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1. On Arrival at the Gym you must get signed in for the sessions you intend to attend on that day.

2. Correct uniform and Belt (If applicable) must be worn to all Sessions. This should be clean and in good repair.

3. No shoes other than approved (Indoor use) boxing boots or martial arts slippers are allowed on the matted area.

4. Nails (fingers and toes) must be kept clean and short to avoid cuts and scratches.

5. Jewellery and watches must not be worn. Rings and piercings that cannot be removed should be made safe.

6. A good standard of personal hygiene is expected.

7. It is not advisable to eat a big meal before your session. A light bite an hour or two beforehand is more sensible.

8. If you have any illnesses or injuries, be sensible with your training. Inform the instructor of these before the Session starts. Certain activities might be best avoided so by all means take time out or do an alternative exercise.

9. Students should make every effort to be on time for Sessions, but if late should quickly make their way onto the matted area, acknowledge the Instructor & complete the Lateness Punishment Circuit before joining in.

10. No food shall be consumed in the training area, this includes the chewing of gum and sweets.  All drinks must be kept at the very edge of the training area in order not to become a hazard. Any spillages must be brought to the attention of the instructor immediately and cleaned up.

11. Shoes and bags and other items must be kept well away from the training area and left in the Changing room. Valuables are left at your own risk and The USKA Fight Factory accepts no responsibility for loss or Damages.

12. You must inform the instructor if you have to leave the main training room at any time during the lesson.

13. The use of profanity or derogatory language is not allowed within the gym and should be avoided outside as well.

14. The Kickboxing Gym is for training, not for gossiping or excessive talking, try to keep conversation to a minimum and focus on your martial arts training.

15. All accidents and injuries sustained during training should immediately to the instructor and recorded in the accident book.


16: In the interest of Club support and Safety only sparring equipment purchased from the USKA Fight factory will be permitted for use on sparring sessions.

17: Please ensure that sparring equipment is not left on the matted area to avoid potential accidents.

18: Ensure to wait quietly in the reception area respecting fellow members who are training and also waiting to train.

19: All parents must be on time to pick up their children  after their session. USKA Fight Factory staff cannot be held responsible for the safety of your children after their session has finished.

20: Self Control and Self Discipline is one of martial arts most important rules and the loss of it is apparent to all. Loss of self control will be taken extremely seriously and could result in suspension or expulsion from the U.S.K.A.

NB: The class instructor and USKA gym management reserves the right to exclude any member from participating in the class at any time. Gross failure to observe the above rules may result in exclusion from training.