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And just like that we are half way through the year!

The month of June draws to a close and so does our USKA Ninja's classes.
We have had a great month with record amount of Dojo Points being awarded and lots of Ninja's Dojo Certificates presented including the first ever Silver Dojo award to 7 Year Old Ismaeel Zaman yesterday on his USKA Ninja's class after earning an incredible 100 points..
We have been putting in lot's of work in preparation for our next Ninja's Grading which is approaching in just two weeks time and also have started sparring preparation with many of our Ninja's who will be featuring on our USKA Charity Fight Night on 17th August.
It has been another amazing month competitively for two of our USKA Junior Coaches with Shakeel Hussain winning the ISKA World Title in Barnsley and Kaifah Imran winning the WRSA English Title in Chippenham proving once again that we teach the winning formula at USKA.
It was another closely contested competition between our boys and girls in regard to our Star Student awards with the girls pipping the boys to the post winning 15 awards against the boys 14 awards.
Well done to you all, you were all fantastic this month.
As always we would like to send a message of appreciation to our USKA Ninja's Instructor's and Junior Coaches for the brilliant job they do with our Ninja's week in and week out. You guys are truly amazing and we are so blessed to have you teaching, helping and guiding our kids.


We'd like to leave our Ninja parents this month with the following quote...
'Spend Less Time Removing The Mountains In Your Child's Life, And Spend More Time Teaching Them How To Climb. You Will Not Always Be There... The Mountains Always Will!'

At USKA we like to think we do a fine job at teaching kickboxing but also do a pretty good job at mountaineering too preparing our kids for everything that life throws at them.
Thank you wholeheartedly for trusting us in playing a part in their life development. 

The USKA Star Student Awards went to the following students on the following dates...

Sat 1st June 24 - Isaac Hussain (5 Years Old)
Mon 3rd June 24 (5pm) - Yousra Alic (6 Years Old)
Mon 3rd June 24 (6pm) - Sufyan Shah (6 Years Old)
Wed 5th June 24 (5pm) - David Petervari (7 Years Old)
Wed 5th June 24 (6pm) - Lamees Nasim (4 Years Old)
Fri 7th June 24 (5pm) - Ayaan Iqbal (6 Years Old)
Fri 7th June 24 (6pm) - Sara Yousef (4 Years Old)
Sat 8th June 24 - Yahya Hussain (6 Years Old)
Mon 10th June 24 (5pm) - Zakariya Masud (7 Years Old) 

Mon 10th June 24 (6pm) - Izabella Czinke (9 Years Old) 
Wed 12th June 24 (5pm) - Amaya Maysara Ali (5 Years Old)
Wed 12th June 24 (6pm) - Haneen Begg (5 Years Old)

Fri 14th June 24 (5pm) - Yahya Assen Zafar (8 Years Old)
Fri 14th June 24 (6pm) - Zavier Khan (4 Years Old)
Sat 15th June 24 - Dmitrij Galiuta (7 Years Old) 

Mon 17th June 24 (5pm) - Raeyah-Blu Thomas Dee (5 Years Old)
Mon 17th June 24 (6pm) - Anelio Serdari (7 Years Old)
Wed 19th June 24 (5pm) - Aiyla Ahmed (6 Years Old)
Wed 19th June 24 (6pm) - Maysa Hussain (7 Years Old)

Fri 21st June (5pm) - Musa Idris (6 Years Old)
Fri 21st June 24 (6pm) - Siyana Mahi (5 Years Old) 
Sat 22nd June 24 - Haaris Mohammed (6 Years Old)
Mon 24th June 24 (5pm) - Liyana Tanveer (7 Years Old)
Mon 24th June 24 (6pm) - Muadh Behloul (7 Years Old) 
Wed 26th June 24 (5pm) - Benjamin Adepoju (7 Years Old) 

Wed 26th June 24 (6pm) - Manha Deen (7 Years Old)
Fri 28th June 24 (5pm) - Safiyyah Hussain (6 Years Old) 
Fri 28th June 24 (5pm) - Hibah Bint Iftiaz (8 Years Old) 
Sat 29th June 24 - Eliana Murtazah (5 Years Old)