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USKA Ninjas July Grading

We are very pleased to announce that the next USKA Ninja's Grading Examination will be held on Saturday 2nd July starting at 2pm Sharp at the USKA Fight Factory gym.

The Grading examination will assess our USKA Ninja's on what they have been practicing on their classes and on successfully completing their grading assessment will be awarded a coloured belt that they can wear on their classes and also an USKA Grading Certificate for their efforts.

Grading candidates must have earned 14 Credits within the last 4 months of training to be eligible to Grade using the following credit system below...

Attendance of a Ninja's class earns the student 1 Credit.
14 Credits are required within in the last 4 Months of training to be eligible to grade.

So, to break it down, our Bronze members attending once a week will be eligible to grade every 16 weeks if they are attending their classes regularly.
In most cases this will mean do a Grading / Miss a Grading which is something we encourage anyway.

Our Silver and Gold members attending two or more classes a week will be eligible to grade every 8 weeks if they are attending their classes regularly.


£20.00 Grading examination fee must be paid in cash at the USKA Fight Factory reception no later than 12pm on Saturday 25th June.

*** Please note there will be no exceptions made for late registrations***
*** All monies paid are none refundable, Failure to show up or failure to turn up on time will result in loss of fee ***

Our Ninja's should also bring with them their ICO licence books on the day to have their grades officially recorded and stamped.

Parents, friends and family are encouraged to come to the Little Ninjas grading into the training area where they can spectate, enjoy and be part of our Little Ninjas success.



You can check your child's attendance through our Members only App through the Grading tab by clicking on your present grades attendance button. To download the App...

1. Click on the link https://m-uska.ammhub.com

2. Install it on your mobile devices (not necessarily required to use it)

3. Login to your account with

1. Your email address as username

2. and password: pass

3. If you cannot log in, please click on Forgot password and follow instructions on the screen.

4. Explore the app features.
(Please note, the account holder (payer) does not have to install the app to use it, as it works the same on the web browser)


Quick video demonstration of our USKA App

USKA Ninjas July Grading