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17-03-24 - All passes on our latest USKA Female Division Grading!

17-03-24 - All passes on our latest USKA Female Division Grading!

Completing our Grading weekend today at the USKA Fight Factory we seen 26 of our USKA Female Division attempt their next grades from Red Belt (1st Grade) to Purple Belt (6th Grade) under inspection of Grading examiner and Female Division instructor Ruqayya Griffith.
Again, a quiet one due to Ramadan but nevertheless standards had to be met and Ruqayya would make sure of that in the 3 1/2 hour Grading (4 1/2 hours including the preparation class).
Congratulations for everyone who made the grade today, an USKA belt is always earned and never given!
Special mention to our A Graders today of Summayah Raja (Red 91 / A-), Hannah Hoque (Red 97 / A), Imaan Soha (White 91 / A-)  and Andreea Cretu (White 92 / A-) and a shout out to our highest Grader Fatimah Ali who passed her Purple Belt with score of (Purple 72 / C+).
Well done everyone on your efforts today and as always a big thank you to Female Division Instructor Ruqayya Griffith and her Female Junior Coaches for getting our girls ready for the grading today and pressure testing them on their techniques.
The next Grading will be in June for anyone interested in attempting their next belts, please check our website events page for further details.