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25-02-23 - USKA Ninja's are amazing on their latest Grading!

25-02-23 - USKA Ninja's are amazing on their latest Grading!

What a fantastic USKA Ninjas Grading we have just witnessed at the USKA Fight Factory today where 48 of our youngest students shone like the stars they are leveling up to earn their new belts.

With students as young as 4 Years old grading for their first USKA Ninja's Red Belt through to five of our Ninja's taking their final USKA Ninja's Blue Belt we can honestly say that our USKA Ninja's standard has never been as high.

In front of their family and friends the two hour assessment seen our Ninja's perform the grading criteria consisting of a demanding relay race circuit, syllabus technical line work, Kickboxing padwork and finally finishing off with an exercise circuit before being presented with their certificates and new belts.

Special mentions today to our 5 new USKA Ninja Blue Belts Zoran Qamar, Noah Amir, Raya Mahi, Rayaan Ellahi and Aidan Mahi for completing the USKA Ninjas Syllabus, It has to be said, you were all fantastic!

Thank you once again to all our USKA Ninja Instructors and USKA Junior Coaches for all the hard work you have put  into our Ninja's to get them ready and for also helping and guiding them through their Grading today.
Also a big thank you to our Ninja parents who's continued support and encouragement has instilled a belief in the children to allow them to do what they do.

We are so proud of each and every one of you and can't wait to see you all in your new belts on your next class to show everyone else how well you have done.