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19-03-23 - Female Division March Grading Complete

19-03-23 - Female Division March Grading Complete

25 of our Female members took a step closer to Black Belt today at the USKA Fight Factory after passing their grading on our USKA Female Division Grading Examination.
The Grades in contention ranged from Red Belt (1st Belt) to Green Belt (5th Grade) and in total including the warm up Grading Preparation class the highest grades were on the mat for a total of just over 4 hours really testing themselves not just technically but physically over the course of the day under the scrutiny of USKA Female Division Instructor and Grading Examiner Ruqayya Griffith.
Congratulations to all our successful candidates and a special well done to our A star grading sisters Raheema Najib (93 / A- Red Belt) and Selina Najib (94 / A- Red Belt) 
The USKA Female Division continues to go from strength to strength!