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12-06-22 - Female Division Grading Success

12-06-22 - Female Division Grading Success

Part two of our June Grading weekend seen our USKA Female division in action with 11 of our girls move through their grading belts with belts contested from Red Belt through to Junior Brown belt.

Female Division Instructor and Grading examiner Ruqayya Griffith assisted by senior grade Kaifah Imran as part of her Junior Coach development assessed our candidates on their syllabus work and as always pushed them mentally and physically during the 1 hour warm up class followed by the 4 hour grading to ensure they were truly worthy of earning their new coloured belts.

Congratulations to all our successful graders and a special mention to our first ever Female Division Jnr Brown Belt candidate Sumayyah Husna Mahmood who passed her grading with a well deserves 81 / B Pass.

The next USKA Female Division Grading is scheduled for September.