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30-09-23 - USKA Perform at the Aero-Kick Battle Of Knights BLCC Event

30-09-23 - USKA Perform at the Aero-Kick Battle Of Knights BLCC Event

It was something a little different for our fight team today at the latest BLCC event when they got a taste of a bigger Kickboxing stage at the H Suite in Birmingham.

The event was set up as part of an pre show undercard for the Aero-Kick Battle of Knights Gala meaning that it had a big show atmosphere.

Despite nothing changing in terms of rules and format with the BLCC, the change of environment would present a differenced feel for the team which would make it interesting.

Our Fight Team of 13 fighters consisting of Amad Azim, Rayaan Ellahi, Kaiyan Sadat, Elijah Brown, Mohammed Adam Ali, Ibrahim Rafiq, Ehsaan Mahmood, Ahsaan Mahmood, Kaifah Imran, Mohammed Hamza, Nikita Raubiska, Ibraheem Mohammed and Husna Mahmood.

Many of our team were taking part in their first competitive contests with few more of our more experienced competitors managing to get a run out before the ICO World Championships that is coming up in a few short weeks in Hull.

The team coached on the day by USKA Chief Instructor Neil Kelly, USKA Senior Coach Qasim Beg and Assistant Coaches Mushy Younis and Shakeel Hussain performed excellently putting in a very good account of themselves across the board.

In total we participated in 14 contests conceding only 2 very close decisions.

Well done to each and every one of you.

Time to hit the gym again now to continue to make improvements for next time out. Onwards and Upwards.

Thank you to Rudy Robinson and Colin Treasure at Aero-Kick for hosting a great event and to the BLCC for the platform for our fighters to learn their trade in a safe, fair and fun environment.