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16-06-24 - Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain becomes a four time World Champion!

16-06-24 - Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain becomes a four time World Champion!

It was a big night and a big fight for Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain on Saturday night at the Metrodome Leisure Complex in Barnsley when he challenged for the ISKA Lightweight Championship of the World against French fighter Sohail Dridi on the Kings of Combat Super show!
Shak even as a three times Unified Belt holder (ICO, WRSA, AFSO) was facing on paper a fighter in Dridi who was potentially his toughest fight to date with the Frenchman being a reigning WAKO World Champion himself with a 30 fight record and having more wins that Shak had fights.
Going into this fight both fighters had equally impressive reputations of being great technicians and promised to thrill the crowd with an exhibition of Full Contact Kickboxing at it's very best on a great stage at Kings of Combat.

The day before weigh in seen Shakeel and Dridi both make the Lightweight limit waiver and both were confident at the task ahead.

The fight itself started as a real battle of skills with both fighters sharp and technical from the sound of the first bell.
Shak's speed and fakes was upsetting Dridi's rhythm early as he was clocked up the points over the first two rounds.
Dridi made some adjustments in the third pressing the action to make Shak a little more uncomfortable but Shak was still managing to pick his shots effectively on the back foot.
By the forth Dridi was starting to close the gap landing some heavy boxing to the body and head and putting Shak predominantly on the defence and making him look for position.
The fifth round seen Dridi in forward gear knowing he needed a big round or even the stoppage to win the contest.
At this point the Frenchman knowing that his strength was in his hands was primarily boxing and only managed to throw two kicks over the two minute round putting all his eggs in the basket of knocking out the Englishman.
The Knockout didn't come and the contest ended with a confident Shak jumping up onto the ropes to celebrate what he felt was a successful result.
He didn't have to wait long for that to be confirmed with him being announced as the new ISKA Lightweight World Champion with Unanimous score cards reading 49/46, 49/47 48/47 in favour of USKA's Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain.

This win makes Shak a four times Unified belt holder as he continues to add as many different associations belts to his collection to solidify his position as the unquestionable number 1 Lightweight fighter on the planet.

We would like to thank Mick Crossland and his Combat Academy team for the opportunity of featuring on such an amazing event with Kings of Combat 100% having to be considered as being one of the premier fight events in the UK right now and a fantastic platform for fighters to showcase their skills on.

A big thank you as always to the USKA 'Showtime' Corner team of Qasim Beg, Mushy Younis assisted by Ateeq Al Rehman for once again doing a thoroughly professional job with Shakeel in getting him ready for battle and looking after him on fight Day.
A big thank you also to all the spectators that made the trip to Barnsley to cheer our Champ on.

Congratulations Shak... Four Times Champion of the World!