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Wow, what a month for us here at the USKA Fight Factory!
With no less than 7 of our USKA Ninja's Junior Coaches picking up multiple Gold Medals at the ICO World Championships in Hull this month the gym's atmosphere has been electric with our little one seeing first hand what can be achieved with perseverance, hard work and dedication.
We had 27 Ninja's classes over the month of October and worked on a multitude of different things on our line work technique, Kickboxing padwork and Kickboxing bagwork.
The girls were back with a bang this month with our USKA Star Student Awards winning 15 awards against the boys 12 awards to be this months overall winners. Well done girls!
As always we would like to give a big shout out to our USKA Ninja's Instructors and coaches who never fail to deliver in bringing the best out of our little ones and also a big thank you once again to our USKA Ninja's parents for continuing to support your children and helping them to become champions in life through the medium of Martial Arts. We appreciate you!

The USKA Star Student Awards went to the following students on the following dates...

Mon 2nd October 23 (5pm) - Cara Kelly (6 Years Old)
Mon 2nd October 23 (6pm) - Zahra Rashid (7 Years Old)

Wed 4th October 23 (5pm) - Noah Chau (8 Years Old)
Wed 4th October 23 (6pm) - Zara Khan (6 Years Old)
Fri 6th October 23 (5pm) - Yahya Assen Zafar (7 Years Old)
Fri 6th October  23 (6pm) - Inaaya Ammar (7 Years Old)
Sat 7th October 23 - Elyas Medjahed (4 Years Old)
Mon 9th October 23 (5pm) - Mikaeel Hadi (5 Years Old)

Mon 9th October 23 (6pm) - Amelia Ahmed (5 Years Old)
Wed 11th October 23 (5pm) - Isaac Akram (5 Years Old)
Wed 11th October 23 (6pm) - Daniel Kiss (6 Years Old)

Fri 13th October 23 (5pm) - Safiyyah Hussain (6 Years Old)
Fri 13th October 23 (6pm) - Arbaz Khan (8 Years Old) 
Sat 14th October 23 - Yusuf Hussain (9 Years Old)

Mon 16th October 23 (5pm) - Malaikah Akram (9 Years Old)
Mon 16th October 23 (6pm) - Savannah St Juste (4 Years Old)

Wed 18th October 23 (5pm) - Eli Hussain (5 Years Old)
Wed 18th October 23 (6pm) - Maya Akram (8 Years Old)
Mon 23rd October 23 (5pm) - Aiyla Zakariya (7 Years Old)

Mon 23rd October 23 (6pm) - Iyyah Hussain (8 Years Old)

Wed 25th October 23 (5pm) - Jonah Chau (4 Years Old)
Wed 25th October 23 (5pm) - Rahand Ahmed (8 Years Old)

Fri 27th October 23 (5pm) - Safiyyah Hussain (6 Years Old)
Fri 27th October 23 (6pm) - Juman Abdorab (8 Years Old)
Sat 28th October 23 - Ayesha Shah (7 Years Old)

Mon 30th October 23 (5pm) - Yousra Alic (6 Years Old)

Mon 30th October 23 (6pm) - Sufyan Shah (5 Years Old)