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10-09-22 - September USKA General Grading Done and Dusted

10-09-22 - September USKA General Grading Done and Dusted

The USKA General Grading was held today at the USKA Fight Factory with 45 new Grades contested.
Grading examiner and USKA Senior Instructor Qasim Beg put the candidates through their paces in the 3 1/2 hour examination with our first 6 Grades (Red Belt to Green Belt) in contention.

Unfortunately not everyone managed to reach the required pass mark today and failed to pick up their new belts which served a reminder that Grades at USKA are earned and not given with a few step ups required in both effort on classes and focus if they are to be successful next time out.
Failing a Grade either makes or breaks people and we will be watching keenly to see who has the minerals to learn from the set back and come back stronger learning from the experience.
On the other end of the scale we had some very strong performances today with special mentions to our A Star graders in Alhassan Al-Hashimi (94 / A- Red Belt), Fahad Sharif (94 / A- Orange Belt), Ibrahim Eslam (96 / A Orange Belt), Muhammad Eslam (97 / A Orange Belt) and Muzaker Rehman (96 / A Green Belt)
The highest grades contested and passed today were Green Belt with Haider Ali and Muzaker Rehman both being successful.
Congratulations to all our successful Graders and a big thank you to Instructor Qasim Beg on your continued hard work in getting them ready.