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11-06-22 - Passes all round on today's USKA General Grading!

11-06-22 - Passes all round on today's USKA General Grading!

We seen the first of our two gradings on our June Grading weekend today when 37 Intermediate to advanced grades attempted their USKA General Grading examination.

The 1 hour warm up preparation class followed by what was just short of a 6 hour physical assessment put our candidates through their paces testing them on their basics, combinations and at a later stage padwork, bagwork, shadow boxing and sparring.

Grading examiner and USKA Senior Instructor Qasim Beg on the whole was pleased with everyone's performances today but has made notes to bring back to the gym next week on where improvements can be made.

Congratulations to our star graders khadeejah Ali (91 / A- Yellow Belt), Muzaker Rehman (93 / A- Orange Belt), Raiihan Islam (95 / A- Green Belt) and well done to everyone who reached the bar and passed their belts today.

The next USKA General Grading is scheduled for September.

Pictured above are our new Blue Belts
Aadam Ali and Maryam Sarfraz
And Our new Jnr Brown Belts
Mohammed Hamza, Khadeejah Riaz and Mohammed Mustapha