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18-11-23 - Last Ninja's Grading of the year and all of our Ninja's were amazing!

18-11-23 - Last Ninja's Grading of the year and all of our Ninja's were amazing!

We had another packed Grading here today at the USKA Fight Factory with 45 of our youngest students attempting their latest coloured belts progressing through the Ninja's syllabus.
In the Last Ninja's Grading of the year our little ones in front of family and friends showed great discipline, focus and concentration to complete the criteria for the grade including a timed relay race circuit, basic single techniques including punches, kicks, blocks and evasions, Kickboxing Padwork and finished off with an exercise circuit.
There is always that extra bit of pressure and added distraction with family and friends in the room but we have to say that all of our Ninja's were amazing, coping with the nerves and performed excellently throughout the course of the 2 Hour grading.
Following the Grading our Ninja's were presented with a Certificate of merit and their new coloured belts.
A big well done to all of you on what again was another fantastic Grading for us here at USKA.
Can we say a big thank you to our USKA Ninjas Instructors and Junior Coaches who continue to do an amazing job with our children at the Academy and also of course to our Ninja parents who put their trust in USKA to bring out the very best in their children to install the discipline and hard work ethic that will see them become Champions in life as well as their chosen sport.
Congratulations to each and every one of you!
The next Ninja's Grade has been penciled in for 24th February 2024!