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29-05-22 - USKA At The 2022 ICO British Championships

29-05-22 - USKA At The 2022 ICO British Championships

USKA were in attendance at the 2022 ICO British Championships at the Chase Leisure Centre in Cannock on Sunday with a team of 12 competitors.
The team coached by Qasim Beg, Sean Quinn and Shakeel Hussain consisted of Elijah Brown, Dawid Gizewski, Zain Amer, Nikita Raubiska, Julia Glowacz, Kaifah Imran, Muzaker Rehman, Aadam Ali, Ateeq Al-Rehman, Sami Kelly, Mateen Subhani and Usman Mohammed.
Unfortunately due to opponents pulling out Mateen Subhani and Usman Mohammed were left without fights but the remaining 10 fighters picked up a more than respectful 9 Gold's, 4 Silver's and 1 Bronze medal.
All the medallists as well as picking themselves up British Championship medals also earned themselves positions in this years World Championship squad.
A big Congratulations to them all on some great performances amidst some very tough competition, you should all be very proud of yourselves.