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29-01-23 - 25 USKA Fighters in action at the first BLCC Event of 2023!

29-01-23 - 25 USKA Fighters in action at the first BLCC Event of 2023!

A Team of USKA Fight Factory Fighters were back in competitive action today at the first BLCC Event of the year at the Aero-Kick Gym in Birmingham.
The team of 25 fighters lead by coaches Sean Quinn and Qasim Beg consisted of  Mohammed Mustapha, Ibrahim Iqbal, Zayan Ali, Ibrahim Eslam, Haider Ali, Sophia Sharif, Mohammed Ibraheem, Abdullah Riaz, Mohammed Adam Ali, Zain Amer, Hawwa Sarfraz, Dawid Gizewski, Haider Khan, Isa Khan, Julia Glowacz, Maryam Sarfraz, Muzaker Rehman, Aadam Ali, Muhammad Eslam, Kaifah Imran, Mohammed Hamza, Idrees Yusuf, Khadijah Riaz, Ateeq Al Rehman and Sami Kelly
In 28 contests the team performed well across the board picking up wins, loses and draws with some demonstration bout sprinkled in for good measure but most importantly gaining valuable experience each and every time one of our fighters climbed through the ropes for action.
Well done to everyone who performed today and a big thank you to our coaches and of course our spectators for your support.
Thank you also to the Aero-Kick team and the BLCC for once again being great hosts and affording our fighters the opportunity to learn their craft in a safe, fair environment.
Back to the grind at the gym now to make improvements as we look forward to the next BLCC back at Aero-Kick on the 26th February.