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11-12-21 - Well done to all our successful Graders!

11-12-21 - Well done to all our successful Graders!

Big Congratulations to all off our members that took their gradings at the USKA Fight Factory today.

7 hours in total with nearly 80 students attempting their next coloured belts.

We had some excel and some come up short but what is important is that everyone takes a lesson from it to constantly improve for the next time out.

Special mentions to our A graders... Yusuf Karim (Red), Sardar Moustafa (Red), Muhammad Ibraheem (White), Almas Muhammad (White), Anees Ali (White), Muzaker Rehman (White), Iwona Legutowska (White), Ibrahim Eslam (Yellow), Rumaisa Mahmood (Yellow), Muhammad Eslam (Yellow), Muhammed Hamza (Blue), Remy Mann (Junior Black)

Anyone who has ever taken an USKA grading will know exactly how hard it is to achieve an A on one.

Big thank you to coach Qasim Beg who got everyone ready and put them through their paces on today's examination.

The picture shows Brown Belt candidate Shakeel Hussain and Junior Black Belt candidate Remy Mann after a grueling long grade.