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24-02-24 - 56 Ninja's earn their new belts on latest Grading!

24-02-24 - 56 Ninja's earn their new belts on latest Grading!

It was Grading time again at the USKA Fight Factory for our USKA Ninja's after 4 weeks solid preparation and practice time.
The job at hand was to perform everything they knew to the best of their ability in front of family and friends.
56 of our little ones attempted their gradings across all seven Ninja's syllabus coloured belts and anyone that knows USKA knows that every belt has to be worked for and earned with nothing being given for free.
Over the 2 hour Grading we covered a Relay Race stamina circuit, Basic line work Syllabus technique, Set Kickboxing Padwork combinations and finished with an exercise circuit for good measure.
Our Ninja's as always were amazing and put a great account in of themselves all hitting the prescribed mark and passing their belts with flying colours.
Congratulations to each and every one of you as you look forward now to the next Grade on the Belt ladder.
Special mention to 8 Year Old USKA Ninja Abdur-Raheem Siddique who looked outstanding passing his USKA Ninja's Blue Belt and completing his Ninja's Syllabus after 2 1/2 years training.
A big thank you to all of our Ninja Instructors and Junior Coaches who continue to week in, week out get the best out of our children and who gave up their time today to assist them on the grading examination.
Well done all!

Ninja's Grading Youtube Video