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20-02-24 - Charity Sparring Session in remembrance of Khuzaimah Douglas

20-02-24 - Charity Sparring Session in remembrance of Khuzaimah Douglas

It's an anniversary we absolutely wish that we never had to acknowledge but it has been 4 years since we lost our Brother, friend and Team mate Khuzaimah Douglas.
Zaymi will never be forgotten in the USKA Gym by everyone he knew or trained alongside and like last year we respectfully marked his passing doing what he enjoyed most and that is sparring.
This evening we hosted a Charity Body Shot Boxing Spar consisting of 1 hour of continuous controlled sparring.
For the fighters, 60 X 1 minute segments without rest switching partners after each minute, for everyone else a chance to dip in and out for a few rounds here and there to get involved and show their respect.
In a great turn out of over 70 participants we had lots of students from all of the different classes at the gym turn up as well as former students, family and friends.
There was a great atmosphere and following the hour spar the gym was very sweaty indeed just how Zaymi would have wanted it.
We managed to raise £400 tonight that will go towards our Gym Charity Project for this year that will be announced shortly.
Thank you everyone for your effort and attendance this evening.
Can we ask that you say a prayer for Khuzaimah tonight and keep his family in your thoughts and prayers on what is always a really tough day for them.