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Frequently Asked Questions

Kickboxing is a modern day martial art which combines the kicking technique from martial arts such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai and conventional punching technique from western Professional Boxing. Kickboxing was originally introduced as Full Contact Karate in late 1950s to the Western World from Japan in a sporting format as opposed to a strict martial arts discipline. The American influence in the mid 1960’s popularised the sport bringing it more mainstream across Europe and now we see many different rule sets being practiced such as, Ring Continuous (Controlled contact bouts) Full Contact (Kicks above the waist), Kickboxing (Low Kick) and K-1 (Modified rules including low Kick and limited clinch and knees) Kickboxing offers something for everyone whether its participant’s goals are fitness, weight loss, confidence and self esteem building, ambitions to become a black belt or ambitions to become a Champion.

No, absolutely not, this is a common misconception. The beginner’s classes cater for everyone and all levels of fitness. Although you will be encouraged to work hard and to the best of your ability you should work at your own pace and level and watch your fitness and endurance improve with every session.

It’s a Cliché but 8 to 80 is about right for our beginner’s classes although we have got a special USKA Ninja’s class to cater for our younger students from 4 years old. In reality, age is nothing but a number and it varies from person to person.

Kickboxing if practiced correctly is anything but violent. As a form of martial arts respect is instilled with all our members from the offset and students are taught self discipline and self control and are aware that they must never abuse the skills that they are being taught. In regard to getting hurt, the sport has a very impressive safety record with serious injuries extremely rare compared to the likes of football, rugby and gymnastics. The safety measures taken are second to none in regard to protective equipment and offer parents of its participants great peace of mind.

In order not to restrict your movement when stretching and performing kicking technique you should try to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Jogging bottoms and a t-shirt are ideal. We train in bare feet on a matted area so no footwear is required. If you decide to take up a membership with us a Kickboxing suit is supplied.

Sparring is a fundamental requirement of real kickboxing training as it gives you an opportunity to practice what you have learned in a controlled environment with full appropriate protective equipment being worn at all times to eliminate the chances of picking up an injury. This however is only done when you are at a prescribed capable level where you will be more than comfortable both physically and mentally to deal with it. Fighting in competitions however is not compulsory and is totally down to the individual. For those that do choose to compete there are regular competitions right up to World Championship level.

No problem at all. People start Kickboxing for a multitude of reasons with health and fitness being one of the main ones. The cardio aspect of Kickboxing training is second to none and the strength and conditioning drills associated with Kickboxing makes it an excellent choice of exercise to get fit and tone up.

Like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out and the sport of Kickboxing is no different. We encourage our students to commit as much time and effort as possible to their training in order to reach their goals quicker and achieve the very best results. Sometimes obviously life gets in the way of Kickboxing and we understand that. As well as practicing at the gym we encourage students to also practice at home wherever possible.

We offer two trial Pay as you go sessions with no obligation to join at £5 a session to get a good feel of the gym and make sure that USKA is the place for you. If after this you wish to continue your training with us you have the option to take up a membership and enjoy one of our monthly payment options starting at £31.99 per month. Membership costs are presently £55 for children (15 years and under) and £60 for adults (16 years and above) and are renewable yearly at £40. Your first Membership includes discounted training rates, A martial arts licence and also a free stylish USKA Kickboxing suit to train in.

No, you are not tied in to any minimum term contracts with USKA but we ask that you give us 30 days written notice before cancelling any direct debit mandates with us. Any payments due within that 30 day cancellation period must be honoured and paid before your account can be closed.

For a perspective student who has had no previous martial arts experience we would encourage them to start off on a beginners technical kickboxing class which are held four times a week on... Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm and a Saturday morning at 10am. These classes are suitable for 8 year old's and above. Our Female only beginners classes with a female Instructor can be found on a Thursday evening 6pm and a Sunday morning at 10am. These classes are suitable for 6 year old's and above. For our perspective younger students (4 years old and above) we have our USKA ninja’s classes as an introduction to martial arts. These classes can act as a stepping stone to the beginner’s classes and are a great way of building up gym confidence for younger minds. These are held seven times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm, a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm and a Saturday morning at 9am. To book on to any of the above classes please visit the Timetable page of our website. We ask if you are attending a class for the first time that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the session begins. You need to inform the instructor or gym staff of any medical issues or injuries that may inhibit your training in any way.