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06-08-23 - USKA Gold Rush At WKO Open World Championships!

06-08-23 - USKA Gold Rush At WKO Open World Championships!

Over the weekend of the 5th / 6th August 2023 the USKA Fight Factory team returned for the first time since 2019 to the WKO World Championships in Barnsley held at the Metrodome Leisure Complex.

The team of 11 Fighters including Elijah Brown, Zain Amer, Julia Glowacz, Kaifah Imran, Maryam Sarfraz, Ehsaan Mahmood, Nikita Raubiska, Muzaker Rehman, Idrees Yusuf, Aadam Ali and Mohammed Usman accompanied by USKA Coaches Qasim Beg, Sean Quinn and Shakeel Hussain were there to compete in multiple disciplines in the Ring and on the Mats

The USKA Team finished Day 1 of the tournament (Ring Sports) with the most Gold's with a total medal tally of 26 Gold's, 6 Silver's and 1 Bronze.
This was only topped by the United States of America's Team Extreme Martial Arts who overall had more points through to additional Silver and Bronze medals (21 Gold, 18 Silver, 3 Bronze).

Day 2 (Mat Sports) seen more success for USKA across all of their categories finishing the day and the tournament with a total medal tally of 40 Gold's, 9 Silver's and 1 Bronze.
Despite gaining the most Gold medals from the event we came up an overall 3rd place on the top schools in attendance to clubs that amassed more points through additional Silver and Bronze medals and who also it has to be noted had more competitors, some of whom who were competing in Rookies categories at the event.

When you make the comparisons to the stats I think it has to be considered as a big success for the USKA Fight Team.

1st Place
Skyaxe Kickboxing (Scotland)
24 Competitors
33 Gold's, 34 Silver's, 18 Bronzes

2nd Place
Scottish Fight Cartell (Scotland)
32 Competitors
35 Gold's, 15 Silver's, 12 Bronzes

3rd Place
USKA Fight Factory (England)
11 Competitors
40 Gold's, 9 Silver's, 1 Bronze

Incredibly USKA had three fighters in Ehsaan Mahmood, Nikita Raubiska and Zain Amer who featured in the top 10 fighters of the tournament losing only 1 bout between them in 27 contests.

A big well done to each and every one of our fighters and a big thank you to our coaches and our spectators that made the journey to support our Champions!