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14-10-23 - Boudica 'Rise Of The Warrior Queens' Fight Night Results

14-10-23 - Boudica 'Rise Of The Warrior Queens' Fight Night Results

We witnessed a unique fight night this evening at the H Suite in Birmingham with the Boudica 'Rise of the warrior Queens' all female fight card.

The show featured a diverse group of female martial artists from various backgrounds, ethnicities and disciplines and had garnered significant attention for its unique and empowering approach to showcasing the talents of empowering females in combat sports all over the UK.
It not only highlighted their exceptional physical skills but also delved into their personal journeys, the challenges they have overcome and the impact they have on the martial arts community.

Many special guests from the female sports world were in attendance and show promoter Amie Weaver did a great job on the match making and the production to make the evening really special and a fight night not to be forgotten for everyone who was in attendance.

USKA had three fighters in action all in really tough fights.
For the first time ever you would on paper have to consider all three to be the underdogs but as always confident in their abilities that they deserved to be on that stage.

First up for USKA we had 14 year Kaifah Imran in a three round Boxing contest against the slick and talented T'Keyah Todd from WKU England.
T'Keyah trained by her father Richard was already a title holder in the discipline and had a very slick style and was going to give Kaifah lots to think about.
Kaifah started the contest confidently beating T-Keyah to the punch from a hands down style, her jab was working exceptionably well and she looked to take the first round pretty clearly.
Round 2 seen T'Keyah come out strongly at the start of the round to try and change the momentum of the fight. Kaifah landed a big right hand that seemed to fluster T'Keyah that seen her lose her composure and concentration letting Kaifah back in to the round to land cleanly to again put the round in the bank.
Kaifah built on her success in Round 3 landing excellently with sharp accurate shots clearly frustrating her opponent who was now openly showing out.
A Unanimous Points win for Kaifah winning every round on every score card in an a very good performance indeed.   

Next up for USKA we had Amera Ali in a three round Kickboxing contest against Vicky Stout from the JBS Kickboxing Gym in Telford.
This bout was a novice contest with both ladies having limited experience and going into it it was probably going to boil down to with fighter could keep their cool and cope with the big fight occasion the best.
Round 1 seen Amera establish range with her jab controlling the distance to outscore her opponent.
In Round 2 Amera built on her success keeping good distance landing clean straight punches off both arms employing some great hit and move tactics.
Amera really went through the gears in Round 3 dominating the action bloodying up her opponents face from the straight punches and getting comfortable enough to throw and land Axe Kicks and Turning Side kicks on route to winning another round.
Again, a Unanimous Points win for Amera winning every round on all three score cards. 

Last up for USKA we had 12 Year old Julia Glowacz in what was without doubt the toughest fight of her career so far facing up against Millie Greenfield from Star Kickboxing gym in Gravesend in Kent over 5 rounds for the ICO English Title.
Going in to this fight Millie was a Multiple Kickboxing Champion and ABA National Boxing Champion and had the reputation of being a ferocious fighter with a great engine.
Both girls had met before on the tournament circuit with Millie getting the win so Julia was really going to have to be on her A game to compete with her.
Round 1 seen Julia start strong with combinations of technique pushing Millie back, Millie was landing good single shots but Julia's workrate and volume was giving her trouble in what looked like a close round to Julia.
Round 2 was another close one with Julia's rhythm and movement seemingly offsetting Millie's usual super aggressive style. Again, the feeling was that Julia was in the ascendancy.
Round 3 was a tale of two half's, Millie early and Julia Late. A tough one to call and one we felt was even.
In Round 4 Julia stepped on the gas and pushed a great pace throwing good variety of technique and finished the round strong to put it in the bank.
A Strong finish from Millie in Round 5 coupled with Julia's pace starting to dip won her the round to finish a super exciting and competitive contest.
The judges score cards read Judge A: 50/46, Judge B: 49/46 and Judge C: 49/48, The winner and new ICO English Champion by Unanimous Points Decision... Julia Glowacz!

So it was three wins out of three for the USKA girls but better than that, it was against very good competition. We couldn't be happier or more proud of each and every one of you!

A big thank you to show promoter Amie Weaver for the opportunity to showcase our skills on such a great platform, it truly was amazing.
Also a huge thank you to our corner team of coaches in Qasim Beg, Ruqayya Griffith and Mushy Younis who looked after our girls on the night and of course to all our spectators who purchased a ticket to support, we appreciate you guys.