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Can’t recommend this kickboxing club enough! Amazing skills learned as well as confidence building. The instructors are all amazing and thorough with their teaching.

Kae Louise - Parent of a Student at the USKA Fight Factory

USKA Fight Factory is the best kickboxing gym in the country in my opinion. Sean and Neil produce champions and the club is open to anyone, Female and Male's of all abilities. It’s like one big family. The best times of my career were training at the USKA Fight Factory.

Chantelle Cameron - Undisputed & Ring Magazine Professional Boxing World Champion and USKA Student

I would highly recommend USKA as it is great place for all, whether you join for self-defence or to make it a career and become a Champion, it caters for everyone. First Class!

Suraiya Sultana - Parent of a Student at the USKA Fight Factory

I couldn’t recommend this more! I’ve been a member at USKA for 2 years and when I started at the age of 14 I was shy, introverted and quiet however with what this place has provided I’m 16 years old who is much more confident, mature and positive. I’d argue USKA’s coaches are the best in the country, professional, knowledgeable and supportive.

Josh Trivett - USKA Student

Absolute best place to send your children. The work the instructors put it with the kids is phenomenal and outstanding. Highly recommend!

Adam Cartwright - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

My son has been attending USKA for 4/5 years and has thoroughly enjoyed his time. He has developed a great relationship with all his instructors, who all have assisted his development. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Mareyha Tahir - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

My son joined last year, 4.5 years age, and I can honestly say it's the best kickboxing club there is out there. The coaches are fantastic and they really motivate and push students to their limits. My son attends twice a week and he looks forward to every session even after a long day at school! Neil is fantastic and he really motivates he's students, he is simply the best! I'm so glad I was recommended this place; now my son wants to develop and become a coach himself one day and he is only 5! This place really does inspire children to do their best! Highly recommend!

Luthfa Begum - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

What a Gym this is, started my eldest son Kian here in 2013 traveling from Stoke sometimes five times a week and competition's on weekends. We traveled far and wide with the USKA Fight Factory Family and what a journey it was, some of the best times we had was with USKA. The people of this Gym are some of the most humble and kind people you could ever wish to meet, it was a pleasure to have met the coaches and staff at USKA Fight Factory and if it wasn't for COVID we would still be there now. Great gym, great people! The training here is second to none and for my son there will never be another gym like this. Kian always said if he couldn't train at USKA then he wouldn't train again so since COVID he hasn't trained for two years. Thank You Neil, Alva and Sean for everything you did for us and Kian as your fighter. We wish you all the success and happiness in the future and hopefully will see you soon ???

David Beech - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

Best kickboxing club hands down. Both my kids have trained here and not only have they become phenomenal fighters but the club has become like family.

Jane Ryan - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

Excellent place, my kids have been at USKA for over 3 years and they love it there. Set up is amazing, teachers are brilliant, can't fault the place at all.

Azim Nawaz - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

I started my kids training at USKA at the end of 2021 after searching far and wide for the right place for us. I used to teach karate myself so my expectations were high. After finding nothing that I was happy with in Walsall where we live I took to Google and looked a little further afield. USKA is outstanding, the facilities, the Instruction and the atmosphere, I might even dust off my old gloves myself even though I am getting on a bit now lol It has a traditional feel in regard to discipline but a modern approach in regard to training. I can't praise this place enough. Super impressed with this A Class Dojo and it's staff.

Kam Harris - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

I've been training 10+ years at the USKA Fight Factory and can say this place pushes you past your limits. All coaches want you to succeed and give up so much of their time and effort to help you achieve your goals, whether it's being a Black Belt or to become a world champion, this is the place for you! Absolutely amazing gym where both Instructors/Students literally become part of a family! 😊

Ruqayya Griffith - USKA Student and now USKA Instructor at the USKA Fight Factory

Great gym to be a part of, One year wait was definitely worth it. Staff very supportive and easy to talk to. Instructors push you beyond what you are capable of and support you whenever there's room for improvement. Overall great kickboxing gym ❤

Yousef Hassan - USKA Student

Great gym, Great coaches what else is there to say . They teach with a high level of professionalism and help you build confidence. There so many health benefits, far too many to mention.

Raihan Islam - USKA Student

My son has been attending the little ninjas class for the last year and a half. He absolutely loves going and has great fun at the same time as building his confidence and learning the discipline. Cannot recommend these classes enough the trainers are world class fighters and the price is so good for the quality you receive. Also during Lockdown last year they adapted brilliantly to the new guidelines amazingly and the classes still feel fun for my little one.

Danielle McMahon - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

My son and I have both been training here for over 2 years. I got started after seeing how excited and engaged my son was on classes. His confidence has massively increased thanks to his amazing coaches. Ladies classes have been wonderful for someone like me who wasn't sure if kickboxing was for me. Something for everyone at USKA. Can't recommended it highly enough.

Jude McTiernan - USKA Student and Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

My son has been training here for nearly 2 years now. At the start he wanted to give up as kids usually do but I made him go, now he is so in love with training that some days when I feel a bit lazy to take him he forces me to take him lol. It's a great place and the teachers are amazing and caring . This is the kickboxing gym where champions are made with the right attitude.

Jun Dean - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

Very friendly, excellent trainers, my two boys go there and they love it....

Jamil Rahman - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

My son (9yr old) started 3 months ago, the confidence, discipline and technique he has learnt is amazing! He hasn't touched his game console in almost a fortnight as he is constantly practicing his new found love of Kickboxing. All credit goes to Instructor Neil for his professional and disciplined environment at USKA.

Israr Rafiq - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

Neil’s a great teacher and knows how to motivate the Little Ninja’s (kids class) not just in kickboxing but also in achieving discipline and respect.

Fahid Mirza - Parent of Student at the USKA Fight Factory

Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn are the most dedicated coaches I’ve ever had! And if you want your children to succeed in kickboxing and become a world champion this is the only place to take them

Mark Pell - USKA Student

Fantastic gym for all ages and abilities, my son has been attending for nearly 5 years and has had some great support in them years. All the USKA team have worked really hard to get the gym back up and running after lockdown. Thanks team.

Dee-Anne Lawrence - Parent of a Student at the USKA Fight Factory

I have 3 children who are members of this club. They absolutely love it. All staff are amazing and they provide great sessions at amazing value. The kids are so motivated. They stay fit and healthy, as well as building their confidence, resilience and diligence.

Faiza Qamran - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

My Grandson has being going to USKA for 3 years now. He was only 4 when he started in the Little Ninjas and at first he was a little anxious starting being so young but the coaches Neil and Sean helped him overcome this and he absolutely loves it now. The older students who help out on little ninjas were great with him, built his confidence no end, he completed his Little Ninjas syllabus and attends the Beginners which he loves and has just got his Red Belt, he is a different child now and its all thanks to the USKA family.

Maria Qayum - Grandmother of a Student at the USKA Fight Factory

An amazing, welcoming and hardworking atmosphere. My 2 daughters come to USKA and are buzzing with energy after every session, making them look forward to their next class. I've noticed a huge difference with my daughters ever since they've started; their confidence, strength, flexibility and discipline have increased all thanks to their dedicated coaches, who make every class worthwhile. They have women only sessions which have been awesome. Even during lockdown they set up free live zoom sessions and had the recorded classes on facebook, keeping us all active and engaged. They truly outdid themselves. Can't recommend this place enough - it has something for everyone! Thanks USKA

Sunshine - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

Travelled from stoke to USKA for the past 7 years. Neil and all the staff do an amazing job. The quality of training is off the chart everybody is made to feel welcome. By far the best gym around.

Gemma Beech - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

Amazing gym great family atmosphere. Neil and Sean are excellent coaches who work tirelessly to ensure students reach their potential.

Mohammed Riaz - USKA Student and Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

We have been attending USKA on and off for the last few years, with my youngest now at the age where she is wanting to become a more serious and regular member. The team at USKA are like nothing I've experienced before, (not in the UK nor internationally in Australia). Every single class is full of enthusiasm and genuine interest from the coaches. There is no dull class or boring session. You feel part of the family but at the same time there is no compromise on professionalism and the quality of training, no matter the age of your child. The gym itself is spacious, clean and more than fit for purpose. I cant rate them highly enough, and cant wait to get Layla K back in the gym for Little Ninjas! Much love and respect to Neil, Alva and Sean, as well as the whole team.

Saba Jaleel - Parent of a Student at the USKA Fight Factory

Hiya, my two boys have been going to the USKA Fight Factory for the past 5 years and are still there at present. It is a brilliant gym, very friendly, my boys love it. They are very quite boys by nature but USKA has made them more confident in themselves, would recommend to everyone.

Mohammed Rahman - Parent of Students at the USKA Fight Factory

USKA, what can I say..... The BEST gym around. Walking in as a 10 year old beginner I was welcomed and loved the training from the first lesson. I knew this was where I wanted to be. 20+ years later and still going strong. Neil, Sean and the rest of the USKA family took me from raw novice to a 5 X Professional World Champion. It's not just a gym..... It's a family!

Qasim 'The Dream' Beg - 5 Times Professional World Kickboxing Champion and USKA Student

Every now and again in a sport someone comes along who is a cut above the rest, naturally gifted and super talented. In the sport of kickboxing that person is Neil Kelly. An unbeaten professional fighter, a master tactitioner, a true doctor of the sport. USKA is definitely the place to be consistently turning out champions / martial artists.

Chris Squirell - Former British, European and two times World Kickboxing Champion

Over the years I've been to many different gyms, for different disciplines i.e. karate, semi contact, boxing, kickboxing. Nowhere comes close to this place. In my opinion it's the best gym in the country for kickboxing. Run by Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn, both know the sport inside out and manage to bring out the very best in everyone. Very friendly place too, mixed with men, women and children of all ages.!

Elliot Gohari - ICO World Kickboxing Champion 2012 and USKA Student

Having spent over 35 years involved with martial arts, I can honestly say that Mr Neil Kelly owner and Chief Instructor of the USKA is one of ,if not THE most dedicated and professional instructors in the country, the man lives and breathes kickboxing. His knowledge of the sport is second to none. A former British and Commonwealth Champion himself, he has trained British, European and World Champions. I have seen firsthand the passion and energy that he puts into his students , be it beginners classes, advanced classes or 1-2-1 with a world champion, what more could anyone ask, add that to the friendly atmosphere and it’s easy to see why success and quality are what this club is all about.

Tyrone Power Snr - 6th Degree Black Belt and Respected Martial Arts Instructor

USKA Fight Factory is the only place to be! As a student there I couldn't ask for more. I love every part of the USKA gym and everybody in it. Everybody within the gym treats each other like one big family and everybody respects everybody. As a fighter I travel 110 miles round trip 2/3 times a week to train there and it is most definitely worth it. The coaching you will receive there is the best I have ever seen anywhere. Neil Kelly has the knowledge and the passion of a top world level instructor and it has been proven when you look at the champions he has trained including himself. Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn are two of the nicest guys you will meet even outside of the gym. As a fighter myself I feel like I can speak to them on a professional coach to student level but more importantly I feel I have a close friendship with them both. The USKA family is an amazing family which I am honored to be a part off.

Tyrone Power Jnr - 6 Times Multi Discipline World Champion and USKA Student

Chief Instructor Neil Kelly is a fantastic coach to work with. Himself an undefeated fighter, as a coach his skills are second to none. Testament to this, is the fact that fighters, both amateur and professional will travel from different parts of the country to be trained by him. With the team of expert coaches, the Academy has produced multiple success stories from students increasing fitness levels, flexibility and losing weight to fighters winning National, European and World titles.

Adam Kiani - ICO World Kickboxing Champion 2012 / PT Academy CEO and USKA Student

Having spent time at different schools and clubs, I can guarantee you won't find a place that focuses more on the success of its students. Neil Kelly is the most knowledgeable man about his art-that I have ever met, he teaches with a passion, understanding and love for the sport that No one can match. His support team in Sean and Ailbhe are some of the friendliest people you will meet and the schools success is a testament to the environment they have built! Whether you want to Win, Improve or just Learn, USKA is the only place to be!

Jamie Beech - ISKA and ICO World Kickboxing Champion 2012 and USKA Student

USKA - a proven and formidable entity in the kickboxing world. With a coaching team who have been, seen and done it all and an unrivalled track record for producing winners and champions USKA is THE place to be for top flight kickboxing tuition. Add to that a supportive & welcoming environment, inclusive teaching which caters for all levels, ages and abilities and the high energy, fun and interactive coaching style and you have found all you will ever need to help you achieve your kickboxing and health & fitness goals.

Mick Crossland - ICO Pro Super Middleweight World Champion and USKA Student

Ginga Ninja Neil Kelly, the most humblest guy you'll ever meet retired a pro undefeated fighter and became one of, if not the best coach in the business of kickboxing, his passion and knowledge is second to none. I fell into kickboxing by starting my 2 lads off at USKA under the guidance of Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn, and soon got seriously bitten by the USKA kickboxing bug. I started at the age of 42 and have trained for 8 years with my lads, and won numerous titles in a short space of time, which is a testament of the coaching and training methods of Neil Kelly and Sean Quinn at USKA. If your determined and willing to put the graft in, then at USKA the sky's the limit. The best and most friendliest place to train.USKA isn't just kickboxing it's the USKA family, where everyone looks out for each other whether old, young, experienced, novice, or new member. All I can say is there's only one place to train, so try the USKA experience, you won't be disappointed!!!!!........USKA

Amer Kayani - Unified World Kickboxing Champion 2014 and USKA Student

I have known Neil for many years, and during this time I have seen countless kids grow up training at USKA. Not only does Neil create great champions, but he molds great people. He gets the most from whoever trains with him and he shares his knowledge with each and every student, regardless of their ambition or ability. Neil is not the biggest Patriot in the world, until he puts on that England track suit. As soon as the 3 lions are on his chest, he makes his team roar! His energy and his undying love for the sport, makes him one of, if not, THE best Coaches in the game. USKA are without one of the strongest kickboxing clubs in the country and I have been proud to send my own students to him when they used to compete in the England Team.

Pete Richardson - Professional International A Class Referee

After 20 years within the sport it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to put my competitive career to a close under the guidance of Neil Kelly and USKA. I didn’t just lift a World title i gained a family with USKA !

Dale Wood - ISKA Pro Super Middleweight World Champion and USKA Student