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23-09-23 - Monster USKA Ninja's Grading at the USKA Fight Factory

23-09-23 - Monster USKA Ninja's Grading at the USKA Fight Factory

We had a monster USKA Ninja's Grading today at the USKA Fight Factory with a staggering 61 Ninja's attempting their next belts.

This is officially the biggest Ninja's Grading in USKA's history and it shows just how popular the classes have become for our youngest age group with nearly every one of our 7 weekly classes nearing full capacity.
We really make our Ninja's work for their belts here at USKA with the two hour Grading consisting of a timed Relay race circuit, Syllabus techniques of Punches, Kicks and Defences, Kickboxing Padwork Combinations and finishing of with an interactive exercise circuit before being awarded their new belts and Grading certificates.
For an extra bit of pressure and to build confidence in our Ninja's all this is done in front of family and friends to showcase all the things they have been learning on their weekly classes.
The standard was amazing across the board and we couldn't be prouder and more happy with each and every Ninja's performance.

A very special mention to three of our Ninja's today who completed the Ninja's program in Iylaah Hassan, Isaac Stanley and Zayden Stanley passing their USKA Ninja's Blue Belt and looking fantastic doing it highlighting the standard that can be achieved through hard work, dedication and perseverance.
We would like to extend a massive thank you to our amazing USKA Ninja's Instructors and Junior Coaches who week in, week out work tirelessly to get the best from our your warriors and alongside all the helpers today who gave up their time to assist them on their Grading examination. We simply could not do it without them and are extremally blessed and appreciative of their efforts.
Congratulations to all our Ninja's who achieved their new belts today. Wear them with pride because you absolutely earned them!