold medal.
Ra'ess Kiani got the tough draw in the Boys -35kg division when he came up against TKA Wonder Kid Jay 'The Predator' Turner. Jay brought with him a wealth of experience and had a two year age and 2kg weight advantage over the less experienced Ra'ess. A unperturbed Ra'ees fought gallantly losing to Jay the eventual winner but showing marked improvement and showing great heart throughout. i have no doubt that given a different draw that Ra'ees would have met Jay in the final and was unlucky not to pick up a medal at the event.
Keatan Mahi now in the Boys -40kg where he would be fighting in a new weight class for the very first time. After a bye in the first round of the competition Keatan had a barn stormer of a fight in  the Semi Final against a hard as nails Polish opponent. Keatan's fitness and conditioning prevailed in this fight with him finishing the stronger to get the unanimous decision.
The final seen him face Jay Turner who had stepped up a weigh class after dominating the -35kg section. Keatan's tactics of work rate and volume to smother Jay's work was working well and despite Jay landing some very clean techniques the judges were swayed towards Keatan's more aggressive attacking style with him being awarded a close points decision win along with the Gold medal and British title.
In the Men's -90kg division Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power made light work of his opposition pulling out some slick demonstration style techniques on route to his Gold medal and British title. Business as usual for Ty and again valuable ring time with big fights around the corner.
Last but not least seen USKA elder statesman Amer Kayani dominate his straight final in the Masters -85kg division. Amer showed good control throughout and showed a often missing calmness about his work to take the Gold Medal and British title. Amer takes more positive steps towards the Unified World Championships at the end of the year in Italy.
Sooooo, a very respectable 7 Gold's (and 7 new BKC British Titles), 2 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medals for the USKA contingent.
Further proof that what you guys are doing is working and an excellent spring board to bigger fights in the near future.
Massively proud of everyone's efforts... Ous!

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Sunday 25th August seen the forth USKA Superman competition of the 2013 league at the USKA Fight Factory with competition heating up and people keeping one eye on the league table to see how far they were away from the top spot and potentially claiming one of the league overall winners trophies at the end of the year.
The competition was a understandably a little quieter than usual given that we are deep in the holiday period and with it being so close to the finish of Ramadan but with that said we had 30 fiercely competitive competitors giving their all once again in pursuit of trophies and points.
The competition ran smoothly with every division very closely contested all in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

The end of a great day seen the following winners in each division and also a league table looking like this after the forth of six events.

Congratulations to each and every competitor on an awesome effort.


























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Watch out for the next USKA Superman competition coming at the end of October.

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Four big title fights coming up for the USKA warriors over the next couple of months.
On Saturday 14th September Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power Jnr attempts to add a second European title to his belt collection when he challenges Spanish Champion Ivan Ruiz Gomez for the ISKA European Title at 81kg. This fight will be held at the North Solihull Sports Centre in Chemsley Wood, Birmingham and tickets will be priced at £15.00.
On Sunday 15th September Keatan Mahi takes a step up in class at the Barnsley BLCC Competition at the Combat Academy when he challenges the very talented and experienced Scott Marsden from Sheffield for the BLCC 10-12yrs 35-40kg English title. Tickets for this show are £6 to spectate and can be purchased on the door on the day.
On Saturday 12th October Qasim 'The Dream' Beg at last gets his career back on track when he challenges current IKF European Champion Steve ' Pocket Rocket' Cook for the ICO Professional Super Lightweight British title. Cook will provide a real test for The Dream and is very confident of victory given his recent success at the weight in Qasim's absence.
The Undercard see's Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power Jnr defend his ICO European Super Middleweight title against the very dangerous and unbeaten knock out artist Thomas Daniel from Contender gym in Stockton On Tees.Tickets for this show are £25.
We would appreciate as much support for our fighters as possible so please purchase your tickets from the USKA gym and get down to cheer all our fighters to victory!

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On Sunday 15th September USKA Kickboxing's BLCC Midland Area Champion Keatan Mahi will make a step up in class when he challenges Scott Marsden from the All Styles Martial arts gym in Sheffield for the BLCC English title.
The fight over 5 x 1 1/2 minute rounds will be main event at the Combat Academy's BLCC Event in Barnsley and will contest to 10-12yrs olds 35-40kg English strap.
Both lads are very stylish fighters and boast impressive fight records making this clash a mouth watering one.
The winner will not only be English Champion but will also be number one contender to challenge for the British title at some point in the future.
For more details of the event follow the following event facebook link.


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On Saturday 12th October the long awaited fight between Qasim 'The Dream' Beg and Steve 'Pocket Rocket' Cook will eventually happen for the ICO British Light Welterweight Title.
Both fighters were due to meet in June only to see Qasim have to pull out due to a knee injury.
Cook holds the IKF European title and provides a very tough fight for Qas who has not fought in a Full Contact kickboxing contest for over 2 and a half years.
This fight not only is for the British title but surely acts as a stepping stone for the winner to move on to bigger and better things.
The show will be at Rio's Nightclub, Wellington Street, Barnsley and will be top of the bill on an exciting Combat Academy promoted card.
Tickets are available at the USKA Fight Factory gym at the cost of £25.00.

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On Saturday 14th September ICO Super Middleweight European Champion Tyrone 'The Punisher' Power Jnr will attempt to add the ISKA European title belt to his collection when he challenges Spanish Champion Ivan Ruiz Gomez at the North Solihull Sports Centre in Chelmsley Wood, Solihull.
Tyrone is unbeaten so far in his career and is one of if not the best Amateur fighter in the UK right now.
If successful the plan is for Tyrone then to challenge for the ICO World title in a rematch against French wonder kid Edouard Margale one of only two fighters to hold Tyrone previously to a Draw. This contest is tentatively penciled in for Midland Mayhem III extravaganza at the Cocks Moor Wood Leisure Centre in Kings Heath, Birmingham on 24th November.
Tickets cost £15 for Tyrone Vs Juan Manuel Perez and are available from the USKA Fight Factory Gym.

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Another successful BLCC competition for the USKA team at the weekend where Chief coach for the day Sean Quinn brought 11 fighters to do battle in some tough matches against quality opposition at the Black Cobra Gym hosted event.

Considering the USKA gym has been running in 3rd gear over the last month due to Ramadan they performed excellently conceding only 1 defeat in 11 contests.
Win or Lose Sean was particularly impressed and happy with the performances feeling that everyone was taking steps in the right direction showing marked improvement and listening to the all important instructions from the corner.
Sean awarded Fighter of the day to Ahron Ali with also stand out performances and honourable mentions to George Taylor, Lauran Lang, Charlie Stokes and Ra'ess Kiani.
The other USKA fighters in action were Keaton Mahi, Hailey Hanson, Mackenzie Corry, Amaan Abdul Rahman, Amer Kayani and Shannon Corry.
The next BLCC event is scheduled in Barnsley on September 15th where the full team will be back in action.
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Eid Mubarak to all USKA Kickboxing's members, family and friends.

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Despite Many reminders regarding courteous parking in consideration for our gym neighbours some USKA members and parents have still failed to adhere to our requests leading to constant complaints from local residents. As a result we are left with no option but to enforce a

NO PARKING rule for the whole of Morcom Road past our gym boundary. If a parking space cannot be found directly outside the gym we request that you find alternative parking Off Morcom Road or outside the factory units at the bottom of Morcom Road which are free in the evenings. Anyone failing to follow these requests will have their gym membership revoked and will no longer be welcome to train at the USKA Fight Factory. We also request that parents picking up their Children do not double park or just stop in the middle of the road blocking traffic and do not beep their horns outside the gym. We will have a zero tolerance policy with anyone who breaks these rules. Thank you for your co-operation.

Gym Management

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 Here is the USKA Superman League table after 3 events.

We still have three events left to go with the next competition set for Sunday 25th August so pleanty of time to catch up the points.

The Superman Grand Champions will be awarded to the top 5 positions at the end of the year after the last event.

You need to be in it to win it!

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SUNDAY 28th JULY 2013



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