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USKA Ninjas April Grading

We are very pleased to announce that the next USKA Ninja's Grading Examination will be held on Saturday 27th April starting at 2pm Sharp (Please arrive at 1:45pm) at the USKA Fight Factory gym.

The Grading examination will assess our USKA Ninja's on what they have been practicing on their classes and on successfully completing their grading assessment will be awarded a coloured belt that they can wear on their classes and also an USKA Grading Certificate for their efforts.

Grading candidates must have earned 14 Credits within the last 4 months of training to be eligible to Grade using the following credit system below...

Attendance of a Ninja's class earns the student 1 Credit.
14 Credits are required within in the last 4 Months of training to be eligible to grade.

So, to break it down, our Bronze members attending once a week will be eligible to grade every 16 weeks if they are attending their classes regularly.
In most cases this will mean do a Grading / Miss a Grading which is something we encourage anyway.

Our Silver and Gold members attending two or more classes a week will be eligible to grade every 8 weeks if they are attending their classes regularly.


***Important Grading Payment Information changes***
* ICO Licence books must be handed in, grading credits checked and £25.00 grading fee payments made in person digitally through your GoCardless account at USKA Fight Factory Gym Reception no later than 12pm on Saturday 20th April.

*** Please note there will be no cash payments for this Grading and no exceptions made for late registrations***
*** All monies paid are none refundable, Failure to show up or failure to turn up on time on the day will result in loss of fee ***

Parents, friends and family are encouraged to come to the Little Ninjas grading into the training area where they can spectate, enjoy and be part of our Little Ninjas success.


You can check your child's attendance through our Members only App through the Grading tab by clicking on your present grades attendance button. To download the App...

1. Click on the link https://m-uska.ammhub.com

2. Install it on your mobile devices (not necessarily required to use it)

3. Login to your account with...

1. The email address that is attached to yout GoCardless account as username.

2. The Password we sent you in your welcome email when you joined us.

3. If you cannot remember your Password, click on Forgot password and follow instructions on the screen.

4. Explore the app features.
(Please note, the account holder (payer) does not have to install the app to use it, as it works the same on the web browser)


Quick video demonstration of our USKA App


A Parents Guide To Gradings...

A kickboxing belt awarded at USKA is something worth working for! 

At many Martial Arts clubs these days Grades are awarded to keep people coming back with little or no attention to detail in regard to maintaining standards and reaching a bar in terms of proficiency. We find this gives people a false sense of security that in this World could be very dangerous.
Can you imagine your child being awarded their 100 meter swimming badge only for them to jump in a pool and sink like a brick to the bottom thinking they could swim proficiently?

  • Don’t rush! - A kickboxing belt is a symbol of proficiency. It is not an attendance award or a prize for participation. Everyone learns at their own pace. A child should enter the grading if they have the ability to perform every requirement without error irrespective of the progress of their peers. The children who leave the right amount of time between their belts always make stronger candidates when moving onto their advanced gradings. Even though we run regular gradings it does not mean that our members have to attend every one. We recommend a do one, miss one approach especially for our youngest of students.
  • There’s no secret to success- just hard work.’ A child who attends 3 or 4 classes per week is likely to progress quicker than a child who attends weekly. Those children, however, can practice effectively at home with your support. We have attached an USKA Ninja's syllabus with all the techniques your child will need to know from Ninja's Red Belt to Ninja's Blue Belt.
    We have also put together some fantastic home practice practice video's that can be accessed through your members only App by clicking the Videos Tab. 
  • Talk and listen to their Instructors. Nobody can advise on your child’s eligibility to grade better than the person who teaches them. Sometimes we will recommend that our students hold back from grading to make sure everything is fully in place before they move to the next level. No one wants to see a child struggling because they are being asked to perform things beyond their capabilities.
  • Thoroughly read what we send out in Emails and on Website posts. Everyone needs to have registered for the grading before the deadline. Please set a reminder for the time they need to grade

USKA Ninjas April Grading