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Another months draws to a close for us here at the USKA Fight Factory as we edge closer and closer toward the end of the year.
It has been another good month for us on our USKA Ninjas classes with another successful USKA Ninja's grading of 45 students in the bank and the standard once again hitting an all time high across our nearing capacity seven weekly Ninja's classes.
We had 30 awesome USKA Ninja's classes over the month of November with each and every class our little ones pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of greatness.
Albeit a close run contest, It was another month for the girls on our USKA Star Student Awards winning 16 awards against the boys 14 awards to once again be named this months overall winners. Well done girls!
A big thank you as always to our USKA Ninja's Instructors and coaches who are the best in the business in week in, week out getting the very best out of our little ones.
One more month to go before we enjoy our well earned rest over the new year period before hitting it hard again in 2024 producing more Champions in life at the USKA Fight Factory.

The USKA Star Student Awards went to the following students on the following dates...

Wed 1st November 23 (5pm) - Yaqoob Ali (6 Years Old)
Wed 1st November 23 (6pm) - Mohammed Deen Aslam (8 Years Old)
Fri 3rd November 23 (5pm) - Muhammad Ayan Azad (8 Years Old)

Fri 3rd November 23 (6pm) - Inaaya Mahmood (7 Years Old)
Sat 4th November 23 - Amal Medjahed (5 Years Old)
Mon 6th November 23 (5pm) - Kevin Anghel (6 Years Old)
Mon 6th November 23 (6pm) - Iyzah Deen (8 Years Old)
Wed 8th November 23 (5pm) - Aiyla Ahmed (6 Years Old)
Wed 8th November 23 (6pm) - Ayla Waqar (6 Years Old)
Fri 10th November 23 (5pm) - Iqra Ahmed (7 Years Old)
Fri 10th November 23 (6pm) - Aminah yousef (6 Years Old) 

Sat 11th November 23 - Yousef Ali (5 Years Old)
Mon 13th November 23 (5pm) - Ismaeel Zaman (6 Years Old)
Mon 13th November 23 (6pm) - Aahil Yousaf (5 Years Old)

Wed 15th  November 23 (5pm) - Kara Davies (8 Years Old)
Wed 15th November 23 (6pm) - Musa Abdul-Hamid (4 Years Old)
Fri 17th November 23 (5pm) - Aidan Malik (7 Years Old)
Fri 17th November 23 (6pm) - Omari Ellahi (4 Years Old) 
Sat 18th November 23 - Abdurrahman Nadeem (6 Years Old)

Mon 20th November 23 (5pm) - Nela Gowacz (4 Years Old)
Mon 20th November 23 (6pm) - Amelia Ahmed (5 Years Old)
Wed 22nd November 23 (5pm) - Amelia Meah (7 Years Old)
Wed 22nd November 23 (6pm) - Iyzah Deen (8 Years Old)

Fri 24th November 23 (5pm) - Haris  Ahmed (5 Years Old)
Fri 24th  November 23 (6pm) - Maymunah Hussain (8 Years Old)
Sat 25th November 23 - Dmitrij Galiuta (6 Years Old)
Mon 27th November 23  (5pm) - Ayesha Shah (7 Years Old)
Mon 27th November 23 (6pm) - Amiyah Subharn (6 Years Old)
Wed 29th November 23 (5pm) - Kara Davies (8 Years Old)

Wed 29th November 23 (6pm) - Abu-Bakr Siddique (9 Years Old)