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18-04-23 - USKA Ninjas Syllabus video's now complete on our members App

18-04-23 - USKA Ninjas Syllabus video's now complete on our members App

We have just Uploaded 'USKA Ninja's Green Belt Syllabus''USKA Ninja's Purple Belt Syllabus' and  'USKA Ninja's Blue Belt Syllabus' tutorial's for all our USKA Ninja's students.
This completes the whole of the Syllabus and we are thrilled with how they have come out.
A big thank you to our USKA Junior Coaches Zain Amer, Julia Glowacz, Kaifah Imran, Maryam Sarfraz and Nikita Raubiska for their assistance in producing these awesome video's for you.

The video's are great for home practice and for playing catch up when our Ninja's for one reason or another have to miss a class.
We have seen an amazing improvement in some of our Ninja's who are using these video's at home with the help of their parents.
Don't miss out and take advantage of them today! 


1. Click on the link https://m-uska.ammhub.com

2. Install it on your mobile devices (not necessarily required to use it)

Login to your account with

1. The email address that is attached to your GoCardless account as username. 

2. The password we sent to you in your welcome email when you joined us.

3. If you cannot remember your password, click the Forgot password button and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Explore the app features.

(Please note, the account holder (payer) does not have to install the app to use it, as it works the same on the web browser)

Quick video demonstration of our USKA App

If anyone experiences any problems installing the App, let us know on reception next time you are in and we will be happy to sort that out for you.

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