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12-03-22 - Congratulations to all our successful March Graders

12-03-22 - Congratulations to all our successful March Graders

Congratulations to all our successful Graders at the USKA Fight Factory today at the March USKA General Grading Examination.
We had a hour warm up class that was followed by a 6 hour Grading for our 53 candidates under the watchful eye of Grading Examiner Qasim Beg and USKA Chief Instructor Neil Kelly.
Gradings give a honest assessment to the student by showing them the areas they need to improve on and showing them where they are in their Martial Arts development.
We had a few come up short in terms of the pass mark they were looking for today and a few not make the grade which is unfortunate but hopefully will act as a lesson to reassess, regroup, dust themselves down and come back stronger next time out.
Special mentions to our Star Grader Muzaker Rehman who picked up a 93 / A- pass for his Yellow Belt grade and to our highest Grading student Mohammed Ibrahim Khan who was successful earning himself his Brown Belt.
Licences will be stamped, signed and returned on everyone's next class.