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09-06-24 - All Passes on latest Female Division Grading!

09-06-24 - All Passes on latest Female Division Grading!

It was USKA Female Division Grading time today at the USKA Fight Factory with 26 of our girls attempting belts from Red Belt (1st Grade) through to Blue Belt (7th Belt).
The Grading conducted by Female Division Senior Instructor Ruqayya Griffith and assisted by Junior Coaches Sumayyah Mahmood and Julia Glowacz took 4 / 1/2 hours to complete (5 1/2 hours if you include the preparation warm up class where are girls were put through their paces on all the requirements of their syllabus.

On the whole the results were good with each student receiving critique after the exam with pointers on where they can improve for next time out.

Congratulations to all our successful grading candidates but special mention in particular to our A Star Grader Hana Rasool (91 / A- Red Belt) and our two highest Graders Saeeda Begum (80 / B- Blue Belt) and Amera Ali (73 / C+ Blue Belt).

As always we would like to say a big thank you to Ruqayya and the coaching team for putting in the work to prepare our girls for the grading.

Our next grading is scheduled for September for all those looking forward to taking their next belts but remember, the hard work starts now, if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.