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19-11-22 - USKA Ninja's November Grading Success

19-11-22 - USKA Ninja's November Grading Success

After morning classes at the USKA Fight Factory today we seen the start of a very busy weekend for the team when 34 of our USKA Ninjas attempted their latest Grade from their USKA Ninjas Syllabus.
The Grading took place in front of our Ninja's family and friends for that extra bit of pressure and also to give them a chance to show off their skills and how hard they had been working on their weekly classes.
A Ninja's Grading is no easy task starting with a relay race circuit, then onto their syllabus line work technique with their punches, kicks and defences, then onto their Kickboxing padwork combinations and then finally finishing off with their exercise circuit.
The Grading in it's entirety took 1 1/2 hours with each and every Ninja truly earning their newly acquired belts and certificates. A massive well done to you all!
Special Mention to 8 Year Old Muhammed Idrees Hussain for passing his USKA Ninja's Blue Belt and completing the USKA Ninja's program.
A big thank you as always to our USKA Instructors for doing and amazing job getting our Ninja's ready for their grading and to all the Junior Coaches and helpers who gave up their time today to help them through their assessment and also to all of our Ninja parents for your continued support. Team work makes the dream work!
With the Grading completed we now look forward to this evening where 5 of our fighters take to the ring in two separate fight shows and then on to tomorrow at the ISKA British Championship where 9 of our fighters are in action.
If the Ninja's Grading was anything to go by we are in for one hell of a good weekend. Best of luck to you all.