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17-06-23 - All passes today on USKA General Grade!

17-06-23 - All passes today on USKA General Grade!

A Big Congratulations and well done to all off our student that successfully passed their gradings at the USKA Fight Factory today.

After 5 1/2 hours (including the 1 hour warm up grading preparation class) on the mats we had 40 new grades awarded ranging from Red Belt to Brown Belt.

Anyone who has ever taken an USKA grading will know exactly how hard they are to pass and even more so to pass with the distinction of an A grade.
With this in mind it is only right to give a special mentions to our A graders... Ibraheem Mohammed (Red Belt 97 / A), Adyan Absar (Red Belt 91 /A-), Mikaeel Mohammed (White Belt 93 / A-) and Rhyan Chowdhury (White Belt 91 / A-).

A massive congratulations to each and every one of you.

Also congratulations to our highest grader today Sumayyah Husna Mahmood who successfully passed her Brown Belt with a 84 / B Pass Mark.

Can we say a Big thank you to USKA Senior Coach Qasim Beg who got everyone ready for their gradings and put them through their paces on today's examination.