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11-09-22 - Mixed Results on USKA Female Division September Grading.

11-09-22 - Mixed Results on USKA Female Division September Grading.

To finish off a very busy weekend for the USKA Fight Factory we had our USKA Female Division Grading Examination.
17 of our Female Division contested belts from our Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple and Jnr Brown Belt syllabus under the scrutiny of Grading Examiner and USKA Female Division Senior Instructor Ruqayya Griffith in the 4 1/2 hour Grading.
With such Senior Grades as high as Jnr Brown Belt being on the line it was always going to be a testing Grading to make sure that our girls were up to scratch.
Candidates should feel going into a Grading that they have worked harder than ever before, have a higher level of fitness than ever before and overall be better than they have ever been before.
Unfortunately the feeling was that this was not the case and some of our girls came up short today leaving them to reflect what they they need to put right to be successful before their next attempt.
There is an old saying of 'Don't get upset on the results you didn't get based on the work you didn't put in' and this is regrettably applicable to some of our girls today.
Being on class is not enough, you need to be focused and putting in lots of effort, Knowing the techniques is not enough, you need to be able to apply them to make them realistic.
Not our finest Grading ever but I hope that anyone that came up short today makes the adjustments needed to smash it out of the park next time out.
Special mention to our highest scoring Grader Saeeda Begum (Green Belt 88 / B+).
Lastly, a big thank you to Female Division Instructor Ruqayya Griffith for continuing to push our girl hard to get the best out of them.

Pictured: Successful Orange Belts Mariam Tariq and Sophia Sharif and Successful Green Belt and Highest Scoring Grader Saeeda Begum.