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Another month comes to a close here at the USKA Fight Factory and it has been another great month for our USKA Ninja's.
We have had an amazing month for Dojo Points with more points going out than ever before and more Bronze Dojo certificates being awarded for students reaching the milestone after earning their first 50 points.
It has also been a great month for two of our USKA Junior Coaches in with Nikita Raubiska winning a WRSA British Title and Zain Amer winning a WRSA World Title in fantastic style at the TMA Rising Stars event in Walsall.
Two absolutely great examples of top level Kickboxers for our little Ninja's to aspire to be likeFor our Star Student winners it was a boys win with them winning 21 Star Student awards against the girls 11 Star Student awards.
Well done everyone but especially the boys on your win for the month of May.Once again we would like to say a big thank you to our Ninja's Instructors and Junior Coaches for their commitment and effort in bringing out the very best of our little ones.
We have such a great team and are truly blessed with team work making the dream work!

The USKA Star Student Awards went to the following students on the following dates...

Wed 1st May 24 (5pm) - Isaac Akram (6 Years Old) 
Wed 1st May 24 (6pm) - Areez Hussain (5 Years Old)
Fri 3rd May 24 (5pm) - Aidan Malik (7 Years Old)  

Fri 3rd May 24 (6pm) - Mustafa Abbas (6 Years Old)
Sat 4th May 24 - Aadam Faisal (7 Years Old) 
Mon 6th May 24 (5pm) - Calum Davies  (6 Years Old) 

Mon 6th May 24 (6pm) - Amiyah Subharn (7 Years Old)
Wed 8th May 24 (5pm) - David Petervari  (7 Years Old) 
 Wed 8th May 24 (6pm) - Juman Abdorab (9 Years Old)  
Fri 10th May 24 (5pm) - Hannah Dua Iqbal (6 Years Old)  
Fri 10th May 24 (6pm) - Inaaya Mahmood (7 Years Old)
Sat 11th May 24 - Laith Khan (4 Years Old) 
Mon 13th May 24 (5pm) - Elijah Arshad (5 Years Old)  

Mon 13th May 24 (6pm) - Jonah Chau (5 Years Old)
Wed 15th May 24 (5pm) - Tobias Hussain (6 Years Old) 

 Wed 15th May 24 (6pm) - Meerab Yousaf (7 Years Old) 
Fri 17th May 24 (5pm) - Emaan Idris (6 Years Old) 
Fri 17th May 24 (6pm) - Aminah Yousef (7 Years Old) 
Sat 18th May 24 - Ahmad Simnaani Hussain (5 Years Old)
Mon 20th May 24  (5pm) - Soumaya Alic (5 Years Old)
Mon 20th May 24 (6pm) - Umar Salim (7 Years Old)
Wed 22nd May 24 (5pm) - Keyaan Yaqub Ali (4 Years Old) 

Wed 22nd May 24 (6pm) - Ayaan Quyyam (4 Years Old) 
Fri 24th May 24 (5pm) - Amah-Noor Nazir (7 Years Old)  
Fri 24th May 24 (6pm) - Mohammed Musa Hussain (4 Years Old) 

Sat 25th May 24 - Safa Hussain (6 Years Old) 
Mon 27th May 24 (5pm) - Suleiman Ali Khan (6 Years Old) 
Mon 27th May 24 (6pm) - Leuan Duffy (6 Years Old)
Wed 29th May 24 (5pm) - Rayaan Ahmed (6 Years Old)

Wed 29th May 24 (6pm) - Hoorain Ali (7 Years Old)
Fri 31st May 24 (5pm) - Rayyan Hussain (5 Years Old)  
Fri 31st May 24 (5pm) - Mustafa Riaz (4 Years Old)