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Sunday 3rd January 2021 - USKA Classes reopen on Zoom

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Dear USKA Members

Firstly can we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year with us all hoping that it will be more prosperous than 2020 which proved to be a very difficult and testing time for us everyone.
With Wednesday’s Covid-19 Government announcement and Birmingham being placed into Tier 4 restrictions we for the immediate future unfortunately will not be able for now to resume physical classes at the USKA Fight Factory gym.
We have been told that the Government will be reviewing these Tiers every two weeks so hopefully it will not be too long until we are back in the gym getting back to what we do best.
Behind the scenes there are also people in our industry lobbying that gyms be made essential for peoples physical and mental health and wellbeing which could also change our situation at any given time so we look forward to developments there.
In the meantime we will be back to our full timetable of interactive online Zoom sessions that will allow us to continue our training and also allow us to keep our prospective Grading dates on track for March for students who are regularly attending their online classes.
Once again It is important to remain positive and optimistic in these uncertain times not only for our physical but for our mental health also so I encourage everyone to stay committed and disciplined by attending all of their classes suited and booted in full uniform ready for hard work.
Daily email links will be sent out to the participants of all the classes listed below. If you have not received your link by 3pm on the day of your class message us on 07815785661 and we will make sure we get it over to you.
Gold and Family Pass members on request will be sent the links to all of the classes making their access unlimited.

We appreciate everyone’s continued support at this time which ensures that we have a gym to go back to after this Pandemic with many gyms, clubs and associations unfortunately having faced permanent closures already.
Rest assured we will be going above and beyond to as always bring you some amazing content.
We have got through it before and we will get through it again… Osu!

Finally can we take this time to invite you to join our exclusive Members only USKA Fight Factory TV Facebook page where you can catch up with all our live classes On Demand and also gain access to over 150 videos to help develop your Martial Arts training.

Click here to join


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We are pleased to announce that the next USKA Ninja's grading examination will be held on


The grading will assess our Little Ninjas on what they have been practising on their classes and on successful completion of their grading assessment will be awarded a coloured belt that they can wear on their Little Ninjas classes and also receive an USKA grading certificate for their efforts.

To be eligible to grade candidates must be members of USKA Kickboxing, have attended at least 8 Little Ninja classes since the last Little Ninjas grading and pay their £20.00 grading examination fee no later than


Little Ninjas should also bring their ICO Licence books with them on the day to have their grades officially recorded.

**** Important Notice ***
With current Covid-19 Government Guidelines Spectators are not permitted in the gym but we will do a Facebook live recording of the grading that you can veiw on our USKA Fight Factory TV page live on the day.



All monies paid are none refundable

Failure to show up or failure to turn up on time will result in loss of fee.

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