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USKA Payment Terms & Conditions


  1. Please be aware that all USKA Fight Factory Memberships must be in date to validate your chosen GoCardless payment plan. An expired membership will result in suspension of your training pass meaning no sessions can be attended until your Membership is brought back up to date.
  2. Our payment plans take into account 12 months of sessions based on a 50 week year to account for our annual club holiday and periods away from attendance at the USKA Fight Factory.
  3. Payment plans can be upgraded or downgraded on request providing we are given 14 days notice prior to payment date.
  4. Please be aware that with our Bronze Passes (1 session a week) and Silver Passes (2 sessions a week) that sessions do not roll over should you miss your sessions in any given week.
  5. All Direct Debit mandates are none transferable and none refundable.
  6. Direct Debit payments cannot be frozen or paused at any time.
  7. We reserve the right to close the USKA Fight Factory and cancel sessions due to unforeseen circumstances, in severe weather conditions, for repairs and maintenance, for public holidays and on the direction on local or national authorities due to Pandemics or health emergencies.
  8. In the event of a failed monthly payment due to insufficient funds in your account a resubmission will be requested. Following a second failed payment we reserve the right to suspend your membership at the USKA Fight Factory until all arrears have been cleared.
  9. You reserve the right to cancel your direct debit by informing the club via email to uskakickboxing@gmail.com giving no less than 30 days notice of the date you wish your direct debit to be cancelled from.  You will be liable for any payments due within that 30 day period. Any Unauthorised cancellations that do not give the 30 days notice will result in you forfeiting the right to taking up a direct debit in the future and could result in cancellation of your USKA Fight Factory membership.
  10. All Unauthorised cancellations will have 30 days to pay their final months payment. Failure to do so will result in us handing over the matter to a third party debt collecting agency to retrieve the funds which could also lead to further legal administrative fees.
  11. Following an authorised cancelled direct debit you can sign up again at a later date but a charge (currently £20) will be charged to cover additional administrative costs.
  12. We may terminate the agreement and cancel your membership with immediate effect on notice to you if you breech any of our gym membership rules. In this event you will no longer be able to attend any of the sessions at the USKA Fight Factory and we will not be liable to give you any refunds.

NB: The T&C's above have been digitally agreed to by all members who have signed up to our GoCardless payment plan. They are listed here for reference and transparency.