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02-03-24 - Three For Three and Two new Titles for USKA at the War of the Warriors Event In Telford!

02-03-24 - Three For Three and Two new Titles for USKA at the War of the Warriors Event In Telford!

It was a big night this evening for three of our USKA Fighters in action at the War of the Warriors ICO Kickboxing Gala in Telford.
We had Nikita 'Rapid Fire' Raubiska in his Full Contact Gala Debut against experienced tournament fighter Ethan Casey from Alf's Black Belt Academy in Bacup, Lancashire.
We then had the Unbeaten and insanely talented Zain 'The Hammer' Amer take on Germany's David Weissbeck for the ICO -40kg European Title.
And finally we had top of the bill action with Undefeated two times Lightweight Champion of the World Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain attempting to win his third title, the AFSO -61kg World Belt against Lucas Hespel from Belgium.   

The show venue of 'The Place' was packed out and the card was stacked top to bottom with quality fight action to delight of the capacity crowd.

First up we had Nikita in a three round Full Contact contest made at 50kg against Ethan Casey.
Nikita dominated the action from start to finish with flare and swagger scoring a standing eight count in the first and second round to eventually claim a Unanimous Points decision win on the sound of the final bell. 

Watch Nikita's Fight Here

Next up we had Zain take on Germany's David Weissbeck over five rounds for the ICO -40kg European Title.

In a dominant and strong performance, with a standing count in Round 1, Another count in Round 2 and a final count in Round three that had the referee intervene with a stoppage we had a New European Champion crowned by TKO Victory!

Watch Zain's Fight Here

Finally as main event we had Shakeel take on Lucas Hespel from Belgium for the -61kg AFSO World Title over five rounds.
Hespel came with a good reputation with only one early loss on his record against Shak's Undefeated ledger. 
In a great hard fought fight that Lucas was competitive and dangerous in for all five rounds it was Shakeel's speed and variety that was putting the rounds in the bank. 
No doubt about the decision on this one as the result was read, a unanimous decision win for the new AFSO King... Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain!
It was so nice he had to do it Thrice, ICO, WRSA and now AFSO World Champion, what an amazing achievement for a truly outstanding fighter!

Watch Shak's fight here

So, great performances and results for the USKA Fighters tonight with the fight fans really getting their money's worth from a packed show.

Big thank you as always to the USKA Dream Corner Team of Qasim Beg, Mushy Younis and Ateeq Al Rehman for looking after our fighters.
Each and every spectator that purchased a ticket to watch the lads showcase their talents, and finally the show promoters Joanne and Daz Underwood and their team for featuring the fighters on their show and the ICO and AFSO for the Title opportunities.

Watch the USKA fight's highlights here