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Another month and another 31 USKA Ninjas classes for us in the bank here at the USKA Fight Factory.
It is incredible to see just how far our Ninja's program has come over the years and watching the amazing standard continue to climb with even our youngest students at 4 years old getting a firm grasp of Kickboxing basics as well as benefiting from all the bolt on attributes of martial arts like confidence, discipline and respect.
Looking back on September we hosted our biggest ever USKA Ninja's Grading with 61 Ninja's gaining their new belts and taking their next step up the ladder to one day if they stay dedicated and focused in becoming an prestigious USKA Black Belt.
It was a boys month in terms of USKA Star Students in September with them winning 24 awards against the girls 7.
As always, a massive thank you to all our USKA Ninja's Instructors and Junior Coaches for the great job you do with our kids week in and week out and of course to all our Ninja's parents for continuing to trust us with your little ones and for providing the support needed to them to allow them to take part in such a great activity with us here at USKA.

The USKA Star Student Awards went to the following students on the following dates...

Fri 1st September 23 (5pm) - Muhammad Ayaan Azad (6 Years Old)
Fri 1st September 23 (6pm) -  Zulqarnain Azad (7 Years Old)

Sat 2nd September 23 - Eliana Murtazah (4 Years Old)
Mon 4th September 23 (5pm) - Ayla Khan (4 Years Old)
Mon 4th September 23 (6pm) - Amelia Ahmed (5 Years Old)

Wed 6th September 23 (5pm) - Kara Davies (8 Years Old)
Wed 6th September 23 (6pm) - Carter Tulloch (7 Years Old)
Fri 8th September 23 (5pm) - Safiyyah Mahmood (6 Years Old)
Sat 8th September 23 (6pm) - Aleem Hussain (4 Years Old)
Sat 9th September 23 - Musa Amar (4 Years Old)
Mon 11th September 23 (5pm) - Yahya Zakariya (8 Years Old)
Mon 11th September 23 (6pm) - Kareem Yafai (5 Years Old)
Wed 13th September 23 (5pm) - Aleem Mahmood (5 Years Old)
Wed 13th September 23 (6pm) - Mohammed Hamza Omar (7 Years Old)
Fri 15th September 23 (5pm) - Baljot Singh (7 Years Old)
Fri 15th September 23 (6pm) - Pavel Balan (8 Years Old)
Sat 16th September 23 - Yousef Ali (5 Years Old)
Mon 18th September 23 (5pm) - Mikaeel Hadi (5 Years Old)
Mon 18th September 23 (6pm) - Ibrahim Khan (6 Years Old)
Wed 20th September 23 (5pm) - Tobias Hussain (5 Years Old)
Wed 20th September 23 (6pm) - Yahya Arman (5 Years Old)

Fri 22nd September 23 (5pm) - Emilia Manzoor (7 Years Old)
Fri 22nd September 23 (6pm) - Inaaya Mahmood (6 Years Old)

Sat 23rd September 23 - Muhammad Huzaifah Sheraz (6 Years Old) 
Mon 25th September 23 (5pm) - Zakariya Ahmed (7 Years Old)
Mon 25th September 23 (6pm) - Muhammad Ibrahim Deen (6 Years Old)
Wed 27th September 23 (5pm) - Eli Hussain (5 Years Old)
Wed 27th September 23 (5pm) - Yusuf Rehman (6 Years Old)
Fri 29th September 23 (5pm) -  Muhammad Rayyan Nadeem (4 Years Old)
Fri 29th September 23 (6pm) - Saifullah Azam (8 Years Old)

Sat 30th September 23 - Anayah Shah (5 Years Old)