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23-07-23 - TMA 'Super Sunday' Fight Night Results!

23-07-23 - TMA 'Super Sunday' Fight Night Results!

Four USKA Fighters were in action today on the 'Super Sunday' TMA Fight Series event at the Hangar in Wolverhampton.
With two World titles topping the bill it was a big event and we were privilege to have our fighters on the undercard with three of them in title bouts.

First up we had USKA's talented Zain 'The Hammer' Amer climbed through the ropes for 5 X 1 1/2 Minute Rounds against Tom Black from West Freestyle Martial Arts in Helmshore in the Rossendale Valley.

This WRSA English Title Fight at 40kg was a great bout in prospect with Zain holding the Midland Area Title and Tom holding the Southern Area Title with the English Title being the next Title up for grabs for the winner before moving on to bigger and better things.
Zain's speed, timing and skill proved to be decisive in the bout over the five round distance winning a Unanimous Points Decision with totals of 50/44, 50/45 and 50/46 on the judges score cards. 

Next up we had USKA's Muzaker Rehman in his first gala appearance and his Full Contact debut against Duncan Hemmings from the BC Tigers Martial Arts Gym in Walsall.

The 55kg bout scheduled over 3 X 2 Minute rounds beforehand looked very evenly matched on paper and could of well come down to which fighter coped with the big occasion nerves the better to decide who got the win.
Mid way through the 1st round Duncan was showing signs of distress causing fight Referee Harvey Harra to step in an administer an 8 count. The fight continued again with Duncan in trouble leaving Harvey with no alternative but to step in and wave off the contest resulting in Muzaker being awarded the victory by 1st round referee's stoppage. 

Next we had USKA's Julia 'The Golden Girl' Glowacz go up against home girl Leah butler from the TMA Martial Arts Academy in Walsall to contest the -60kg BLCC Midland Area Title over 5 X 1 minute rounds.

Both girls were coming off a great run of form of late and were due a title shot but Julia was going to be up against it in her first gala appearance, her first title fight, in her opponents back yard and giving away 2 years in age against the talented Butler.
Julia performed excellently out working, out landing and out lasting her opponent down the stretch to win a Unanimous Points decision by score card totals of 50/46, 50/45 and 50/45.

Finally for USKA we had USKA's Ateeq 'Pacman' Al Rehman challenging for the WRSA English -65kg Title against the talented Dominik Bularz again from West Freestyle Martial Arts in Helmshore in the Rossendale Valley.

Bularz had a recent Light Continuous win over Ateeq at the ICO British Championship so this was a question of repeat or revenge but this time over Full Contact rules.
After a 5 round war that was often untidy due to a clash of styles that seen Ateeq get deducted a point for hitting after the break and also seen Ateeq scoring a knockdown after hurting Dominik to the body, the hard to score bout went to the score cards.

One judge had it 47/48 to Dominic overruled by the other two score cards of 47/47 and 47/47 declaring the bout a majority draw.
This is a fight that I'm sure will happen again in the near future with unfinished business between the two.

Congratulations to all our fighters and of course their opponents Tom, Leah, Duncan and Dominic as it always takes two fighters to make a great fight!

Often overlooked but three people who we absolutely could not have the success we do without are the coaches and cornermen who get our fighters ready for action and who look after them on the night Coaches Qasim Beg, Sean Quinn and Cornerman Mushy Younis.
Thank you guys, you are the best!  

Also a big thank you to all the supporters who paid for a ticket to support our fighters affording them the opportunity to do what they do.
Talking of opportunities, can we also say a big thank you to Gavin Burrows and his Team at the TMA Fight Series who continues to create challenges and opportunities for our team and gives them a great stage to show off their skills. We appreciate you Sir.