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16-10-22 - USKA / ICO World Championship Success

16-10-22 - USKA / ICO World Championship Success

So day two comes to an end and with it we see the close of the ICO World Championships in Nagykanizsa, Hungary.
11 of the USKA Fight Factory fighters have battled it out on the mats and in ring against some really tough opposition from all around the world in multiple disciplines and multi divisions. 
With lots of blood, sweat and tears shed throughout the two day competition we finished strong with an overall 33 medal tally of...

19 Gold Medals
8 Silver Medals
6 Bronze Medals

As always lots of lessons learned and lots of things to work on in pursuit of betterment  but for today at least we will leave it with a big well done to each and every fighter who gloved up and bit down on their gumshield in pursuit of their dreams.
Well done team, we are exceptionally proud of you.