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30-09-22 - USKA Star Student Award Winners - September 2022

30-09-22 - USKA Star Student Award Winners - September 2022

With September meaning back to school and more importantly back to routine for our USKA Ninjas we witnessed a month of more consistency and better focus and concentration in our youngest students.
The start of the September seen the Ninjas focusing heavily on their technical line work to get ready for their gradings and once the gradings were out of the way we then turned our attention to more Kickboxing padwork and bagwork to finish of the month.
The USKA Star Student award is now a firm fixture on every session with what seems like each and every student stepping up their game in an attempt to win one.
Although not the primary focus of the awards the battle of the boys Vs girls seems to bring out the competitive edge in our USKA Ninjas when it comes to our Star Student awards and this month it was a much closer affair than last with the girls having a great start to September and the boys coming on strong nearer to the end.
Going into the last session in fact it was all even with both the girls and the boys tied at 8 awards each with Maymunah Hussain pulling it out of the bag for the girls on the last class to make it overall a Ninjette's month.
That said, a big congratulations and well done to all our Star Student winners both male and female for the month on what was another fantastic effort. You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!

The Awards went to the following students on the following dates...

Fri 2nd Sep - Iqra Ahmed (6 Years Old)
Mon 5th Sep (5pm) - Abaan Khan (8 Years Old)
Mon 5th Sep (6pm) - Dawud Ilyas (4 Years Old)

Wed 7th Sep - Jannah Islam (5 Years Old)
Fri 9th Sep - Zain Hall (6 Years Old)
Mon 12th Sep (5pm) - Aizah Chaudhry (4 Years Old)

Mon 12th Sep - (6pm) - Maryam Ilyas (6 Years Old)
Wed 14th Sep - Iyzah Deen (7 Years Old)
Fri 16th Sep - Hafsah Idress (6 Years Old)
Mon 19th Sep (5pm) - Ruqayyah Yusuf (7 Years Old)

Mon 19th Sep (6pm) - Aadam Faisal (6 Years Old)
Wed 21st Sep - Yaseen Hussain (6 Years Old)
Fri 23rd Sep - Rayan Hussain (5 Years Old)
Mon 26th Sep (5pm) - Callan McMahon (7 Years Old)
Mon 26th Sep (6pm) - Mohammed Haider Omar (6 Years Old)

Wed 28th Sep - Izzah Noor Iqbal (6 Years Old)
Fri 30th Sep - Maymunah Hussain (7 Years Old)