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19-11-22 - 4 out of 5 Wins tonight for fighters on two separate events

19-11-22 - 4 out of 5 Wins tonight for fighters on two separate events

Well done to our Fight Team of Kaifah Imran, Zain Amer, Nikita Raubiska, Aadam Ali and Ateeq Al-Rehman who were in action on two different fight shows this evening.

Ateeq was Boxing at the Legacy Championship 13 Boxing event at the Rose Garden Banqueting Hall in Wolverhampton taking a Unanimous points decision win over his opponent Andrew Bluck.

At the Buttermarket in Shrewsbury we had four fighters in action on the War Of The Warriors WKU Sanction Fight Event.

Kaifah Imran won a Split decision points win over Lacey Underwood in her Kickboxing Bout.

Zain Amer won a Unanimous decision points decision win over Dorian Wisniewski for the -35kg War of The Warriors Kickboxing Title.

Nikita Raubiska won a Unanimous decision points win over Reuben West in his Kickboxing Bout.

Finally we had Aadam Ali lose a points decision to the very talented Rumen Rumenov in his Boxing Bout.

In fairness to Aadam it was his first Gala event which he took at short notice so nothing lost and experienced gained in the long run.

So, not a bad night's work for the USKA Team with 4 wins and 1 loss!

A big thank you to all our supporters who purchased a ticket to watch our guys do their thing tonight and also to our USKA Coaches and cornermen who look after them.... Well done team!

We have a Team of 9 fighters out at the ISKA British Championship tomorrow, Best of luck guys!