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24-02-24 - A mixed bag of results for USKA on Bragging Rights Boxing Event in Coventry!

24-02-24 - A mixed bag of results for USKA on Bragging Rights Boxing Event in Coventry!

We had three fighters in action this evening on the 'Bragging Rights' Boxing event at the Sports Connexion Arena in Coventry all in tough bouts.
Although we are predominantly a Kickboxing Gym we are never shy to accept a challenge and the cross over to conventional boxing is a great way to pressure test and see how our hands stack up in the competitive environment of a different sport.
The show promoted by Charlie Herdman of Champions Boxing League is really making a statement in boxing circles with outstanding production and great match ups making it a great stage for fighters to gain exposure and experience on.

First up for USKA we had Mohammed Usman in a Light Cruiserweight match up against his opponent Kenzie Craddock from Redditch.
Craddock posed some technical problems for Usman in the first round with the Redditch man taking it on the score cards.
Usman was told in the corner to turn it into a dog fight which he did to win him the second round.
The plan was to continue the dog fight in the third but Usman got caught with a heavy shot that stiffened his legs resulting in the referee intervening and stopping the contest leaving Craddock the TKO winner by Refs Stoppage.
You win some and you lose some in this sport and it is a game of highs and lows and Unfortunately for Usman it just wasn't his night tonight.

Next on the card for USKA we had Ateeq Al Rehman in a Welterweight Contest against opponent Bobby Parker from the Bulko Fighting Gym in Bedworth.
Following a close three round bout the general consensus from the crowd and even the referee was that Ateeq had done enough to win.
Disappointingly two of the three judges disagreed and they are the only ones who's opinion mattered with Ateeq conceding a Split Decision loss. 

Finally for USKA we had Jay 'The Matrix' Hussain take on local favourite and big hitter Kaashrize from the Evolution Gym in Coventry to contest the Midland Area Super Bantamweight Championship.
In an action packed four rounds Jay boxed well and listened to instructions from the corner executing them well to win a Unanimous Decision on the score cards to be crowned the new Midland Champion. 

So a mixed bag of results for the team tonight but on the whole some good performances against good opposition which is what we always look for.

We would like to thank Charlie and his team at Champions Boxing League for the opportunity and stage for our fighters to perform, the USKA Corner Team of Qasim Beg, Mushy Younis and Shakeel Hussain for looking after our lads at the event and finally the travelling support that made their way to Coventry to cheer the boys on.
Your support is truly appreciated.

We look forward to next weekend in Telford now where Shakeel 'Showtime' Hussain attempts to win his third World Title Belt, Zain 'The Hammer' Amer challenges for the European Title and Nikita 'Rapid Fire' Raubiska is in Full Contact action.
The last few tickets are available from the USKA Gym and all support is welcomed.