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Ultimate Sport Kickboxing Association (USKA)

The Ultimate Sport Kickboxing Association (USKA) was formed in 1996 by Chief Instructor Neil Kelly, who has had over 35 years of experience in martial arts training and competition.
In that time, USKA has produced British, European and World Champions in both Amateur and Professional disciplines and has had its members compete to the highest level worldwide.
Based at the fully equipped USKA Fight Factory in Tyseley, Birmingham, USKA has everything a student needs to become the best they can be and achieve all their goals and ambitions, whether that be learning how to defend themselves, getting fit and losing weight, becoming an Internationally recognised Black Belt or achieving an honour reserved for only a few and becoming a World Champion in the art of Kickboxing.
Outside of competition, the USKA ethos promotes confidence and character building in both young and old minds. It develops life and social skills that will help the students progress in every area of their everyday life.
USKA encourages ten essential life skills, including courtesy, honesty, confidence, self-discipline, courage, gratitude, commitment, respect, perseverance and most importantly, self-control.
USKA is fully recognised and affiliated with the ICO (International Combat Organisation), and all our instructors are fully qualified, insured, CRB checked, and first aid trained.
100% guaranteed, with regular training you will become fitter, stronger & healthier whilst having fun!
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Our Classes
USKA Ninjas

USKA Little Ninjas classes are aimed at children between 4 and 7 years old and are the perfect introduction to martial arts training and a great stepping stone to Beginners Kickboxing / Self Defence classes. The Classes run by our team of expert qualified Instructors and Coaches incorporate interactive and basic co-ordination skills with fitness, flexibility and concentration games along with basic Kickboxing technique and discipline in a fun hour long work out. Bring your Child along now to take part in the fastest growing and most effective FUN FITNESS WORKOUT around!

Technical Classes Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

The Technical Kickboxing sessions work through a syllabus of Kickboxing techniques methodically learning the mechanics of each move preparing the student for a grading examination where they can progress through the levels to Black Belt standard. The structured classes incorporates fitness and conditioning based warm up drills followed by a complete body stretch and finish with techniques performed in shadow boxing format then on to partner work and padwork to work on the techniques practical application. These classes will also feature self defence technique for street defence making it a very effective and practical art for an ever increasing violent society. These classes are aimed at all ages from 8yrs old and above.

Female / Ladies Only Sessions

Our USKA Female division sessions are aimed at female students from the age of 6 years old and above. The sessions conducted in an all female environment and taught by a female instructor offer something for everyone. Whatever your goals our sessions incorporate Kickboxing and Self Defence and promote Confidence Building, Cardio work, Weight Loss, Body Toning, Body Conditioning, Strength Building, Flexibility training and Agility Training in a fully equipped Kickboxing gymnasium. We offer the the opportunity of progressing through the grading system from beginner to Black Belt in a non intimidating, safe and fun environment.

Fighters Sessions

Our Fighters Sessions cater for all ages and levels of ability and cover all aspects of Boxing and Kickboxing training and fighting. Whether it's getting ready for competition or just training for fitness and fun this structured session is the one for you. The hour long Class will feature Shadow Boxing, Padwork, Bagwork, Footwork, Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Head Movement and sparring drills and cover all aspects of the sweet science of boxing and the exciting sport of Kickboxing in detail all under the watchful eye of our Hall of Fame coaches.

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